Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Here's my simple Merdeka wish list for Education in Malaysia.

1. That young Malaysians of all races study in the same schools, share the same objectives and enjoy our rich ethnic and cultural diversity.

2. That no young Malaysians should be deprived of a fair opportunity at education because of race, gender or wealth, for education is the only equalising factor in an unfortunately unequal society.

3. That the best quality education be provided to our young Malaysians to help them become intelligent, responsible, hardworking and critical thinkers, so crucial to ensure Malaysia preserves its independence in the world map.

4. That the influence of politics be kept separate from the public policies in education to ensure a fair and meritocratic system which encourages the inquisition of the mind and the pursuit of academic excellence.

Happy Merdeka Day! :)

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Jerng said...

Did you see the comment from China, on pg 38 of yesterday's Star newspaper? Hehe.