Friday, October 05, 2007

Long Way Home Charity Ride

Hey guys, remember my friend Tzuo Hann who's cycling home to Malaysia from the UK? He's in Turkey now and I think his story has been featured in the Star and a few Chinese papers. Anyways, he's trying to raise funds for a few charities and I'd like to draw attention to his fundraising website. It's a really difficult journey for him (sleeping in the open, no hotels mind you, very little support along the way etc...) and I admire his gutsiness. This is no easy journey where you're followed by an entourage of politicians or where you're promised a 'datukship' when you get home after a 20 hour or so swim. It's a real slog. You can read about his journey here.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy reading your blog - more so as a parent because of my children

With the announcements of nobel prize winners, I search for Jew and Arab winners and came up with this interesting site.

Can U run a stat to aspire / provoke Malaysian towards the goal of a nobel prize.

Anonymous said...

Hi, no intention to hijack your topic but I need some assistance. I am a concerned parent. My son is sitting for his SPM next month and is interested in a medical program. I have scouted around for a program that also is affordable as one of the criteria. I am not keen to send him overseas especially to Indonesia or Russia.

I have identified AIMST University as a strong possibility. I probably could just afford it others are too expensive. Can someone or existing students of AIMST medical program enlighten me on the program. When is the 1st batch of students graduating with mbbs? is the program recognized? have they moved to the semeling campus? the quality of the academic staff , my personal feel is they should be good? finally as AIMST is political party run University , does it have a bearing on how the university is run and management? how is the disipline? tq you in advance.

Anonymous said...

to the above concerned parent, there is a very good website made by msian students, that serves as a portal for folks interested in finding out more about education in and outside of msia. the website address is:

there is a direct link for it at the education links column of this blog too. try it out, its rather helpful!