Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rogue Academics

In an aptly titled opinion piece, "The joke's now on Malaysia" by the Star's Group Editor in Chief, Datuk Wong Chun Wai, he cited many instances of religious over-zealousness by our country's administrators as well as the leaders of PAS which is making Malaysia the brunt of international jokes.

However, there was one example which caught my attention, which I've not picked up any where else (if someone has the full story to this, let me know ;)). Apparently a dean from the business faculty of a top Malaysian public university "makes alleged spot checks during lectures to check on the dressing of female students."
Students who he perceives are wearing tight T-shirts or blouses are singled out. At least on one occasion, they were asked to bend down to see whether parts of their bodies would be exposed.
OMG! In any self-respecting university of the modern world, the act will have constituted sexual harrassment which will only mean a disgraceful end to his career. Many have been fired for doing or saying much less!

As rightly pointed out by Datuk Wong, "a university is not a high school and it is not the dean’s job to worry about students’ dressing. It’s their academic performance and his – whether he has produced enough research and articles for international journals – he should be worried about."

Or maybe the dean is just performing research for his new business or management study on the impact of tight T-shirts and exposed bodies (after bending down, no less) on female purchasing patterns.

This Dean should certainly be sacked. And he should be made to apologise publicly to the students and university. Anything less will just be a disgrace to the Management and reputation of the "top university".


Anonymous said...

Maybe the Dean was carrying out the requirements of the University ISO's in which checking the students body exposures and dressings is one of the requirements!

he he he!

Anonymous said...

Prof. Mat Sotding,
graduated from Afghistan Biz School,
nicknamed "Dr.Barat. for betterment of Sainthood"

Anonymous said...

How come I have this feeling that the Dean is just abusing his power. All he wants is probably to have the girls bend over for him to see. Who knows one day he will ask the girls to strip with the excuse of trying to find out who's not wearing a bra. Pure Nonsense.

nerd said...

The dean should be made public for all of us and any future public U applicants in order for us to take proper measures to get rid of this so-called academic. I really hope the victims will come forward to point out this b*****d and lodge a police report.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
Before any verified source is obtained, it is best to disabled the comments (better still, not posting such blog). Don't you think so? I just hope you will not get into trouble. I see highly on you in your early career with DAP.

Anonymous said...

The alleged Dean may be getting a kick out of seeing cleavages and buttocks - certainly abusing his position to satisfy his desires!

Anonymous said...

"Dear Tony,
Before any verified source is obtained, it is best to disabled the comments (better still, not posting such blog)."

Don't woryy, be brave,
This land is not LKY-south island"

bayi said...

Everyone seems to target his comments at the errant dean, which is fine. But what about the Minister and all the top officers in the Ministry? They appear to condone the dean's actions and are just as guilty. The sin of omission to do anything about a wrong is as much as the sin of commission. And we are not talking about social responsibility. We are talking about the dean whose performance comes under the purview of a minister.

Can the continued employment of the dean further the ministry's goals to produce graduates with a first-class mindset? Of course, the question is merely rhetorical. But it goes further than not producing fine graduates. The apparent apathy of the relevant ministry and the continued employment of this dean subverts the goals of the ministry and sullies the reputation of the ministry and the whole nation.

Anonymous said...

the dean got a powerful and big khram!

Anonymous said...

Your argument that the Dean should be stopped because its an invasion of privacy is based on assumption that in our system where religion and state power clearly mix and primarily guided by a religion that obviously don't define privacy issue clearly, what is so surprising about this?

Fire the Dean? Sure but for his stupidity and mediocrity but not invasion of privacy. Its really that we don't fix the mixing of religion and state power and issue of privacy and personal rights, these things will always happen and must worst - for example police abuse and abuse of women and children and weak.

moo_t said...

Tony, wanna bet RM0.20 with me or not.

I bet all the kampung folks will say the Dean is doing the RIGHT thing and support him. For the reason of "strengthening discipline and prevent moral rotting".

Still fond of education reform? I bet the kampung folks votes will topple all that. Too bad.