Thursday, June 03, 2010

Learn more about the US university system and application process

My friends and I are running a series of workshops in several cities from this month through August on the US university system and its application process. There'll be one-day sessions in Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Penang and the Klang Valley, and a longer two-day workshop only in the Klang Valley in August.

The info sessions will give you an idea of what the US university system is like, and an overview of how to apply. They're FREE. The workshop will explain in depth how to apply, and since it lasts over two days, we'll cover a lot more material. There's more information on dates and venue at the website.

If you're a Malaysian thinking about university, or know someone who is, I can guarantee you this will be useful (it's something most of us wish we had when we were in your shoes). At the least, it'll help you learn about your options (including financial support -- the US is pretty amazing as far as scholarships go).

Even if you're not thinking about the US, it's worth attending. The UK and Australia are the default and often expensive options for most Malaysians considering a foreign university, but hardly anyone thinks about the US. There's no good reason for this to be the case. Hell, if you can get in, a lot of universities will throw money at you to convince you to attend.

All of us running the workshops are either students or alumni; no university or for-profit group is funding our activities. It's a great chance to learn about an underappreciated overseas opportunity.

Space is limited, so sign up soon! You can register on the website.


Yuan He said...

I love this activity....hopefully, my dream will comes truth... :)

Sam said...

I think we are more bias on UK education.

Anonymous said...

If we are talking about undergraduate studies, I think UK is more recognised and favoured by our Malaysian students. On the other hand, if we are talking about PhDs, there is no doubt that US is the place to be. Their compulsory courses in the first two years of a usually five-year programme is incomparable to the unstructured mentor-mentee system in the UK.

Anonymous said...

Any Malaysians with internet access nowadays could easily use yahoo or google search and type in "The Four Occupations" and find out all about the four division in society, here in this part of the world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous 2:25 am

Nothing wrong with undergrad education in the USA. It allows students to be daring and explore e.g.

1. You can double major e.g. Economics and English
2. You can have a major and a minor
3. You don't need to declare your major until your Junior Year (3rd year of the 4 year undergrad degree)
4. Some students can do a combined
Bachelor-Master programme
5. Good students may even design their own individualised major!
6. Requirements that science students must take courses in the humanities and the social sciences (and the requirement that non-science students must take courses in the sciences) creat more educationlally-rounded individuals.

Phua Kai Lit (completed all my education in the USA, from Bachelor degree to PhD. Designed my own major for my Bachelor degree too!)