Saturday, May 24, 2008

Coventry University

Below is a paid video advertorial of Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Many of the local universities also offer twinning programmes with this university. Please note that this advertisement is not an endorsement of the university by the authors, but serves as a tool for you to make your own judgement.

For a guide to how the university rates in relation to other UK universities, please visit either the Times Good University Guide or the Guardian Education Guide 2009

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

The advert is boring and not impressive at all.

Anonymous said...

to anon above, an ad is not representative of the quality (in the broadest sense of the word) of the uni. a dashing advert doesnt mean the product is exceptionally good, and vice versa.

anyway, i dun get what msg the blogger is trying to relay with the video. he might as well give us the hundreds of videos by all UK unis and still i wont get the msg.

btw, am not in any way affiliated with coventry uni.

Anonymous said...

I second the previous comment.
What is the point of showing the advert on this blog? Are you going to show that adverts for the local universities first then?



Anonymous said...

A truly good university does not need to rely on fancy adverts.

Anonymous said...

"Times Good University Guide or the Guardian Education Guide 2009" <-- do not 100% believe these.

WY said...

wow! advertorial on EM. nice. :D

Anonymous said...

Lovely advertisement and excellent university. I'm going to enrol right away. Thanks for posting this up!

Anonymous said...

I guess what Tony was saying in the post is that the video was posted because educationmalaysia was paid to publish it as an advertisement. That's about it.

To be fair to both bloggers of educationmalaysia, at least there are some income from the much effort they put into blogging and for our reading. Afterall, every magazines that we pay for from the magazine racks have adverts too.

Plus it has been mentioned that the advert does not represent the endorsement of any bloggers.

Anonymous said...

i was in Coventry for 3 years
but not from Cov Uni
was studying in Warwick University
another uni in subur of Cov

btw, warwick is a top 10 uni in uk