Friday, September 19, 2008

SPM 2008 Revision Questions

Times Guides, the publishers of Times Higher Education magazines have published Times SPM 2008 Revision Questions. 15,000 copies of the book were distributed to schools in the Klang Valley and other city centers. In view of making this book available to all SPM students, Times Guides have produced an e-book version of the book for students to download for FREE. The e-book version has questions, answers and past year exam question analysis. This book is produced by a group of experienced teachers who are specialist in their subjects.

The e-book can be downloaded for free here.


Anonymous said...

Not related to your current posting, but just bringing your attention to the kind of "world-class", ground-breaking research carried out at Universiti Putra...

"Don finds quick way to detect pig DNA in foodstuff"

I imagine the Prof had a hard time doing this research assuming that he had to "contaminate" himself throughout the study :-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:30 am,

PCR technique to detect pig DNA in foodstuff is not new. Check this out:

Also, the same technique has been used to detect bovine DNA as well:

So, I don't know what you mean with "ground-breaking research" ;-)

Anonymous said...

are there any pmr revision papers?

Anonymous said...

Do not take their word, a lot of these is simply marketing hype. A number of years ago I was looking at what type of cutting edge research they were doing with the nuclear reactor in Malaysia. One of the projects listed was neutron transmutation doping of semiconductor devices. However, the techniques were tried out somewhere decades before, in the early 80s, I was taking a semiconductor device processing course taught by Jim Plummer, and neutron transmutation doping was covered in the doping of high power semiconductor devices.
You will be hard pressed to find a paper from a Malaysian university in conferences like ISSCC, IEDM and SIGGRAPH. If you look back in history, a lot of the discoveries in these areas were first diclosed in these conferences. If they can get a paper into these conferences, then I would say that they are keeping up, otherwise, it is just marketing hype.


Anonymous said...

Not related to your posting. It is reported in the Star today that "Students of Malay College Kuala Kangsar and Tunku Kurshiah College may soon choose if they want to sit for the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia.". In my opinion, these students already have the privilege to study in an elite boarding school and they can always proceed with the IB program at Mara College. Many bright students cannot afford to do the IB program at private colleges because the tuition fee may cost up to RM50,000. I strongly feel that the Ministry of Education should allow students with excellent PMR result the option to do the IB program. The ministry should also study the integrated program of secondary schools in Singapore where students can proceed to do their A Levels without having to sit for O Levels exams.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Let's have the IB programme more readily available and not restricted to those elite schools.

Anonymous said...

Just a note of caution to those who wish to download the Times SPM 2008 Revision Questions.

Personal information such as IC number, address, telephone numbers, etc.. and even race is compulsory in order to register at the site to gain access to download the book.

As this are highly sensitive information, and since no privacy/security clause was stated on the website on the protection of this information, I suggest students do not provide actual information to register.

Protect your personal information!

Anonymous said...

Final exam tips
Start early. Preparation for finals begins even BEFORE the actual week of final exams. You cannot cram an entire quarter or semester's worth of information into one or two nights of studying. Get started on Monday the week before final exams.
Make an outline of major topics. Group them with the help of your syllabi.
Rate each topic. How well do you know the information?
Focus on the fundamentals.
Make a schedule of how much time you can spend on each topic. STICK TO IT!!
Focus on the topic you are studying and don't think of other finals until you get to them or you will get overwhelmed!
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