Friday, October 05, 2007

The New Affirmative Action

Wanted to draw you guys to an excellent but long New York Times write up recent developments on affirmative action policy in the US, specifically in the state of California which has made admissions based on race and race only to be illegal. I think it's a very well researched and nuanced article dealing with the complications of affirmative action policies. Which makes me wonder if there have been such studies done in the Malaysian context. (Probably not!)

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Anonymous said...

You will be suprised. Check out Ong Puay Liu "Ethnic quotas in Malaysia - Affirmative action or indigenous right? [1989]", where the learned author discuss the impact of affirmative action in education on ethnic integration. For those of you interested, this study is mentioned in Lim Teck Ghee - Social Integration Policies in Malaysia, 1995(Geneva,International Institute for Labour Studies). Hope it's available in local libraries.