Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Singapore-MIT Alliance Scholarship

Someone in the earlier post on Scholarship opportunities for postgraduates... well, here's one. ;)

The Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) is a collaboration between National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States. SMA offers dual degrees: either a Masters degree from MIT and a Masters degree from NUS/NTU; or a Masters degree from MIT and a PhD from NUS/NTU; or a PhD degree from either NUS or NTU.

Unlike our very own failed RM100 million collaboration with MIT at Malaysia University of Science and Technology (MUST), SMA has proven to be a successful and thriving alliance between the Singapore universities and MIT.

The SMA Graduate Fellowship includes:
  • Full support for tuition and fees at MIT and either NUS or NTU
  • Monthly stipend of up to S$2500
  • Roundtrip airfare between Singapore and Boston
  • Additional living allowance during residency at MIT
Five graduate programmes will be offered by SMA for the July 2007 intake.

To find out more on the programmes, requirements, admissions and application deadlines, please click here.

Application opens: From September 2006 onwards
Application deadlines: Between January - March 2007, varies with programmes.

For any enquiries, please contact SMA at Tel: (65) 6516 4787 and Fax: (65) 6775 2920

Or alternatively, you can email them or check out their website.


Anonymous said...

For other scholarships administered by NUS, go to:


Anonymous said...

We should have NUS- UM alliance...
not Cambridge-UM

Anonymous said...

Is NUS good enough for UM to consider partnering with? Surely, NUS cannot be compared to Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

You all should do a better job at investigative reporting.
According to MIT's website:


the MUST project cost is more than RM100 mil. Motorola is to provide US$25 mil. The total translates to about RM200 mil in 2002 dollars. Whether that really happened is anyone's guess.
Just to get the brand name, I think Malaysia really kena kotok.
Wonder why Malaysia has not asked MIT to remove that embarrassing website.

Anonymous said...

Since the posting of the above comment, the said web page has been removed and replaced by a single page (http://web.mit.edu/mit-tdp/www/must.html) outlining the MIT-MUST project as well as mentioning that "MUST has no affiliation with MIT".