Saturday, January 05, 2008

Want to be a Lawyer?

She is here to save the world from wars, conflicts and evil.

And she does that without the power the stop time, change minds or fulfill demands like a genie. She does that by blindfolding herself, holding a double edge sword on the right hand, suspending a balance weighing scale on her left hand.

She is Justitia, the Roman Goddess of Justice.

Are you prepared to blindfold yourself to uphold justice, without fear or favor, without regard for power, wealth or identity? Are you prepared to make judgments by giving balance considerations on a case's support and opposition? Are you prepared to counter the perversion of the course of justice with your double edge sword, which may be wielded either for or against any party?

Are you prepared to save the world?

Whether you like debating and presenting arguments, or you like to think quietly before you make a verdict, there is a place for everyone in a law education, there is a chance for everyone to maintain social order with one of humanity's inherent virtue – justice. There is a chance to save the world.

The Descartes Education Counselling Centre is proud to present an information session featuring Dr. Tang Hang Wu, a highly experienced Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore.

Dr. Tang, with his 13 years of exposure to the law and a PhD from the prestigious University of Cambridge, will be sharing insights into a law education and career, including information on admission to the National University of Singapore. The details of the session are as followed:

Information session by Dr. Tang Hang Wu
Date : Friday, 11 January 2008
Time : 4.00 - 5.30pm
Venue : Descartes Education Counselling Centre, 55-1 Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya
Admission is free, although donations are most welcome ;-). For more information, do visit Descartes website here.


Anonymous said...

Lawyers make tons and tons of money!

" correct! correct! correct!"

As I Was Saying... said...

There's CLP(Certificate of Legal Practice) to contemplate of, where the annual passing rate is between 20 % to 30% for foreign law graduates intended to practice in Malaysia, even though you will have another option to do your Bar Finals in UK. However, not everyone can afford finacially to do a Bar Finals in UK.

So I think it's high time that the CLP programme be abolished, and the Legal Profession Qualifying Board should come up with a standand Bar Finals exams for local and foreign law graduates intended to practice in Malaysia as it's unfair that local law graduates in Malaysian public universities need not sit for the CLP which has high failure rate, whilst it's compulsory for foreign law graduates to do so.

Why such a double standard practice? Where's Justitia, the Roman Goddess of Justice?

Anonymous said...


Could you advice me as i have completed My LLB from uni of London external program. However i had just manage to pass. I dont plan to practice and go to courts but i feel that it is effecting my job search and i feel that i would prefer to be qualified or to have a license to practice etc.Is there any advice on what i can do to make my degree valuable? or could you suggest what courses i need to do to elevate my degree?I am desperately lost.