Sunday, September 23, 2007

Full Scholarship to Wesleyan University, Connecticut

Read this in the Star today in regards to a full 4 year scholarship to one of the top private liberal arts colleges in the US. I highly recommend those who are interested in receiving a liberal arts education to apply for this scholarship. It's sponsored by the Freeman Foundation, a foundation that has done a lot of work in East Asia in the arena of education. Details are below.

WESLEYAN University in Connecticut, United States, is once again calling for applications for its Freeman Asian Scholars Programme.

Each year, two Malaysian students will receive a scholarship to study at the university.

The scholarship, worth some US$35,000 (RM120,000) per year, will cover tuition and student fees for a four-year undergraduate programme at Wesleyan.

Applicants must be Malaysian citizens and should have their SPM results by the time of application. Students in programmes such as A-Levels, STPM, Canadian Pre-University and South Australian Matriculation or are in an American-style secondary school are eligible to apply.

Selection will be based on academic records and extra-curricular merits.

Applicants must take the SAT and the TOEFL.

A written application must be submitted by Jan 1.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed in Kuala Lumpur in February or March.

Students who qualify for the 2008 intake can get application forms from the American Home Assurance Company (03-2058 5399) or Macee (03-2166 8878).

For more details about the scholarship, click here.
For a description of Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, click here.


Anonymous said...

I rather go to Segi College or HELP than going to Wesleyan University. More standard :)))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

US education is a good experience. Should try. Something money can't really buy.

Anonymous said...

British education is still a better experience!

Anonymous said...

Is Lee Lam Thye a BN supporter or a member of opposition?
Used to admire him before but not now anymore....

Anonymous said...

To the commentor who would rather go to HELP claiming more 'standard' - I can't tell if that was sarcasm but if it wasn't then you, sir, are sadly misguided. Also, you have missed the bigger picture in having a full scholarship to go to school overseas and expand our all-too-often crowded horizons. - GW

Anonymous said...

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Chen Chow said...

For those who are not aware, Wesleyan University is not a random U.S. University. It is one of the top liberal arts colleges in U.S. and over the past many years, there have been quite a number of Malaysians who went there to study, including a number who are under the Freeman Scholarships.

Anonymous said...

Can you comment on the recent news on the leakage of UPSR papers and the Ministry's response, Tony?

Anonymous said...

curtin uni is a good uni in aus??

Anonymous said...

Why dont go to University Malaya. It is the APEX UNIVERSITY.

Anonymous said...

Go to and type ' umkuku' for analyses of um students election

Anonymous said...

HELP is a real joke especially run by Paul Chan who has taken lots of money from his students and exploited lecturers with long hours. Becareful of HELP's tactics of continously charging. Secondly, they sell shares to their lecturers without the latter's knowledge of the share price which is ridiculous, who is kidding who? Further, I was told of a prof who lost more than a RM1million on some scheme with the kepala. You are warned!

Anonymous said...

We have some jokers from competitor firms trying to spoil HELP's reputation once again.

First we need to know that nobody forces the students to go there and neither are the lectures forced to lecture there. They have a choice, it's not forced labour.

Continuously charging? I studied there before but faced no problems. Maybe anon (10/04/2007 01:57:00 PM) kept failing and that explains continuous charges.

Sell shares to lecturers at rediculous price? Bursa Malaysia would monitor that. And even if they lecturers were sold shares during IPO and let's assume that they were forced to buy them, isn't the current price much higher than IPO price? Do your research, who is kidding who? You were told in your dreams? Come on, if that's really true, you may reveal yourself here and we go and make police report or go to ACA together.

Stop using this blog to put down colleges.

chewkinyan said...

Hi! =) I'm one of those students who chose Wesleyan University rather than HELP ... I must say that I'm rather enjoying my college life here. =)

I'm a junior (third year) here at Wesleyan... if you have any questions do feel free on contact me. Do consider Wesleyan University and US Education in general. It is really excellent and will open a whole new world of experiences! =)

Contact me at

Anonymous said...

ppl, help lousy ok..

law school requirement so LOW
nvr win any LAW debate
Engineering School - not even twinning however transfer credits

only thing good = A-level tat all

*if a uni is good, the requirement for scholarships is may i ask how HIGH requirement for HELP full scholarships ? i don't think they need SAT of TOEFL just SPM rite

Anonymous said...
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