Friday, December 02, 2005

Censure Motion for Minister of Higher Education

Parliamentary opposition leader, Sdr Lim Kit Siang submitted a motion for a RM10 salary cut against the Minister of Higher Education Datuk Dr Shafie Salleh for the second year in succession in Parliament.

In his motion, he gave 10 reasons for the censure motion for failing to check the rot in excellence, quality and standards in higher education system.

The 10 reasons are:
(1) THES World University Ranking 2005
(2) Failure to create an academic culture of excellence and meritocracy
(3) Failure to restore academic freedom.
(4) Universities and Universities Colleges Act
(5) Student election frauds and malpractices.
(6) Zahid Higher Education Review Report
(7) Royal Commission on World-Class Universities in Malaysia
(8) Parliamentary Select Committee
(9) Universities in Terengganu and Kelantan – Politicisation of Higher Education
(10) Tudung in IIUM
Go ahead and read Sdr Lim Kit Siang's blog for the full speech as well as further details on the above.


Anonymous said...

Would like your opinion on Utusan Malaysia news item - "Syarat akademik guru minat masuk pedalaman dilonggar" -

Anonymous said...

The rot in the education system, brain-drain etc, like the many other problems faced by the nation is the result of UMNO policies aimed at furthering Ketuanan Melayu. You see this mentioned often in blogs etc., even by Malays themselves. I'm surprised that many posts continue to ask why aren't the government aware of this or can't they do that, including our brother LKS. Let's not beat around the bush anymore and start calling a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

The most important thing is that the malay goes back and tell his children and grandchildren that in Malaysia, all you need to do to survive is stretch out your hand and ask for handouts.

If you malays don't get it, then use force.

Many non-malays in this country share the same view. Give in to them. Why bother to fight? Can you win possibly? Give in, and eventually it is not the non-malays who will get hurt. It is hurt the malays themselves.

A friend of mine use to say that if you want to kill off someone, spoil he.

The non-malays are not afraid of the malays asking for handouts. They are worried that they don't and start to become hardworking like non-malays.

This plot begins to sound more like the X-files - the only way to fight the future is to collaborate with the alien invaders!

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote: “Don’t like Malaysia University standards, don’t study-loh. You can always go abroad.”

U think this is a joke? In fact, the BN government has been practising this for the last 30 years. Many non-Malay students with excellent STPM results had been given funny and non-critical courses to pursue in our public universities. When they protested, the BN govment told them: "You ungrateful lot, given university places, still want to complain, take it or leave it, go away!"

And the govment is very shrewd and cunning. When non-Malay students could not get places in professional courses in public universities and were forced to do these courses overseas or in local private universities at great costs, the BN govment then announced "Wah, so many non-Malay students doing professional courses overseas and in local private universities, so we MUST give more places to Malay students to do essential professional courses in our public universities to balance the numbers!" What a grand argument! Simple logic!

Likewise, the BN govment sees private universities as golden geese to make money from non-Malay citizens, because the BN govment knows non-Malay citizens will tighten their belts to come out with whatever money for their children's education. Who really owns or has the permit to operate the private universities or colleges in Malaysia? For example, IMU or HELP? No body will be surprised if the owners are BN politicians or their relatives, who laugh all the way to the banks since they have these money making entities.

And the funny thing is that again the govment is very shrewd and cunning, making full use of these private universities or colleges to justify appointing Malays as VCs, most of Deputy VCs, and lecturers of all public universities or college-universities. The BN govment's thinking: "Wah, most CEOs and lecturers of private universities or colleges are non-Malays. How can? Not fair! MUST appoint Malays as VCs, most of Deputy VCs, Deans, Heads, and lecturers of all public universities to balance the numbers lah!" Simple logic!

So, my fellow citizens, this is our reality show. Unending vicious circle - non-Malays are forced into a corner to find solutions and the solutions are used by the BN govment to perpetuate what in the first place was the mother of all problems!

So, if you think there will be changes, fat hope. Don't even or ever think the present situations will change for the better. Be realistic and be prepared to move on - to a better and fairer land! Otherwise, no need to complain lah, because the BN govment knows that it will continue to rule this boleh land eternally.

Another note of interest. How the BN govment and VCs of UM and USM dearly wish that all Chinese and Indian citizens of Malaysia are regarded as foreigners, for they are more useful as foreigners than as citizens - at least this change in status will boost UM and USM's standings in the THES ranking of world univerisites. Oh, what a waste!

Anonymous said...

To our MOHE, Dr Shafie,

Before we are talk anything spending $$million to
give bursary to foreign students, so as to attract them to come here...or even the talk of sparing seats for postgrad students ....

There are basic things which we must ensure...that they are operational at all times...

"Affirmative, all system goes" should be our motto.


make sure our varsity websites are up-to-date !!

See, one conference organised by a management school from local IPTA is going to be held next week, but the final program is not yet out online ???

Hint: the conference is going to be held in Casuarina hotel in Ipoh from 9-11 Dec 2005.


makes sure forms are downloadable...

It is unthinkable...that this days one still need to send a self-addressed envelope to request for application forms ??

Is that too hard to ensure all fomrs are downloadable throughout the years ??? Just patch a link to the pdf files..


It is even unthinkable that emails for govt institutions can be full...

I have three encounters with UM emails where emails have been returned....

and the server states that the mail box is over the storage..

It is unbelievable that while we have our leaders shouting out MSC, vision 20202 or e-government,
basic things cannot even be taken properly.

No wonder we cannot beat Aussie Uni..

Just login any Aussie Uni, you will surprise with the speed
and information content.

Come on, the world is already on broadband !

Anonymous said...

I think what differs developed country and developing countries...

there are plenty..

but one thing for sure.. the system are always user-friendly..

they ensure interative communications happen..

feedback..and they try to improve the system, better and better..

"the willingess to listen from feedback, and ready to change" is the essence why they become developed nation in the first place...

"Selagi kita tidak berubah,
kita akan berada di takuk lama.."

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, why so much complaints punya?

E-mail box full - why can't UM lecturers take life easy, rest a few days at home mah, no need to go to work also can get promotion, furthermore e-mail box full of crap, don't kacau lah

Conference program not on website and forms not downloadable - why so demanding? can't people write in or phone in to ask? give some bisnes to Pos Malaysia and Telekoms loh, otherwise get the program during registration lah, so simple; participants too pampered by all these talks of e-culture; you good at PDF and downloadable but a lot in universities and goverment organizatons still tak tahu lah, be considerate, OK?

Please don't run, just crawl like most of us, faham?

Anonymous said...

We all have rest and take things at a slower pace sometimes...

but there must be some baseline..
so as not to affect the work of others..

Just imagine an act that just taking five-second to send an email..will have to repeated the next day...because of mail is returned..

If that's your attitude, kiss bye-bye to the vision !

You obviously not ready to join the league yet !

This type of attitude will get you no where...