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Universiti Teknologi Mara – World Class?

When I study issues or events to write about, I try to look for the bloggability factor. I can only say that when I saw and read the advertisement placed by Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) in the New Straits Times (NST) yesterday, it will be an absolute travesty if I don't stick my nosey-self into it.

But before I get into the full swing of things, let me just clarify that I have absolutely nothing against UiTM students (although they rarely end up on my shortlist of candidates for interviews). I am certain that there are exceptional UiTM students out there who have achieved great success with the careers. I'm also not disputing the fact that UiTM is providing greater opportunities for many bumiputera students to obtain their degrees. UiTM makes access to tertiary education, which may otherwise have not been possible, easily available for some of them. The argument is much like some of the critical comments I received for an earlier post on Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), which argued that I shouldn't criticise UTAR because it enables access by Chinese students squeezed out of our public universities.

My post here isn't about the role of UiTM. My beef is with the fact that UiTM has the cheek to spend some RM50,000 to put up 2 pages worth of full-colour advertisement to declare itself a “world-class university”. More money was likely to have been burnt on advertisements in the Malay newspapers as well.

After Datuk Kapten Professor Dr Hashim Yaakob's disastrous attempts at boosting his own ratings with self-congratulatory newspaper advertisements, billboards, banners and more advertisements on Universiti Malaya (UM), the vice-chancellor of UiTM, Dato' Seri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah has obviously not learnt the lesson of his peer who got the sack. I wonder if the term of Dato' Seri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah is up for renewal, hence the apparent pressure to “impress”?

Dato' Seri Professor Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah

A visit to the UiTM website today will also see it framed by its lofty slogan “Gloabl Aspiration... A World-Class University” on every page.

Back to the 2-page advertisement – I will not be able to write a complete deconstruction of it (or it'll take me another 3 hours to complete this post, and it'll probably bore you to death) but to focus on some of the ridiculous which “justified” UiTM's world class status.

For those who have not seen the advertisement, it was entitled “Evolution of A World-Class University: Driving National Development through 13 Dimensions of Excellence”. The remainder of the ad extolled on “these 13 dimensions that UiTM's status as a world-class university is clearly evident”.

Research & Publications
In terms of innovations, UiTM won the highest number of medals (18 in total) amongst the Malaysian universities at the prestigious Geneva Inventor's Award in 2005. While in publications, the University published a total of 68 titles placing UiTM as the university with the highest number of academic publications among universities who are members Majlis Penerbitan Ilmiah Malaysia.
Regular readers will know the type of contempt I hold for the “prestigious” Geneva Inventor's “Award”, which is essentially tokens of appreciation from the trade show organisers to generous paying participants from 3rd world countries to the event like Malaysia and Iran.

As for the number of titles published? I'm certain that Kian Ming will agree that 68 publications for a university the “size” of UiTM is worse than mediocre and that doesn't even take into consideration the quality of the journals and publications.

Intake Based on Meritocracy

This has to be the biggest joke of the advertisement.
Though large in capacity UiTM is stringent on the criteria of student intake, adhering strictly to the requirements of Admission Unit (UPU) of the Ministry of Higher Education which is strongly based on meritocracy.
Does the vice-chancellor of UiTM need a gentle reminder on the definition of meritocracy – which will probably only serve to highlight UiTM is one of the least meritocratic public universities in Malaysia. UiTM was afterall born out of the Government's extensive affirmative action policy for the bumiputeras. Do we need to also remind the vice-chancellor that his former boss once screamed at the top of his lungs that “no non-bumiputera students shall ever set foot in UiTM”?

International Standards
UiTM is the first institution of higher learning in the world to receive the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 award in the scope of corporate management for all its management services and the scope of teaching and learning in all its 24 faculties and 12 branch campuses all over Malaysia... This certification signifies that UiTM meets the highest world standards in terms of quality for its corporate teaching and learning practices, placing UiTM as an outstanding example of world-class standards.
Do you know why UiTM is the first “world-class” institution of higher learning to receive the ISO certification – a process which costs hundreds of thousands of ringgit? It's because the certification has almost no relevance whatsoever to the actually quality of academic teaching and research at the university. Hence, no university worth its salt will believe that an ISO certification is a requirement, much less a certification worth shouting about.

For example, almost no IT company will attempt a painful ISO certification process, except for reasons of misleading naïve clients. The certification process only reviews the documentation and file management process, and does nothing to evaluate the quality of a company's products or software codes. In fact, most of the time, these assessors know nothing about writing software!

