Friday, March 27, 2009

Appoint UMNO loyalists

I knew that it was going to be a challenge to keep the UMNO elections out of this blog. Check out this quote from an UMNO delegate:

Musa’s call was also echoed by a Malacca delegate, Datuk Hasnoor Husin, who also urged the government to ensure that only Umno loyalists be appointed to senior positions in public universities. “Please make sure the faculty members are all Umno men, and the same goes for other civil servants,” said Hasnoor. He cited the example of UiTM vice chancellor Datuk Seri Ibrahim Abu Shah who was a party loyalist.

I leave you guys to comment.


Anonymous said...

Is any extra comment really necessary?

Anonymous said...

And the ranking of our universities will plummet down and down until it scraped the bottom......
Hidup UNMO!

Anonymous said...

I often wonder if these jokers understand the repercussions of their statements?
Typical jaguh kampong syndrome or frog in the well policy

Anonymous said...

Epic Fail.

Student said...

When politics meets education, that's when disaster strikes. These politicians are so engulfed with their " party loyalty" to the extend I wonder, do they enter politics to better their party or better their country?

Anonymous said...


Wonder what is gonna happen to our beloved country.

Impractical idea to imposed such policy.

Are we heading to Vision 202 as developed or ....... (you name it).

Dualism theory seems takes place now....Adui

Pity, how comes can this idea comes out...aduihai

Shawn Tan said...

Personally, like I said earlier, there are good and bad sides to keeping political appointees in academia. There are ways to work around the problem.

For example, if by keeping close relations with the ranks of power in the country, they are able to (1) bring in more funding (2) feed the research output to the government or corporate sector, I don't see that as a bad thing. However, they should be kept out of (1) teaching (2) research. Let them do what they do best, i.e. dance with the politicians and remove that burden from the academics, who can then focus on their research.

If we want to give academia the freedom in doing whatever they think is best, we will have no useful research in this country. The people who sponsor research are primarily companies and government, who both bring their own agendas to the table, which often clash with academic agendas. So, I think that it is a pipe-dream to think that academia can be 'free' (except maybe in the liberal arts and social sciences where the level of funding required is not as high).

When a microscope costs millions to buy, you will definitely have to kow-tow to your sponsors, whomever they may be - government or corporate.

Anonymous said...

I am so surprised that you are a b***

Anonymous said...

who is musa / hasnoor?

do they have any role in making govt policy?

or just one of the delegates (which includes village heads/branch chair etc) that gather for UMNO AGM?

Mostly the one who come to UMNO gathering are kedai kopi speaker who at the AGM have the 'one' chance to address the nation. Their level of influence are much less than that of a blogger (which of late have some very serious credibility issue) who can reach international audience every second of the day.

Anonymous said...

UMNO parasite talking...we have the T-rex ( president), then we have the vultures ( Vice president), the low ranking members are the ring worms, leeches, fleas and the e-coli bacteria... At this moment PWTC is the stinkiest place in Malaysia and possibly in the world ( not sure cos Kerismuddin mouth has shown it is the foulest thing on earth).. UMNO STINKS!

Anonymous said...

Brainless statement from a jaguh kampung. It's because of these katak di bawah tempurung people that our university quality plummeted. I wonder he's just saying those stupid statement just to get attention and get promoted.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another amusing episode from the Decline and Fall of...a number of things. Someone should be making notes for a dissertation.

Casey said...

Ha, ha - an Umno membership is a better qualification than PhD to senior positions in public universities!

No wonder you wrote 'Not Enough PhD Applicants' on March 22.

Who wants to do PhD? Applylah to be the chief of an Umno division or Umno Youth or Puteri/Putera. All non-Umno VCs, Deans, and Heads will kow-tow to you. Semua kow tim.

casey said...

Hey, this is no brainless statement from a jaguh kampung. But from a latuk, you know. From the state whose MB was found guilty by his own party of carrying out illegal activities. Guilty to be a candidate in the Deputy President race, but not guilty to be MB - carry on corrupting.

George C said...

Well give the UMNO people a chance now. The new group is a better group. Anwar once dream to have these people namely najib, muhidin, Zahid ect in his team.

Jason Tay MMU said...

I wonder why this blog like to condemn the UiTM VC Ibrahim Shah.

A family member works there and she says that the UiTM VC is indeed a remarkable man, a thinker and a true academician.

He does a lot of charity work (..not reported lah) to help the poor.. not only Malayslah but also the other races.

My aunt says that its unfair for UiTM community to read ugly statements about their VC which is so untrue.

Anonymous said...

I am hoping for a more intellectual comments.

Theodore said...

I like what Shawn Tan says.. more down to earth and practical.

I love studying in Malaysia. I was in USA too. After 2 years I came bac because I feel that i have to take a lot of courses that are not related to my field of study. I am happier here. Lecturers are more understanding and they worry about our performance.

Coltz said...

Shawn Tan: The problem with your argument is twofold. First off, I'll be glad to hear your reasoning that academics in general do -not- know what is useful, and that should be left to the politicians and businessmen to decide. Sometimes things are not immediately obvious, and that whatever justification is hard enough to explain to outsiders of the field (as when submitting things for peer-review), much less short-term profit-minded businessmen and politicians. You know, corporates sponsoring academia set up independent foundation boards for a reason.

Second, it could be next to impossible to maintain whatever levels of meaningful research when politicians are directly sticking their fingers into academia - I'd say that your "keeping them out of teaching and research" is a pipe-dream. For example, look at what Trofim Lysenko did to USSR.

Theodore: You went to a real university, didn't you? Should've gone to a polytechnic instead. Some people value a liberal-arts education and some people don't, it's perfectly okay if you don't; just do more research before you spend your hard-earned money.

Anonymous said...

I remembered my teacher who taught us Priciple Maths ( HSC ) back in the 80's .He was a Master Holder in Mathematics.He left for Australia after joining the government for about 5 years.He was not happy and condemned a lot about profgessionals who worked in Malaysia.If I am not mistaken he got a PR there.

Recently , I heard he is planning to settle back in Malaysia.

I am not sure of his comeback but "hujan emas di negeri orang, lebih baik hujan batu di negeri sendiri ".

Personally , I believed in that.

I had a good relationship with my Chinese friends during our school days untill now.Some were politically aggresive during their youth days but at our ages now, we tend to tolerate with "give & take" approach.We can have "teh tarik" and spend a few hours talking together ; A mixture of UMNO's .MCA's , MIC's & DAP and yet we did not call scarcastic remarks with each others whether during our youngers or now.

If you happen to watch Petronas advertisement during festive seasons, that situation really recall our evergreen memories..

Dunia dah maju zaman dah berubah..tetapi bila anda semua menjadi tua, keharmonian hidup berjiran itu yang diutamakan

Anonymous said...

Now that Najib has risen to PM's position then all those academicians aligned to Badawi faction must be "dicantas segera" and be replaced with Najib's loyalists in all public universities (UM,USM,UKM, UiTM,etc..)

Foreigners call this stratagem "Replace the beams with rotten timbers".

In political struggle: you either kill or be killed...subjugate or be subjugated...

S Fariz said...

There's no need for politics in education. It serves no purpose! No purpose whatsoever!