Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tony Pua is the new PJ Utara MP

Congrats to Tony who won with a resounding and unexpected 19,000 vote majority in PJ Utara! Hopefully this means that he will be able to bring some of his ideas on education policy to the parliament and effect change!


Anonymous said...

yes !!this is the history for DAP, Opposition.

As I Was Saying... said...

Congratulations, Tony!

You are now a YB. :)

Be the voice of the weak, downtrodden and the marginalized. Fight for these people in Parliament. And serve your constituency well.

One more thing. Would the Chinese be comfortable if there's PAS MB? By political convention, there should be a DAP MB, as DAP won the most state seats in Perak with 18 seats as opposed to PKR and PAS. What would be the perception of the Chinese in Perak if the MB is from PAS after a huge mandate has been given to DAP? That DAP supports Islamic policies of PAS?

If the Chinese perception is positive, I wouldn't mind, but if otherwise, then there would be a problem. Probably the Chinese voters will not support DAP in Perak the next GE anymore. I don't know, but DAP should think hard and wisely about this. Probably a Malay YB from PKR would be most appropriate if DAP thinks by political convention of a Malay MB should always be applicable.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation for rakyat Malaysia. I will support anybody from Barisan Alternatif to be next Menteri Besar. If he is PAS i dont mind because this is victory for everybody; Chinese, India and Malay.

If Chinese in Kelantan can accept PAS why not Perak?.

We are Malaysian and please work together DAP+PAS+PKR= BA.


clk said...

The Perak constitution requires the MB to be a Malay if I'm not mistaken, either PKR or PAS. Lets evaluate the deliverables rather than the label attached to the MB. If he delivers well, keep him, if not boot him out.

If anything is to be learnt from the recent election, it is no one/party is indispensible. We CAN now change!

Local Govt as promised must be instituted!

clk said...

Error, Local Govt ELECTIONS must be instituted!

Anonymous said...

I'm a perakian. From my understanding, A MB has to be a malay in states with sultans.. (correct me if I'm wrong) I personally would not object a PAS or PKR MB as long as he or she can do his part better than the previous one. anyhow, my place, Ipoh, has been controlled fully by DAP and I have confident that they would not forsake us..

Kong said...

On Perak. “Party with the largest number of seat should have the MB post” mentality is back to racial politics of the now unpopular BN. So are we merely “changing the soup without changing the medicine”? And that would be a real pity and I hope my vote didn’t go for that.

Instead, we should move towards real meritocracy and not let race and politic come in the way of getting the best person to do the job. We should think of ourselves as Malaysian and if the MB has to come from PKR or PAS, so be it. And for doing just that, I salute PAS and if I were a Perakian, I will vote for them again and again.

DAP association with PAS fear is passé. PAS wanted Islamization and say so before, though less openly now. BN is doing Islamization without saying so. No different to me on paper but in practice, there is a HUGE difference. BN has the power to make Islamization a reality but PAS on her own, don’t. Look at it this way: PAS bark but can’t bite. BN don’t bark but bite. Give me PAS any day.

My 2 sen.

Kong said...

Sorry, I meant.....

And for doing just that, I salute DAP and if I were a Perakian, I will vote for them again and again.

PK said...

congratulation, Tony, my whole family are also DAP suppoters. hope that u can change PJU into a better city..better than the BN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done Tony! U r always my fave. I can't wait to see u in the parliament. I'd expect a very lively and upbeat session this time. Take this opportunity to gain people's confidence. Show the people that BA is way better than BN!!
umi qazrina

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing to see people demanding that the Perak MB has to be from DAP without knowing the state laws. The govt in Perak is truly a coalition govt because it will fall if any of the 3 component parties withdraw from the coalition. The MB will just be acting as a chairman of a committee or executive council, and the majority in that council or Exco members will be from DAP. That is where the Chinese and Indian can exert more influence compared to the past under BN.
The Malays must be given due respect and consideration and be given proper representation because they are still the majority race in Perak.

Anonymous said...

