Monday, April 03, 2006

Applause For Hashim

Wow. You have got to give it to the Universiti Malaya (UM) folks. I really didn't want to put in any more posts for the former vice-chancellor of the university. I get tired of typing his lengthy name and titles. But with the type of stuff written about him, I cannot help myself but to allocate him some more writing space. Sigh.

So here you go. There was a farewell party held at UM last week for our dear friend. And these are some of the "accolades" poured onto him. Have a read and enjoy. :)

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Prof Dr Muhamad Rasat Muhamad:
...during Prof Hashim's tenure, the impact factor of UM's research papers had increased from 300 to 600 while the number of books published had risen to over 130 a year from only 80.
A science lecturer (who interestingly didn't want to be named):
“He managed to bring us together and work to raise the standards of UM,” said the lecturer, who has been teaching at UM for 15 years.
Prof Emeritus KT Joseph:
Prof Hashim was the best UM VC since Royal Prof Ungku Aziz. “He has done a tremendous job.”
Engineering lecturer Prof Dr Masjuki Hassan:
"Prof Hashim has been an inspiration... I hope they find the best candidate from within UM to replace him. I don't think there is an experienced enough woman candidate to head UM." [Tony P: That's really sexist isn't it?]
And of course, the infamous Dean of the Engineering Faculty Prof Dr Mohamad Rom Tamjis:
"Prof Hashim has been great for UM and has made it into a world-class institution."
Someone wants to provide the definition of a "world-class institution" again? :) This is the Art of Flattery at its very best, arguably the No. 1 achievement for the former vice-chancellor.


Anonymous said...

Now that the leader is gone, let the culling of the unworthy like these folks, begins. I dont know if it is because the art of flattery kicks in or is it because they are simply his goons.
Boy he sure made a lots of impact, superb outcry from the public and in the political arena.

"Emperor you have a new clothes ready for you"
and also delusion of grandeur.


Anonymous said...

Prof Emeritus KT Joseph:

Prof Hashim was the best UM VC since Royal Prof Ungku Aziz. “He has done a tremendous job.”


i suspect he's one of the few(many, sorry - 14 if im not mistaken) professor emeritus which hashim promoted to during his tenure.

I remember reading an article about how all of a sudden theres 14 new professor emeritus when there was only like 40 in the past 50 years...

Anonymous said...

This sort of hyperbole is to be expected really. From what I understand the people invited to this do were deans and deputy deans. Besides, even if there were detractors at the "party", in all likelihood they were not interviewed and furthermore, if they had any decency would have said nothing even if they were. It is not on to kick a man when he is down. Having said that, on the same page as the Star report one of the members of the UM Board said that they needed a new VC to shake up the place. Which implies the place needs shaking up and that Hashim did not do a good job!

Anonymous said...

Hashim Yaacob actually is a very interesting person.

According to my friend's uncle who knows him for 20 over years, during 80s to 90s, Hashim held the stance that oppose to BN's ideology. Therefore, since he had climbed to the position as the dean of Dentistry Faculty in UM, his career was stucked at the same level more than 10 years wihout further promoted by the Unversity management and Ministry of Education.

However, his attitude changed after his pal in Medicine Faculty, Anuar Zaini being elected as the Vice Chancellor of UM at the year of 2000. I was told that Hashim and Anuar Zaini were not having encouraging communication during their tenure as the dean of respective medical-related faculties which should be worked closely.

What suprised people during that time is Hashim was then promoted as the TNC HEP which serves as the assistant to Anuar Zaini in the matter of student affairs in 2001, one year after Anuar heading the University management.

Since then, Hashim had done a lot of things in which enable the outside ruling party syndicating their influences into campus. Anuar Zaini was troubling by a lot of political tricks inside and outside the campus. The most critical challenge encountered by Anuar Zaini happened after UM's Dewan Tunku Canselor was burnt during a fire.

Azlina, the chief of UMNO Puteri that time asked Anuar to resign during an national inter-varsity symposium event.

Many signs show that UMNO is not satisfied with Anuar Zaini's performance in trying to be independent from partisan influences.

At 2003, Anuar Zaini was stepped down and replaced by Hashim Yaacob. Finally, Hashim successfully reaching the top level in his career. But the question is: Is it worthy for Hashim to change his independent stance that upholded by him for more than 20 years just for the purpose to marginalised Anuar Zaini in order to top UM Management for less than 3 years but leaving a lot of negative public comments against him?

Anonymous said...

What more ironic is Hashim's direct surbodinate TNC, Razali Agus was later following Hashim's steps and tricks in his effort to acquire the VC position. After Razali had promoted to TNC position, he also tries to pull Hashim's leg in order to replace him for the next tenure. What the hell is this...

Anonymous said...

Please see this interesting piece from the aisehman blog. Sources in NST confirm that instuctions to promote Sharifah Hapsah came from who else but "de facto PM" KJ. Payback time!

Aiseh, what happened?

Universiti Malaya deputy vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Mohd Razali Agus has been appointed acting vice-chancellor following the departure of Prof Datuk Dr Hashim Yaacob, whose tenure, has ended, the Higher Education Ministry announced in a statement.

... An English-language daily had reported that National Accreditation Board chief executive officer Prof Datuk Dr Sharifah Hapsah Shahabudin would be appointed the next vice-chancellor. However, when contacted, Dr Sharifah Hapsah refused to comment. [The Star]

Sharifah Hapsah is highly qualified to be the UM vice-chancellor, I must say.

