Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Plug for TinKosong

Thanks to reader, LYL, I was pointed to the blog, TinKosong which was started recently. The blog aims to be a "non-political, non-profit community of Malaysian college and university students aimed at collecting and distributing information about education, opportunities and the future generation of Malaysia."

In their short history, they have compiled a fair bit of information on various scholarships available to Malaysians, and are looking for more such information to be published.

TinKosong is maintained by three students based in the United States, Nick Khaw - 18 year old at Harvard, Joyce Tagal - 19 year old at Yale and Eng Han, 19 year old at United World College, New Mexico. Keep up the good work! :)

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joyce said...

Hi Tony!

Joyce Tagal here. While I'm glad you highlighted Tinkosong on your blog (Our readership is accelerating :), could you also take your link to my personal blog off EducationMalaysia? Thanks!