Monday, November 10, 2008

Tony Pua arrested and put in jail

Normally, we don't cover issues which are explicitly political in this blog. I bent this rule when I asked our readers to support Tony in the March GE (Note that I asked our readers to support Tony but not necessarily his party or the opposition). This time I have to bend the rules again since this concerns Tony himself. He's been arrested and put in jail after participating in a peaceful anti-ISA gathering in PJ. You can read more about it here. Good news is that he's physically ok. Let's hope that he will be released soon so that he can continue to raise issues of importance including issues to do with education in this country in parliament.


Tiara said...

WHAT?! Holy crap. I hope he's released soon.

Anonymous said...

This is bad news. I hope he gets out soon.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt BN government is desperate now. Vote this evil government out in the coming General Election!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kian Ming,

I was there. The saddest thing was that the FRUs moved in on them when they were finishing singing NEGARAKU, NEGARAKU, NEGARAKU and not any pop song. The least they could do is to approach them to disperse (which they were going to after NEGARAKU and to be followed by releasing of BERSIH balloons). Actually YB Ronnie Liu was looking for officer in charge to let them have 5 mins so that they can disperse peacefully.

Watch these video clips and judge it yourself whether the FRUs were provoked or is this security threatening ? video 1 and video 2

Contrast that with TV3 showing the altercation at Seremban UMNO division. It makes me puke!

This is another black eye on Malaysian govt.

Fyi all the 24 are out on police bail except for one. God bless them for their bravery!