Tuesday, November 06, 2007

PMO office set up to implement Higher Education Plan

Most of us would probably say that the Malaysian government can come up with great blueprints and plans but fail at the implementation stage with regards to these plans. I have been pretty bullish on the Ministry of Higher Education in its ability to carry out its Higher Education Action Plan as indicated by my posts here and here (much to the displeasure of some of our readers). I admit that many of our readers are right to be skeptical given the track record of the Malaysian government to truly reform many or any area in the public sector. But the focus which the MOHE has demonstrated in wanting to reform Higher Education in Malaysia seems to be sustainable as indicated by the latest announcement of the setting up of the PMO to oversee the implementation of the Action Plan.

It was reported in the Star this week and last week, that a Programme Management Office (PMO) had been set up to 'drive the overall transformation and spearhead the development of the project management capability within the ministry.' The PMO would oversee the activities and actions of 13 project teams, each in charge of different areas of focus under the National Higher Education Strategic Plan and National Higher Education Action Plan 2007-2010. There project teams, according to the Minister of Higher Education, Tok Pa, would comprise of members from the academic, from the civil service as well as from the corporate sector.

In addition, the person selected to head of the PMO and its program director seems to have the right experience and qualifications, at least according to the report in the Star.

The chief executive officer of the PMO, Prof Datuk Dr Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar – whose fields of specialisation are civil engineering and economics – has been involved in many projects, including the planning and construction of nine Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) campuses. He was also formerly deputy vice-chancellor (academic affairs) at UiTM. PMO programme director Mohamad Nur Kamal, among other things, whose background is in finance and business administration, worked in the United States for 10 years in a global management consultancy as well as a financial corporation.

I like the fact that the PMO promised that it would update members of the public periodically in regards to the progress of the respective project teams. I also like the fact that these teams will have the expertise and experience of professionals from the corporate sector, who are less inclined to be hampered by 'conventional' ways of doing things within the public university setting in Malaysia.

While my optimism may be proven wrong, I do think that some good things can and will come out of the progressive and focused approach taken by the MOHE and its Minister, in regards to revamping the level of higher education in Malaysia. The road will be bumpy and there will be many challenges but at least it seems to be heading the right way.


Anonymous said...

Think about it, how many of the Grand Plans or Blueprints really worked after 50 years Medeka?
How many of the GLC really succeeded?

Sometimes I feel its better if the Government dont tinker about the system that really had proven to work as we had under British rule

As far as I am concerned the Angkasawan Project is only successful in UNMO's eyes!

Anonymous said...

As they often said it in UMNO jargon, everytime a new head or prime minister is elected, that it is pilihan tepat or the right choice!

Then comes the next election and another new head or minister is chosen and again its the usual slogan " pilihan tepat"

Are they or you KM trying to imply that the previous choice of candidate is wrong?

I can sense KM is very benign and affable in attitude towards UMNO...hehe . Play on KM you might end up as a certain DAP politician who now is so domesticated and forgotten his earlier ideals and heading various government projects

Anonymous said...

Cakap saja lah !! Malaysians, especially us Chinese Malaysians are so conditioned to hollow talk from the UMNO led government. From Cekap Bersih dan Amanah, the annual "Semua Cina balik Tongsan" shoutfest, to the countless broken election promises, BN or should I say UMNO looks set to win countless more elections even if they didn't bother to formulate a manifesto. But then again, if they did not formulate a manifesto, that would deprive quite a number of prying hands from UMNO's overflowing election piggybank. Malaysia Boleh !!!

Anonymous said...

all are just bullshit. read what kerismuddin said about kissing his keris ass. why don't he kiss my foot.

Anonymous said...

I will invest some trust in this. At least now, they are sincere in doing something. The wheel is truely broken.

And for a start, I would like to suggest that we Malaysia, should have Professors who do not need to tell the world that they indeed have PhDs. Let us do away with "Professor Dr". Those not matching up to the "Professor" title, shouldn't wear it. Let us re-learn humbility, and be who we truely are.

Anonymous said...

The programme director's name is actually Mohd Nur Ismal bin Mohamed Kamal. I know for a fact that the guy had left MOHE a long time ago.

So much for sustaining the implementation in a professional way!

Anonymous said...

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