Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"Mindpower is more powderful..."

Did anybody see the full page advertisement by LimKokWing University College of Creative Technology in the Star on 27th June (Page 23)? Let me quote (huge fonts):

"Mindpower is more powerful, more lethal than a nuclear bomb."
Tan Sri Dato' Dr Limkokwing
Errr.... right...

And the text based advertisement continues:
September 11, 2001. A day the world wants to erase from its memory. A day that proved how lethal the brain can be when faced with possibilities within the most impossible scenarios. When the world witnessed the power of the mind over the most sophisticated weapons of the modern age. (Err... did the terrorist mind control the aircrafts?)

The mind, when used negatively can create disastrous effects that benefit no one, not even the one who perpetrates the ideas in the first place. However, when used positively the results achieve just the opposite. They save lives, end wars, generate wealth, build nations.

And then in bold text again, the advertisment somehow connects itself to:

Enhancing national competitiveness

And with some degree of cliché and corniness, the text advertisement concludes:

Imagine the power of a mind trained to think in innovative and creative ways that will help society overcome issues and problems.

Imagine the collective power of such minds and translate that into a nation, turbo-charged to become economically productive and globally competitive.

At Limkokwing we don't just imagine. We are training people to think innovatively. We are empowering 4,000 minds from over 60 countries.

I'm not sure about you, but if I were choosing a college for my further studies and I were to read the above advertisement, I'd stay away from the college. The entire text sounds like an attempt to be ideologically deep to demonstrate intellectual strength and brilliance. However to me, it backfired by being sounding totally pretentious and philosophically shallow.

I do not have any issues with graduates from the college. In fact, I'm generally quite impressed with the creative and multimedia design students, although I wouldn't say the same for their faculty of Business Management and Information Communication Technology. However, if the college intends to label itself as a "Premier address for world-class education:One of the world’s most innovative university environments (which I disagree)" on their website, they'll need to hire a better philosopher and copywriter.


Anonymous said...

Bad advertisement never mind as long as it attracts students and give the feel good factor of a hydrogen bomb!

-- Old Man

Sir sc said...

i dunno the ads really mind or not..but in term LKWU really a creative uni and graphic interest.
Well i dunno about the intellectual mind there, where by it is created or naturaly skills