The above are just 3 of the "dimensions" highlighted in the advertisement. The rest of the reasons provided are either riddled with unsubstantiated claims or irrelevant facts and figures – UiTM has “the highest number of students with 100,000 to date... Only the best governance and a good solid system, will an institution be able to manage such a large organisation”. (!!?)

What's more, UiTM claims to have a “World-Class Alumni” and listed more than 15 “illustrious personalities” who are managing directors or CEOs or chairmen of Malaysian listed companies. Err... wait, are these Malaysian companies “world-class” companies with sprawling empires all over the world? Or are they our very own jaguh kampungs?

And what's almost laughable, “UiTM's graduates are accepted at the world level because of their ability to communicate in English and their good communication skills”. No statistics are of course given, as to the number of graduates UiTM contributes to the unemployed pool on a yearly basis, despite claims of “Graduate Marketability”.

Finally, in Malaysia, you can never complete your attempts at self-congratulatory messages without dragging our Prime Ministers into the picture (literally). While UM plastered its 1-page congratulatory advertisement with our Prime Minister's mugshot, UiTM went one better, by plastering its 2-page advertisement with both our Prime and Deputy Prime Minister's mugshots. See another brown-nosing attempt by the vice-chancellor here.

So what should actually qualify as markers that one has turned into a world class institution? Pretty simple really, and of course, blatantly ignored by UiTM's vice-chancellor:
  • How many of UiTM's academics publish research in internationally recognised journals in recent years?

  • What percentage of UiTM academics are PhD holders? Has there been any collaborations done in recent years with the top 20 or 30 universities in the world?

  • Are UiTM graduates in demand by some of the largest multinational companies locally and overseas?

  • How selective is UiTM or how high (or low) are the entry criteria into UiTM set?

  • Where did UiTM rank in some of the often cited global university ranking tables such as the one compiled by Shanghai JiaoTung University or The Times Higher Education Supplement?
The above are just some very very simple questions which will clearly establish if UiTM is any where near “world-class” standards. As far as I'm concerned, it's not even anywhere near the top of the class for Malaysian universities – definitely far from my favourites when recruiting local graduates.

When will Malaysian vice-chancellors learn that becoming “world-class” is a lot more than just putting up an advertisement with some half-baked arguments and statistics to justify being “world-class”? The only consolation in the advertisement is that at the very least, the English is good (while the one by UM was atrocious).

I think the time has come for our new Minister of Higher Education, Tok Pa to review Dato' Seri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah's contract to see if it really justifies an extension (or a termination).

p.s., I'll try to put up a scan of the advertisement tomorrow some time


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Anonymous said...

There is a guy who graduated from MMU with B. Economics (Hons) and now doing his Master in ANU, Australia. When he compare what he had study here and those in ANU and you know what he found out. What he study here is less than those cover in their 1st year programme. Apart from this there are some many units especially econometrics that were not offer here even in master level.

If MMU is like this I wonder what did they teach in those IPTA.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, academics were people who sought truth at all cost through research. They were highly respected by the society.

Nowadays, especially in Malaysia, we have lots of people who don mortar boards and gowns and masquerade as academics. These pretenders are thick-skinned academic cheats and frauds who ignore facts and twist facts to suit their needs and to satisfy their egos.

The VC of UiTM is one of these creatures. He forgets that he is up there not because of his academic eminence (nay, not even excellence), but because of certain non-academic factors. He does not even realize that he is a naked emperor with nothing to show – parading naked in the public eyes, thinking that he has invisible new clothes, and making a lot of noise like a kampong chicken that laid a single miserable miniature egg.

If UiTM is world-class, the world must be inside a coconut shell and the VC of UiTM must be hotly head-hunted.

Frankly, as taxpayers, what we are interested to know is how much money has been wasted – down the drain or into some people’s pockets?

Anonymous said...


when will we stop kidding ourselves?

Anonymous said...

We really do have to go back to basics. Say, conduct a certificate-level course on the meaning of the word "World". In our Malaysian context, I am undecided, however, whether such a course should be conducted by an English Language department, or the Geography Department. I suppose it is good to have input from both. What about the Philosophy Department? Perhaps that too, as I sensed that we have not yet grasped the philosohical concept of "World". Of course, I need not state the obvious - that I am not referring to inputs from those various departments of our local universities. OxBridge, maybe.

Anonymous said...

