Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Scholarship from European Union

Thanks to information from a kind reader, Dude K - there's a fairly new scholarship - Erasmus Mundus - available for candidates seeking to pursue their Masters degree in Europe offered by the European Union.

Erasmus Mundus is a co-operation and mobility programme in the field of higher education. Its objective is to encourage mobility of third-country graduate students and scholars to the EU. The duration of the programme is five years (2004-2008) with funding of € 230 million for the whole period.

At present there are 36 master courses involving over 100 EU-based universities. It is expected that up to 100 master courses will be eventually set up by 2008. Student and scholars have to apply directly to any of the selected Masters consortia and to be accepted by them to receive the scholarship. The student scholarship is €21,000 (98,000 MYR) for one year and €42,000 (RM196,000) for two years. For scholars the amount is €13, 000 (RM60,000) for a period of three months.
For more information, please visit the scholarship website or read the brochure. Good luck!

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