Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Application to UK Universities

I've just received my purchased copy of The Times Good University Guide 2006 which was compiled in association with PriceWaterhouseCoopers from Amazon UK (GBP9.59). It's a huge book with 512 pages in very small fonts! So, as promised, I'll be going through some of the key details in the book and where relevant, highlight them on this blog. If there are any special requests, feel free to email me.

The Guide is not just a ranking document (read earlier blog post), it actually provides the entire process of how to choose a course and university, information on some 100 universities in UK, fees/tariffs and of course, overall rankings of universities measured by various criteria such as teaching quality, research, entry standards, graduate prospects as well as by subjects.

Anyway, I'd just do a quick post on the application timetable for UK universities for entry in Sept 2006. This will be useful for candidates weighing their options to further their studies in the United Kingdom, particularly Form 6 students taking their STPM this year or 'A' Level students in June next year:
  • May-Sep: Research & make choices about universities and courses
  • 1 Sep - 15 Oct: Apply to Cambridge or Oxford; or medicine, dentistry or veterinary
    science/medicine in any university
  • 1 Sep - 15 Jan: All other applications from the UK or elsewhere in the EU
  • 1 Sep - 30 Jun: All other applications from outside the UK or elsewhere in the EU
  • 16 Jan - 30 Jun: Late applications from the UK or elsewhere in the EU (considered at universities' discretion)

For more information about the application process for UK universities, please visit the Universities & Colleges Admission Service website. Yes, you can also make the application online. Go through the quick links menu, it's pretty useful! :)

For some additional tip on the application process:

You will find on the UCAS application from, there is a section on "Personal Statement". This is pretty much similar to little write ups which I require my recruitment candidates to complete on their job application form. Read the nonsense I get here and here.

Please treat it as your chance to "impress" the admission officers of the universities of your choice to select you as a potential candidate for the course of your choice. You should probably write about:

  • why you want to study your chosen subject
  • what particular qualities or experience you can bring to it
  • evidence of achievement e.g., special merit awards for your extra-curricular activities
  • your career aspirations
  • any wider aspects of life that makes you an interesting and well-rounded student

Please do not give one-line answers (as many of my job candidates do - sigh). Don't rush, take your time. Review your statement over and over again. [Yes, the repetition is intended]

To quote the Times Good University Guide:

Remember that for most admission tutors an awful lot of applications will cross their desk... the result is a tendency for personal statements to be rather similar ["I want to be a doctor because it's noble"] and, to a hard-pressed admission tutor with a metre high pile of UCAS forms, rather dull. Somehow you have to make it personal and stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, avoid being too wacky - not all admission tutors will share your sense of humour and your form may be read by one who doesn't.

And finally, remember to pick your universities carefully. Don't "under-estimate" your own abilities and qualifications. You'll only be shortchanging yourself in the process. Malaysian students are no worse than those in the UK. Know your own capabilities and seek entry into the best possible universities given your abilities. Good luck!

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There is a 2006 Macleans's University Guide.

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