This is called


To translate this, they are too naive and do not know how thick is the sky or the land

In the end, the one who gets a bad image is still them, the graduates from UiTM.

Who cares, let them be as childish as they wanted to.

Anonymous said...

...actually no necessity to involve so many people..

" world-class" ..its a term to denote the highest standing within the industry whether the ones teaching or the ones taught..and the organization has to consistently shown itself to be of a higher standard, than the majority, if not all of its peers...

Anonymous said...

Tell you a story...

A pair of couple has a child. As she grows, she learns.

When she first speak "mama... papa... her parents will say "Wow, you are the smartest kid in the whole world!"

When she first learnt to walk, her parents would say, "You are the smartest kid in the whole world!"

When she first learn to write, no doubt the same words were uttered. The parents were thinking like why not? coz those were only encouragements that will help her gain confidence.

But what they didn't realised was, those are not encouragement by merely praise.

Unintentionally, she has been raised with a mindset that she is the smartest in the whole world - not knowing how great is the outside world.

Dear UiTM students,

When your VC say "you are world class", think about it. Does he really meant it? You go for a road show, someone gave you gold medal for your effort, did he mean "you are world class"? or "thank you, you contributed the most in this road show"

He could've said, "well, no harm encouraging the students". But think again, is that really encouragement or just praise that will give you the wrong impression that you are "world class" but in reality not.

Anonymous said...

Come on...why need to spend RM50,000 for an advertisement...

Our postgraduate students have difficulty even to apply for RM5K for their PhD field work research!

What of stark contrast between an anak tiri and anak emas!

No need to shout that one has the world class quality!

Just go to the website compare ourselves.. Simple as that.

Look at the website of much talk about Malaysian Quality Framework?


Apa sudah jadi???

And let us take a look at our Australian Quality Framework?


Which website can be perceived as having more information, more quality??

And where is the quality assurance statement??

AQF spells its statement loud and clear!


Wake up! MOHE! If you are still serious to have a piece of pie of high education industry!

Anonymous said...

I have come to the conclusion that they are probably delusional or just plain ignorant. And here we are, incessantly talking without really helping....
There, his email add (bet someone else reads it for him):


will someone please take some action....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
There is a guy who graduated from MMU with B. Economics (Hons) and now doing his Master in ANU, Australia. When he compare what he had study here and those in ANU and you know what he found out. What he study here is less than those cover in their 1st year programme. Apart from this there are some many units especially econometrics that were not offer here even in master level.

If MMU is like this I wonder what did they teach in those IPTA.

Question: Then How ANU accepted your friend for their master's programme?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
There is a guy who graduated from MMU with B. Economics (Hons) and now doing his Master in ANU, Australia. When he compare what he had study here and those in ANU and you know what he found out. What he study here is less than those cover in their 1st year programme. Apart from this there are some many units especially econometrics that were not offer here even in master level.

Please do not generalize. Where are the facts to support this? What do you mean by studying less? It could be due to the difference in syllabus, whereby what he studied in Malaysia is different from Australia. And is he doing a Master in Economics? And to say what he studied at MMU is less than what is covered in their first year programme is just plain exagerration, something that many Malaysians like to do, boasting that they are world class for example.

So please give facts and reasoning. And no, I have connection with MMU at all in case you all are wondering. It is just that I cannot accept statements like that without facts, especially when we say "a guy"... e.g. A guy told me UiTM is the best university, better than Oxford..

Anonymous said...

Then after all this discussion, what are the solution to solve or perhaps stop this to happen?

It is meaningless if to keep arguing like this. Those ppl who really having the power to manipulate the education system in our country, will not, absolutely not taking our advise or opinion into consider. The most important fact to keep in mind is tat this country is ruled by 70% majorities single race. U really think they dare to admit that their Meritocracy university is sucks?

Sometimes i wandering what is the real objective of education system in this country? If our university really so means that "World Class", then why i didn't see any achievement in any area that as like other country?

I totally agree that the advertisement is useless, it sounds familiar with the case of UM (the billboard that show UM is top university in the world). If they really want to motiviate their student, please try another way.

Please stop making our university look like idiot!!

Anonymous said...

One has to take a graduate diploma before he can enrol into their master programme. To those who don't believe, well it's up to you to find out.

Anonymous said...

hehe....the claim that uitm is world class is absolutely ridiculous. There are some people who are absolutely blind just like vc uitm and bill board hashim!
Come on, UITM...face the facts! Ur not world class!Dont make absolute nonsense and making a fool of yourself!
UTAR is much better by leaps and bounds!
Koshe Philip is world class lecturer. maybe UITM should invite him to join the academic staff and raise yr standards further.

