Monday, October 06, 2008

Fake Degrees from St Regis

Read this article on the Malaysian Insider, originally reported by SCMP in Hong Kong about fake degrees from a St. Regis University. Apparently, some Malaysians have also bought fake degrees from this place. Just a warning to our readers who might know of someone who claims to have a degree from this place.


Anonymous said...

Kian Ming,

One most effective step to reduce people from buying fake degree is when the government offering free higher education like in Germany and Taiwan.
Wawasan Open University offering the cheapest degree in Malaysia with price tag of RM17,000.00
This figure is still way to high for poor Malaysians and somemore now the inflation is skyrocketing.
Imagine a family with household income of RM3000 per month and 4 teenage childrens could afford the degree from Malaysian cheapest university?
Wait a minute...goverment is providing PTPN loan for unaffordable FULL TIME students at local institutions.
hey bro,the cheapest full time degree courses is RM30,000.00 by Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College ( last time known as Cosmopoint)
In reality, to get a first degree is very tough for poor MALAYSIANS.
I sincerely wish the next generations will get free educations. MALAYSIA IS A NET OIL EXPORTING NATION.

Anonymous said...

Need advice on how and where to buy degrees? Please contact OCBC pek moh Arif Shah Omar Shah of Umno Penang.

Anonymous said...

Education is for all. It is our human right. Each nation's leadership is responsible for own citizen's education. From a heartistic view point, the leaders are like parent to the citizen likened to children. also, we should think about it in a win-win situation. The more educated our next generation, the better they can serve the nation and then world. Does that make sense? Sure it does.

Finally, the CHANGE comes when one day, our new generation of leaders become UNSELFISH, TRUE PATRIOT and SACRIFICIAL without ANY TRACE OF PREJUDICE.