Friday, July 31, 2009

UiTM Professor Seeks PhD Students

A professor from UiTM in the faculty of chemical engineering has informed us of an opportunity for students looking to pursue their PhD in the field. We are publishing this notice as a public service for interested students, and this should not be taken as an endorsement of the programme. The details:

Ph.D. studentship opportunities

Master's degree holders interested to pursue Ph.D. in any of the following research themes at Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA are invited to forward their CVs to and A stipend will be provided for the suitable candidate to support his/her study.

The research themes are:

1) Hazardous waste treatment (e-waste; soil, water and air decontamination).
2) Synthesis and application of nanoporous materials.
3) Life cycle assessment
4) Clean technologies
5) Brownfield management

Candidates that show excellent progress during their study shall be considered for paid short-term research placements in either Japan, South Korea, Australia or Germany. The selection criteria for this Ph.D. studentship are listed in the following:

1) Good written english;
2) Published at least an ISI-indexed journal article as the first author (preferably - not essential);
3) Graduated either cum laude or has at least an Upper Second Class Honours undergraduate engineering or science degree.


Koma said...

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Coltz said...

This must have something to do with the previously debated impression of "Malaysian IPTs produce less productive PhDs"... Sigh, and the (presumably)credible ones have to, hence, resort to blog advertising to get credible responses.

Marc Ng said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought only Bumiputras are admitted to UiTM so what is the point advertising this notice when most of us readers here are non-Bumiputras???

Anonymous said...

It seems rumours that one public university is giving very little time for chinese students to go for they chinese new year. Could it be a sabotage to make sure the chinese dont hv time to study for their exams...

Anonymous said...

Just apply-lah. Don't comment so much. Maybe the Viva is very easy to pass mah

Anonymous said...

sure easy...wat is impt is number n not quality of theses nowadays

Character Education said...

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malaysiancampus said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't want to get a PhD degree at a university that grant Datin Seri Rosmah a honorary PhD. It shows the lack of considerations among the educators inside the university.

k a l a m b o n g said...

Dear Sir,

The PhD degree is reserved for the Malays

Non-Malays need not apply

Kulitfication at its fullest

One more example of why M'sia is sinking

Amin Ali said...

How do you know that most of the readers here are non bumis? I am a bumiputera and i believe that this blog is followed closely by a lot of bumiputras as well. I'm sure the Government also take into consideration the comments and articles published here.

Anonymous said...

come on,
everybody is reading this blog, (most of my bumi's friends)
if he/she chooses not to write a single word, doesn't mean that this blog only will be read by a certain group people.
grow up!.....
i hate racism. seriously.
anyway, it is a good blog.

joshua tan

Anonymous said...

dear marc the coward

it is unbecoming of you assuming the readers of this blog is from non-bumi.such a shame there is a chinese like you who posted this here. i believe other chinese do not share your stupid common-sense. this is cyber-age lah bro. wake up. do you still live in Ip Man- era?