Anonymous said...

To anon tue jun 06, 07:24:30 pm

Yes you are right, difference in syllabus that means what we study here is so little compare with others. That guy is taking the same paper with their 2nd year undergrad. I'm only sharing a facts with fellow readers. You may choose to be difference and continue to call those uni world class. I am refering to economics programme in ANU and in might be different in others uni. For this programme you must get distinction in your 3rd year paper before you are invited to enrol in the 4th year Hons and if you get 1st class honours you are allow to do your phd without doing your master.

Anonymous said...

Tolonglah! Jangan lah kutuk UITM sampai maut!Saya pun lulusan UITM dulu dan saya akui UITM memang takda standard. Tapi, kalau UITM ada standard, saya gerenti fail dan tak dapat CGPA 4.0.
Sekarang saya dapat CGPA 4.0 dan dapat kerja dengan mudah, tapi Bos saya asyik kutuk saya tak tau apa2 dan tak bolih buat kerja.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps UiTM is world class among the only-Malay-undergraduate universities. Sure no fight lah, sebab only sebuah univeristy like this saja in the world!

Anonymous said...

The above discussions on UITM being world Class merely proves that, the VC of UITM and similar persons are living in the style of Katak bawah tempurung!
Wat does the katak sees?

Only the small dark space under the tempurung...

In our Malaysian context I can only only conclude there must be a number of kataks living under the same small tempurung

Anonymous said...

The biggest katak is Bill Board Hashim

Anonymous said...

Najib said this himself,

uitm = universiti ini tempat melayu

= this university is only for the malays

intake based on meritocary my foot!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

68 titles of publication = ONE professor's publication in any oversea university. So why is so proud of this?

Anonymous said...

UTM = Universiti Tolong Melayu.

Anonymous said...

UKM ...universiti kaum melayu

Anonymous said...

......................................................That's stupid.....quit linking 'm' with melayu

Anonymous said...

dua, tiga, kucing berlari,
mana nak sama si kucing belang,
dua tiga universiti bolih ku cari,
mana nak sama UITM terbilang!


Anonymous said...

But it is really strange, I did met a number of UITM students recently and they really think UITM is really world class.

The authorities concerned must have been very successful in providing blinkers for them

Then I asked them a few basic questions on topics covered by their lectures...they cant answer!
Only then are they convinced that they are not world class

So what can you conclude from the above?

Anonymous said...

jaguh kampung la :-/

Anonymous said...

Come on people, give those "M"s (not M&Ms) a break. Let them be whatever they think they can be, ie. katak, kucing, anjing, monyet, etc. I think "anak tiri" has done a lot for "anak emas" up to date. If they don't appreciate that and continue to indulge in their "world-class" dreams, let them. Let them fall from their beds so that they can wake up.

In 50 years' time, Indonesia the second will appear in the world map perhaps..... and by that time, just pack our things and leave. But this will be very sad for us, ANAK MALAYSIA (not ANAK MELAYU) to leave the place we were borned....sob sob

Anonymous said...

It seems for the first time UITM's ACCA graduates fared well in the ACCA exams, and upon knowing the results 'shocked' the UITM VC into ' terkejut beruk'

Maybe that was the reason he decided to 'confer' UITM as a 'World Class' university

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, I think it makes more sense the money spent by UITM to publicise itself in the pull out specials in newspapers to be spent instead donating to the poor and needy of the country. Is it abt RM 50,000?

Mind you there a lots of people out there who are poor and incapable of having a decent living
and needing medical attention

Same with Bill Board Hashim if he donate all the Rakyat's money which he spent on banners and buntings and his huge potraits lining the campus , donate it to the needy of the country. It will do a lot more good

Anonymous said...

Biarkan lah UITM ngaku dia world class, kita yang di Malaysia tau position dia corot kat belakang.
Kasi UITM tipu Bush dan Blair kata standard UITM sama dgn Oxford Cambridge. Kelakar punyer mentality.
Dah tak der standard masih ngaku..aperaaaa!!

Anonymous said...

It's a real pity UiTM gave up its former name, MIT.

Otherwise, their graduates will continue to fool the world and enjoy world class status as MIT graduates.

Who is the stupid CEO or VC who decided this name change?

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken its Arshad Ayub!

