Monday, March 27, 2006

Don't "Phak Thor" for Straight As

Ouch. No wonder I never got my straight As for any of my examinations except for my Penilaian Darjah Lima, where I did actually achieve my only ever set of straight As in my life.

Well, that's according the advice given by a STPM straight As student, Teoh Shao Thing. He scored 5As for his exams in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry as well as the General Paper.
“I decided never to phak thor (date) throughout my high school years and concentrate on my studies instead,” said the Chung Ling High School student.
Well, thankfully for you guys and girls out there - it's not totally true that if you "phak thor" or have boy or girlfriends, you will miss out on your straight As. :) I've had many friends who had steady guy or girlfriends who outperforms me every time with straight As.

Even a schoolmate of Teoh's, Koay Soo Theng who does have a girlfriend, got straight As in 4 subjects. Hence all is not lost on you people with "partners".

What's probably more important is your own personal set of priorities, task management and time allocation. There's always a time for everything and too much of one thing obviously leaves too little for another. Too much hard work and too little play may just make Jack a dull boy as well :)

Have fun, but be good boys and girls :)


~g@LfLow3RcH*c~ said...

I agree that dating does not necessarily affect your studies...especially if you have your priorities right and understand what relationships are.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Mr Teoh, you are going to make a lot of couple suffered you know? Not having a girlfriend is your personal choice and doesn't apply to everyone!

Anonymous said...

Things are no longer so simple anymore. The only reason why someone should not have a full life while studying/working is basically an inability to focus and adjust when he/she needs. As an employer, while I look for people who are committed and focussed, I don't particularly have any admiration for people who are overzealous. They may be useful but only up to a certain extent. I expect my top managers to be able to multi-task. Of course I don't care for someone who cannot focus so those who commonly give family excuses like have to coach children for exams & tuition (very common these days), or frequent have to take children to doctors (get the kids to exercise and diet properly I say) don't get any standing from me either. I am your emplouyer, not your F****** parent.

Anonymous said...

Aiya.. this teoh probably couldnt get a gf anyway.

Id like to bring up an article in the star yesterday - the one discussing singaporean's increasingly disturbing sexual activities.

The starting part of the article talked about this girl at a top instituition who slept around since 15 and still had distinctions in all her exams.

What say u teoh?

Anonymous said...

I got a friend flops all the time before he had a girlfriend.

After he went out with this "leng lui", his exams results had improved tremendously!

Don't be surprise... the power of love cannot be under estimated!

Anonymous said...

... I think it's okay to date but make sure don't flirt around... could be okay for you but your partners may not be able to concentrate in studies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 08:11:59 AM, so advertise your job opennings with one condition stated in it...

"those with full life need not apply!"

thquah said...

I totally agree with - No g/f or b/f when you are still studying at school.Until you are in uni.then I think its OK.
Matter of the heart sometimes can cause lots of hardship or rather hard sick. That at least from my experience.

Anonymous said...

aiyoh... this is a non-issue la. if they want to pak thor, meh let them pak thor lo. not u susah also. y so busybody? we are all different and unique. some like to study, others like to have fun. watever it is, their experiences will guide them and hopefully they learn from it. if can't manage time with gf, then they will learn it.

ppl who go thru life outside of just books and studies are usually the ones who will end-up more successful than bookish ppl. it makes them smarter with so-called street-smart skills.

i see u all commenters very sad la. let them be and live your own life the way u think is best. aihh.. malaysians so love to jaga tepi kain orang.

YT Kuah said...

This may have been an issue a decade ago, but I don't see it as a problem nor an issue. People have generally now recognised that there are so many endless 'distractions' from study now.

The commenter above me has the right point, there are many types of persons in this world and we should not base our perceptions based on just one type of criteria. For me, the fit matters most, grades may come first, but experience and other aspects matter a lot too.

september said...

I agree with yt and anonymous. hmm..

Anonymous said...

It is just matter of personal preference.If you think that your mentality is matured enough to love someone and get committed in serious relationship, just go ahead. Maybe Teoh just think he is too early to have a gf.

Everyone has difference paces in their life.

Anonymous said...

Well "anonymous",don't u think that u are very outstanding when critics somebody just like what u think is right?...Sure im not here to insult u but ur words left at here really touch my heart to get my both hand on this>i think that life is full of tough matters which sometimes we couldn't expecting.Having G/B f is not really all wrong for students,sometimes,it could me the spirits of love which really put u ahead to be success in your future.But don't be "TOO MUCH" of it to be safe from inteerrupt your real student life!Am i right is not important,right?So hope u all can catch my meaning here.Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Personal experience:

1) I knew a guy who does not have much upstairs. He was lucky, I think, to scrap through SPM and when in STPM, a girl nailed him and they became a couple.
His studies improved and both of them entered a local uni, did the same coursed and ended up working in the same bank.

2) Since my ex-gf dumped me, her results improved! Mine too!

3) as for me wife, I coached her in studies and I think she has done better with me around.

Conclusion: no fixed formula. Up to 2 persons to decide and it entails sacrifices

raptor_ravenlord said...

lol i suppose i was too nerdy to get a gf back then.... :P