Monday, June 19, 2006

Long Break

Before yesterday's post, I probably had my longest break from blogging since I started here more than a year ago April. One whole week went by without me publishing a word on this blog - wow. :)

Quite a few readers wrote to me to comment on how I manage to somehow find time to blog so regular despite keeping a taxing day job and spending time with family. Well, there you go, sometimes, you just can't :) I spent Monday to Thursday in Macau and China, came back on the red eye flight (2.45am, thanks to AirAsia), caught up with the week's work, spent time with the little girl (and of course, the mum :)) and not to forget taking a peek at the World Cup games whenever I can (England sucks!). :)

But I'm back and hopefully I won't be travelling far in the next two weeks and I get to catch up on my posts. So now, I blog during half-time and in-between games :)

Anyways, some of you guys have been asking for further information our "meet up". Yes, it's on. And I think I have so far positive response from some 10 or so of you. I'd suggest we meet up on the Friday, 30th June evening but I'll update you guys (probably in the next 2 days) on the final venue once I get to catch up with Kian Ming, who's back in town.

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