Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Mock Interviews

How many times have you mumbled , shook your legs, and chewed bubble gum while talking to others, without realizing it?

In a university interview, communicating effectively can be your ticket to see the world, learn under world-renowned faculties, and get a prestigious degree. Descartes Education and Counseling Center will be conducting a one-on-one mock interview with you, then take a video of your progress, and finally replay it to help you rectify any problems during your mock interview, for FREE.

Interviewers representing world-renowned universities will give you insight to what a good interview entails, and will advise you against more than just mumbling, shaking your legs, or chewing your favorite bubble gum during interviews!

On the same day, Descartes Education and Counseling Center (DECC) will be having an official launching. Be sure to learn more about DECC and don't forget to check out the future plans/events of the center.


  • Ms. Chook Yuh Yng

    Yuh Yng holds a Masters in Engineering from Trinity Hall, Cambridge. She currently heads the Sales Department of, the very successful online recruitment website.

  • Dr. Ong Shien Jin – Interviewer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Shien Jin graduated from MIT with a degree in Mathematics and went on to complete a PhD in Computer Science in Harvard University. As an educational counselor for MIT, he conducts interviews for MIT applicants in Malaysia

  • Mr. Bakthiar Talhah – Interviewer, Princeton University

    As Regional Director for PFC Energy and Director of the Asian Downstream Practice, Mr. Talhah has vast experience in the field of global energy and investment opportunities. Mr. Talhah holds an Engineering degree from Princeton University.
Sunday 9th of September 2007
Time: 1 pm to 4 pm
Descartes Education and Counseling Center
55-1 Jalan SS21/1A,
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Those interested in registering for the mock interviews can send an e-mail to descartes.ecc(at) with a brief description of their own background and the DECC team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

This should be very beneficial for the students, not only for those going to the States but also to other countries. Students should try out for the experience. I believe the real interviews for the UK universities are also around the corner ...

Strongly encourage. There's nothing lose and only to gain from this.

Jeffrey Chew said...

A very good item that I believe went unannounced throughout the newspapers etc etc ... thanks Tony.

Anonymous said...

Another marketing gimmick by cash strap universities

John Lee said...

None of the universities whose graduates will be speaking at the event are cash-strapped - unless universities with billions of dollars like Cambridge and MIT are now considered cash-strapped.

That is a moot point anyway; this event is being organised by Descartes independently, and the speakers were invited directly. The universities were not involved at all in this effort.

I would encourage everyone to go; when I went for an interview with Yale, the interviewer told me that he found most interviewees to be too bookwormish and coccooned from the real world. Even if this isn't true (or even if it is), the impression you give the interviewer matters, and knowing what interviewers look for and how to present these qualities is very helpful.

This is especially so for UK unis; because they do not rely heavily on personal statements and extracurricular involvement, and thus compensate through interviewing applicants much more heavily and intensively than American unis do.

Anonymous said...

Marketing gimmick, cash-strapped or not, who cares anyway? This is an excellent opportunity for students and parents to have a meet and greet with alumni from top universities. There's absolutely nothing to loose attending the talk this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Cash strap or not, its a good free experience any student shouldn't miss out. This will prove to be a valuable training ground. I'd go to, just to learn and see what interviewers look out for in a candidate.