That they're now putting off the announcement of her "appointment" has sent my spider sense tingling.

Who "chose" her? Obviously, not the university. Clearly, not the Prime Minister or the Higher Education Minister.

Because if one of these three parties did, we wouldn't have this "VC-less" situation at UM.

How did the New Straits Times know she was chosen?

Almost two years ago, Dr Sharifah Hapsah wrote a letter to the newspaper, in which she proclaimed:

We are here to kill green-eyed monsters. They are everywhere. They permeate every stratum of our society. They are the proverbial crabs that will pull down any crab that is succeeding in climbing out of the barrel.

... We have to be ruthless in killing these monsters if we are to progress in this world. They are green with envy. Envy is the blood of mediocrity. The National Council of Women's Organisations has seen too many bright young people, women in particular, being sidelined for jobs they are competent to fill.

... For once we shall ignore what the green-eyed monsters are saying and let us silence them by continuing to identify good performance indicators and place people where they should be, based on their abilities. If an appointment has been identified to suit Khairy's abilities, by all means let us put him there without any apologies. [New Straits Times]

I blogged about it, and I asked this of her:

... where was your outrage when, as you say, the NCWO saw "too many bright young people, women in particular, being sidelined for jobs they are competent to fill"?

I don't see any Letter to the Editor from you on their behalf.

Why the special treatment for Khairy?

Mum's the word, I tell you. You go do the math.

Anonymous said...

Eh, any idea DR AZMI was invited? From there we can see a lot of things already :D

Anonymous said...

HE HE HE!! The farewell party was indeed a grand show! All his supporters filling the tiny hall..(Wouldnt it better if the ceremony was held in a larger hall, just a few feet behind him?) I guess if they do that, either the Great Hall would look really empty or there will be lots of 'uninvited guests'
That farewell ceremony was indeed the 'Grandest Wayang Kulit" staged.!!

I am so happy to see that Hashim will return as Professor in Dental Faculty, so that he will see again all his supporters 'forgetting' him as they will be too busy trying to support the new VC...whoever that may be!!! Then Hashim will learn the lessons of life. There is no true friends or enemies in politics, nether will there be loyalty.

The only academic I fully support is DR Azmi of Law Fac, I hope the governenment will appoint him as the new VC. But frankly with the present system operating, it will take a miracle for this to happen. If given the chance Ibelieve in THREE YEARS, UM will be returned to her former glory!

Anonymous said...

UM is undisputedly the World's top university for PR studies.........

Anonymous said...

After all that is said and done, isn’t it a wonder that ‘the powers that be’ still have not made up their minds who should take the place of Hashim Yaacob? Strange.The media had a field day speculating on who his successor might be. (I shall reserve my comments on those speculations for the moment…) Prior to that, some parties had provided different suggestions on how to select a VC. Surely, they must realize Hashim’s term was coming to an end. Surely, this didn’t catch them by surprise. Surely, they must have a list of able contenders for the post. Contenders whom they would have intelligently investigated on in terms of having the right qualities – namely, respected by all academia for academic and professional achievements, good interpersonal and people skills, has sound vision for the future of the university, possess excellent management skills and most importantly, full of integrity – and this means devoid of even the slightest suspicion or doubt in terms of misappropriating public funds in the past. (And by ‘intelligently investigating’ I don’t mean by asking the opinions of other ministers in the party.) Surely, they must have a plan since they and the public have such grandiose ideas on where this ‘premier’ university should be heading. Surely, surely, surely… sigh… After all that is said and done, UM still has to wait for one whole month (if UM is lucky) before a new VC can start charting the future for excellence. How contrite that sounds now.. What a waste of time.

Interestingly or not, when Hashim Yaacob first became VC, he had to wait what, 3 or 4 months, before ‘the powers that be’ finally appointed all his Deputy Vice Chancellors back in 2003.

Being timely in providing service to the public seems to be only the lower rank civil servants' domain. But 'the powers that be' do not have to be timely themselves?

Anonymous said...

"Interestingly or not, when Hashim Yaacob first became VC, he had to wait what, 3 or 4 months, before ‘the powers that be’ finally appointed all his Deputy Vice Chancellors back in 2003."

Well, the truth of the matter is that Hashim took his time to choose and approve the right kind of academics to be his deputies. He knew his own role in getting rid of the the previous VC (Prof AZ) and he wanted to be sure that his deputies were not smart academics who may threaten him later.

When he became VC, Hashim went round individual faculties to deliver his inaugural speech - the message to the Malay academics was simple: "Do not challenge me; do not write surat layang; be patient and wait for your turn to be VC; let me serve for more than one term of VC".

After all his scheming, plotting, conspiring, and conniving, Hashim still faced Englebert Humperdick's music - "He’ll Have to Go"! What you did is what you get. C'est la vie!

Anonymous said...

Oops, sorry, it's Jim Reeves' music - "He'll Have to Go"! (not Englebert Humperdick's music).
Thousand apologies.

Anonymous said...

In UM and also the entire nation, only two persons who have an exclusive way of being addressed to: Dato' Prof Dr XXX and Datin Prof Dr XXX, instead of the common Prof Dato' Dr XXX and Prof Datin Dr XXX.
Guess whooooo?

Anonymous said...

If I can guess correctly who the two persons are, will I get a prize?

Will the ' prize' be a guided tour of UM campus?

Anonymous said...

Hashim is like the proverb