Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not enough classrooms

This looks like a bad joke at first. "Insufficient classrooms has left 553 Form One students here in a limbo." Apparently due to bad planning. So these 553 Form One students don't have a school to go to. Maybe they should head to the nearest cybercafe instead. Sabah really gets the short end of the stick. I remember reading somewhere that a school near KK had a 100% failure rate for the UPSR or PMR exams. Now kids in Sabah don't have classrooms to go to!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is the same in West Malaysia schools.
The practice here in KK for well known Govt assisted schools after the release of PMR result is to put all straight A students [7,8] to science 1 while those who scored 7A and 1B [for chinese ]to science 2.Special attention and previleges are given to the science 1 class to ensure they will do well in SPM.

No appeal from those with 7A and 1B[chinese] are entertained even there are vacancies in science 1 and that these kids performed better from F1 to F3 for school exams than those taking 7 subjects only.

The straight A phenomenom is also in Sabah .

Anonymous said...

I tot with all the smart guys in the educ ministry plus with all the computers at hand, cant they all extrapolate the demand of number of classrooms based on data available?
AAB is bz with his Airbus to note this blog.zzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

This are the result of integration, after being integrate, you notice your language gone, money gone and now even class room also gone.

Ching said...

Maybe there is too many immigrants who somehow become Malaysians. They need to send their children to school also, so they overwhelm the system.

Fikri said...

Tis a good point, Sonar. After Googling around, apparently Sabah has almost 1.5 million illegal immigrants, with almost 3.5 million 'legal' residents.

Perhaps a part of the answer might lie in areas not directly related to education.

Something worth thinking about.