Monday, June 23, 2008

Ambitious USM expansion

I've always had more good things to say than bad about USM and USM's progressive and forward looking VC, Dzulkifli Abdul Razak. He's just announced an ambitious RM450 million expansion plan to build a science and arts park in Penang. I think this plan has got some good ingredients including looking at different forms of funding for this expansion plan. If it works out, hopefully, it can be one of the many good things which Penang can look forward to.


Anonymous said...


Do you know at present how many technology and science parks are there in the country? Do you know how many incubators we are already having in our universities>

Did you bother to check the economic efficiency or productivity out put of all these technology parks?

After checking all the above I think you should reconsider whether having USM technology park will just be a waste of money as equivalent of sending our angkasawan to space?

Hope you will comment after doing an indepth study of what I have said above

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing the same person who posted this earlier comment was the one who made the remarks on KM's post on the UMS VC.

To each his own - I hope you're enjoying your half-empty glass of whatever poison that takes your fancy.

I tend to agree with KM. USM's VC makes more sense than many of the others. His writings in NST reflects educated opinions.

I imagine the reason the other tech parks may have not done well has to do with the types of leaders at their helm.

If USM has a different way of approaching things - and I think they tend to - then maybe some good will come of it.

And, now... to enjoy my half-full cup of coffee...

Anonymous said...

hehe....brilliant deduction Mr Holmes!

Anonymous said...

Yes Mr Half cup of coffee, I see that you simple adore the multi-media corridor too.

Let's see the final product. If it ever materialises.

Anonymous said...

Wise man say finish your half cup of coffee first, then only refill, do not waste...
'Build it, and they will come' has never worked and simply won't work.

Anonymous said...

whatever anon..

at least have the decency of revealing your name

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.00 pm is right!

Anonymous said...

malaysia boleh,he he he...

WY said...

rm450 mil.

that's worth

450 phd full scholarship in UK/Jpn.
600 phd full scholarship in US.
900 phd full scholarship in NZD/Aus.
1200 medical doc from India/Russia

maybe. we should have more computers...that's :

90000 top notch laptop
225000 desktop
1,500,000 million oversea-printed textbooks/library references

1000 top oversea journals subscription for 1 year OR
100 top oversea journals for 10 years


all we want is a big fat

Taman Technologi pay hoomage to our political MASTERS...

450mil is an overquoted value too. construction is one of the easiest way to scam money in malaysia (thru bribery and overquoting). Ps: my prices are market if fat usm admin comes to buying them..we can expect a reduction factor of 0.25 (everything cost 4x more)

Anonymous said...

Read the following blog:

for discussions on technology parks in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

some one mentioned about NZ and PhD scholarship, and ASTS.

I just went to the interview. I was rejected, based on the reason or assumption that 'I will not stay long in USM' and 'I will be going to NZ anyway even without ASTS'. During the interview I wasn't even asked about about how I felt being a lecturer in USM!

The dean of school also kept questioning the validity of my research, which was my previous supervisor's research as well. He has been a lecturer in USM for so long and yet he is still being questioned! As if my interview was a VIVA! They have already decided not to give me the ASTS! They didn't even bother to know my research methodology! What I answer I just laugh it off!

Being a USM postgraduate, I am ashamed. I don't care how the good the VC is, his downliners, i.e. the lecturers, the deans are so full of it.

I envy those who get it so much. I hate USM even more for the unfair treatment. And he better beware, he won't be the dean for too long. He has been the dean for almost 5 years. Once the dean comes down, I wonder how his students and his cronies fare.

Because I will be the first to bite on first jump.

Anonymous said...

The idea of Science Park in USM is least much better than Science Park close to Juru :-)...Those who think this project is another a waste of taxpayer's money should really go through the proper document before make such comment...

To anon who hated USM for not choosing him for ASTS position is a shame...It's well known USM favors their ex-students than others for the position (Universiti Saudara Mara)..unless somebody simply did not like your ex-supervisor or you just simply not the right candidate..

Anonymous said...

to tts:
For your knowledge I am not the first student under my supervisor to be left out. Some have gone to other universities to be lecturers. One in UM, one in UniKL (Kulim).
At least just tell me that I am not good enough (maybe that is the reason they will use if they see this statement). They assumed that I will leave USM! That was the reason for not giving me ASTS!

And while my friend gets the general questions 'y u wanna be lecturer bla bla', i got the technical questions and it sounded like a viva, why the bias?

So no matter how patriotic I am I am already stereotyped! Prematurely cut off!
So don't question my loyalty, cause I was not even given the chance.
Mind You, my supervisor is also disappointed with the result and the reason given.
I guess you are one of the ASTS scholars. Good for you.

Don't disappoint. Open your eyes to see what is going around you. Hope you can bring some change, if you are generous enough with your conscience.
p/s: I am speaking out of frustration. Please think logically behind my words, and don't take it personally though it might sound like it. It is not your fault I didn't get ASTS. I just didn't did enough to get what I want I guess. That is the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

to tts:

make sure you do better than us who don't get ASTS. Make sure you do more publications. Prove that you are really better since u get it.

WY said...

To the anonymous poster on ASTS/NZ postgrad, care to email me/drop a comment on my blog. I can provide you with some very good sources for funding (nz-based) that might be of interest to you.

Surprisingly, there are plenty of SLAB/SLAT postgrads here in NZ (sponsored by various universities, USM included). The un-surprising thing is - 'don't mean to sound racist' - all of them belong to a single racial group. yay!


ps: i am a postgrad in nz myself.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was an ASTS holder but I was not USM graduate in the first place..I just wonder why you guys so interested to get ASTS? If you work in other universities, the scheme is much better...I never advise people to take ASTS..

Few months ago, friends (ASTS) of mine who came back and worked for USM left, after 3 months. In my opinion, the scheme simply not good enough. If I may suggest, choose better scheme.

To anon 6/26/2008 12:06:00 AM
Of course everybody know about it...You scratch my back, and I scratch yours. I admit, we produce lots of Tom and Harry PhD holder locally. But, situation is changing slowly, we need another 10 years to get rid of those unethical (retire). Young generation is much better and more energetic to ensure better education for all.

About race proportion, who says universities still racist? I have 75% Chinese in my class, so what?? Anybody want to fight for only 1 Indian in my class?

Anonymous said...

In USM, the proportion of students in the class basically depends on the subject that you are taking. Science courses are mostly denominated by the single racial group, not Chinese or Indian by the way. Whether you like it or not, priorities of better courses and better seats in the line of deans and what not are still given to them. Malaysia will not be Malaysia without this happening.