I saw Kian Ming's article appearing at Malaysiakini where he mentioned that nobody saw this coming.
You should have read Raja Petra Raja Kamaruddin's articles at Malaysia Today that appeared before election day.
It is really uncanny of him to predict that the Opposition would garner as much as 90 parliamentary seats. Actual number is 82 which is very close.
He also speculated that several northern states would fall. He only missed the target with Perlis, which did not fell.
How could he be so accurate when everybody else did not see this coming?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Tony Pua.
Tony is really lucky to join DAP at the right time to catch this tsunami wave.
I feel sorry for those who lost to practically unknowns such as Lee Hwa Beng losing to the Lingam cameraman. Somebody who just came back from China and beat an MCA ADUN guy? Really unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Tony has a very huge task ahead. With his expertise and circle of friends, he has the capability to help transform the state institutions of higher learning in BA states like Selangor, Perak, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan into world class universities. Perhaps in the next 5-10 years, we would be able to see institutions like UNISEL, KISDAR, Penang Medical College and etc. among the THES top 100 universities.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony,
I have watched your campaign in admiration. I waited with bated breath to see you come out victorious. Your campaign and your victory gave the people renewed hope. Do not forget the people who put their faith and trust in you and your team.

To quote Yeo Yang Poh, the former Bar Council president, who wrote: “They must never forget, not even in their sleep, that their much-improved victory is not their victory, but the victory of the people. Thus they must serve the people with humility and dedication. They should be proud, not of their success, but of the people who have enabled them to succeed.”

Anonymous said...

The choice of MB ultimately lies with the Sultan of Perak and if he chooses so could waive the requirement that the MB must be a Malay. The DAP-PKR-PAS coalition had already submitted three nominees to the Regent and it includes a Chinese as well. The coalition must look beyond race for us to truly achieve a bangsa Malaysia. Hence we must move on from this mentality that so and so must be a Malay. Rather, the most capable candidate ought to be chosen as the Perak MB.

Anonymous said...

what the heck is this I hear about boycotting the Perak swearing in tomorrow??

Is that the way to start a new govt in a new state?? Boycotting it is blatantly slapping the decision maker in the face. yYou don't do that. Who do y'all think you are??

How the heck are you going to be able to do anything for the people who voted you in if on the very first day you insult the wisdom of the #1 of that state?

Please grow up la... not referring to you Tony ... but please pass the message on to the HQ.

If this is how things are going to be ... I don't know what else to say. I strongly believe it's the dumbest stupidest most idiotic thing to do

Anonymous said...

Errmm guys, i think it is not very appropriate to publish politics-related stuff on this blog. Come on, this is the place to discuss on Malaysia's education issues, not a political blog. Moreover, it will give the impression of biased views.

More politics here, i am really going to say bye bye to

Anonymous said...

Above anon, Kian Ming was the one who started this discussion with the topic "Tony Pua is the new PJ Utara MP". With that topic in mind, I don't see how you can prevent people from talking politics especially regarding the tumultuous events of the last few days involving the DAP.

Anonymous said...

Above anon.I beg to differ on the point that you made.Yeah, the topic is about the victory of a DAP MP but the flow of the blog has digressed from congratulating to commentating on politics.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 3/14/2008 03:46:00 AM.

I am the Anonymous 3/13/2008 02:14:00 PM that you are refering to.

I just want to iterate that this place is for education issues, not for politics, whether they are by people leaving comments or the authors themselves.

While congratulating articles and notes are fine, it is not if you are asking people to vote for one particular person or party, right in this blog! Such articles will no doubt attract either positive or negative views on politics, and worse of all, the objectivity of this blog may be affected.

I admire YB Tony for his courage to stand for a better Malaysia. Come on, he is my idol, but i will go to his personal blog to put forward my wishes, not here.

I hope that clarifies my intention.

Anonymous said...

i am from batu pahat and my whole family is very proud of YB tony pua who also hails from batu pahat johore.this time i hope that tony and the likes can really give a boost to the malaysian education especially the poor ratings in the times higher education supplement,one cant imagine a non academia holding the post of vice chancellor of malaysia top
university.certainly we need to do away with those racist policy of appointing and awarding those top post to one majority race.what we should see down the road is that there will be changes having more diversity among the various races base on true merits and not on colours and religious we hope ournew YB can raise this in parliament next sitting.