Wednesday, November 15, 2006

International Activities

Thanks to Tiara of EducateDeviate, here are some of the fairly interesting international events and activities targetted at students all over the world. These 2 events are The Greenpeace Organising Term and the International Youth Volunteering Summit.

Greenpeace Organizing Team '07

Greenpeace is accepting applications for the Spring 2007 semester of the Greenpeace Organizing Team, which they describe as a semester of “ACTION, TRAINING, & TRAVEL”.

The Greenpeace Organizing Term is an action-filled semester and the best hands-on training for students to become environmental leaders. You’ll be making an investment in your leadership skills and training in grassroots organizing, media, direct action, and campaign strategy. You’ll travel abroad with Greenpeace and join a team of incredible activists working to protect the planet. Many students are also able to receive class credit for the semester.

This semester involves training at their offices in Washington, DC and San Francisco, CA and travel to other parts of the world to meet local activists and visit the country. Their training is in-depth, covering everything from event management, organizational skills, media strategy, campaign skills, direct action - even driving boats, using communications equipment, and climbing.

Spaces are open to students aged 18 and above, though freshmen and sophomores (first and second years) are preferred. Tuition is $3,500 and covers travel costs and expenses; limited scholarships are available.

For more information, visit the Greenpeace Organizing Team website or their MySpace Profile. You can also email them at or contact Samantha Corbin at +1 202-319-2468.

International Youth Volunteering Summit '07

The International Youth Volunteering Summit is a new annual summit aimed at getting young people around the world together to discuss issues based on volunteering, non-profits, and helping the world. It is part of a planned series of activities, such as fellowships and foundations, to get youth to make a difference internationally and in their communities. From their website:

IYVS is a place for young people who care deeply about global progress to come together to understand the challenges and opportunities for their engagement; to hone the skills and mindsets that will enable them to better plan, execute, and participate in change-focused projects, and connect with like-minded peer communities from around the world.

Currently they are calling in applications for delegates for their second annual summit:

International Youth Volunteering Summit ‘07
Dates: Feb 22-25, 2007
Location: Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

While the participants will be predominantly American, they are recruiting 10 international youths aged 18-25 to be part of this summit as well. Applications are free: you will need contact details of a reference, as well as a 400-500 word project proposal on a possible project to be funded by the IYVS; guidelines are available on their application form. Chosen participants will be eligible for up to full scholarships for travel and housing (based on financial need) as well as eligibility for further grants upon completion of the summit.

Details about last year’s summit can be found at their prospectus, which explains their mission and vision, a schedule of events, future plans, participating bodies, sponsors (such as TakingITGlobal, UNESCO Youth, and perhaps Rotary International) and much more. Although it is for the 2006 summit, it is still relevant background for the 2007 summit too.

IYVS seems like a great way to get community-minded youths from everywhere mingling, networking, and exchanging ideas on how to impact the lives of those around them. Opportunities like this don’t come too often, so act quick. Applications are due Nov 10th, however applications will be accepted on a rolling basis between Nov 10th and Dec 1st, until all delegate positions are filled. If you are a student currently living in the US or Canada, fill out the Online Application here, and the deadline is Dec 11th.

Good luck! :-)

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