Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Metropolitan College Feedback

Rosalind posted some of her frustrations with college. Read her post entitled "Pissed Off Bat", written a while back in March:

Metropolitan College has got to be the most disorganized college in Subang Jaya! They're not sure about everything and caused so much problem for me. They do not inform the students beforehand about anything... To think that they have almost more than 11 years of experience is pure horsesh*t.

My A Levels Law lecturer in Inti was even better than the one I have now. He beats round the bush and repeats one topic twice and pause for a few minutes thinking of what to say next. He waste alot of student's precious time. One small topic can be covered within a span of an hour but he used 2 whole hours explaining unnecessary things.

Curtin is a good university but Metropolitan is not a good uni to do the twinning prog with... I won't wanna do my majors way!

I did have friends who has studied in Metropolitan - I think they had a decent experience. But that was oh so long ago... things are likely to have changed, for better or for worse.


Anonymous said...

I guess the problem with Malaysian colleges is that, they're never efficient which is why we complain. But I have never said that my college sucked before for I think that every college has its strengths and weaknesses. I am still waiting for Metropolitan to do something about their admin inefficiency. They are not even willing to upgrade their com systems. How bad is that?

Bout LUCT and their heavy workload, I have no comment about that. I'm happy with the amount of my workload and I guess discipline plays a big role when it comes to a person's education.

I finished my first semester there and scored fairly well in my recent exam. I have to praise the lecturers there for they are dedicated. The only reason why there are still students going there is because of their wide range of majors.

I guess it all takes getting used to. Once you can accept the flaws of a college, you won't really bother much. And because many ppl are like that, the college would then care less bout their students' well being.

Anonymous said...

.. and the reason is because it has been TAKEN OVER by Inti College which really sucks big time

Anonymous said...

Yup...actually Egelloc...I think the coms (and other facilities) in Inti are much better than in Metro which is why I'm still wondering, why isn't Inti doing anything about it YET.