Anonymous said...

Try going to their various faculties and department websites....you will laugh!

Recommended websites:
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Applied Science

WORLD CLASS?? HeHeHe! They got to be joking!

Who is the VC trying pull the wool over their eyes?

kayron said...

Well, when we see title Prof Madya/Associate Prof of UiTM lecturers, don't be fool that they are comparable with other universities' lecturers. Before ITM was upgraded to UiTM, those with PhD degree was advise to apply for that post. This was due to regulation that to be upgraded to university they must have certain % of Prof, Ass Prof etc...UiTM as a teaching university of course did not have many research. Thus, no surprise when those who was "granted" the title only had a few publications or NOT at all...:-)

If the goverment intends to drop the word COLLEGE from University colleges, they actually promote this such malpractice..Lots of lecturer will get promoted even they don't deserve it..and end of days there's no value for professorship anymore...professorship can be obtained by LUCK or by KNOWING somebody ...not a surprise...

Anonymous said...

Please, guys, don't be too harsh on the current VC of UiTM. Please excuse him for his ignorance, for ignorance is bliss. Let him have his self-shiok.

He does not know the world is so advanced and he has no grasp of the real world standard of excellence. To his simple mind, a few publications and the achievements accomplished by his departments and staff are fantastic and world-class, compared to maybe 5 years ago. So, like the ayam kampong, he must announce his concept of the world-class achievement to one and all.

UiTM is perhaps the largest local university and has campuses all over Malaysia, catering to the needs of its monoethnic student population. Money to UiTM is not a problem and came from different sources. The amount spent on the advert is kacang. Actually, UiTM is loaded and spent lots and lots of money on the most advanced equipment. UiTM is the darling or cash cow of local companies selling equipment and stuff. No, guys, it’s not the lack of equipment or fund that leads to the low number of publications, it’s the brain power.

Anonymous said...

Talk about brain power!! I have supervised a few of UITM lecturers for their post graduate degrees and I know their standards.
I am just speechless regarding their standards or brain power.

Anonymous said...

ting tong! ting tong!

All of ur comments are merely condemnation oriented.Well...keep it up as u urself will gain nothing. Yes, no brain power or whatsoever...would it be bttr if we say in this way...

"i also have no brain power...coz i never tought of giving any solution...i rather comments negatively than positively..."


u r talking about brain power...what is brain power?define?do you have the brain power?post ur article...let c who have the power?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OK, constructive suggestion: UiTM should take in students of all racial groups so that they can interact with each other and hopefully help to upgrade the academic standard of UiTM.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they would allow that, cos the bumi students would be so corot if the non malays joined.
Then UITM would be KAMPONG CLASS and cannot claim WORLD CLASS

Anonymous said...

As far as i am concerned, any university that wants to be "world-class" must be good enough for the world's students to want to study in. The university i went to had students from 106 countries (and that was in the 1980s). Are the world's students flocking to UiTM? That is one essential criteria that it may never even fulfill.

Anonymous said...

UITM is just another big joke

Anonymous said...

Hei you all please be fair to UiTM, as UiTM student we're not teaching to be prejudice with other races even we have non-malay lectures who're supportive to teach this malay student to excel.

yup, maybe there are certain lackness among facilities and grads of UiTM but pleaselaa don't judge UiTM because of it lackness. all should give better solutions to improve it! don't simply said something stupid about UiTM until you come here and see in in front your eyes!

Hidup UiTM!!

Anonymous said...

no wonder the government look down upon u chinese.i am government official and i already highlighted this blog to the my deparment(JPM to be precise).

all of your comments will be taken into consideration.

well..pity chinese in malaysia.once a migrator, always a migrator.(kalau dah pendatang, sampai bila-bila pendatang).

UTAR will end its life line one day....just wait and see. you guy's comment about UITM is very rude and i will being rude to u guys in return.

Anonymous said...

I don't really know what u guys r really mad about but if u think ur so so brilliant, why r u still living in M'sia then? Just leave M'sia and live somewhere else. It's good enough that the Government doesn't chuck u out to u main land. Feel happy and proud to live here, be supportive and think positive. Mind u, if u live in the United Kingdom (UK) then u'll know how scary to live there. There are racism every where round, u even get scared to close ur eyes at night. They hate colored people like us. Even u Chinese are quite white themself but still some gets stab to death. So sit down and think for a second and wonder, we are leaving in a peaceful country. There's no reason for u guys to comments on Universities in M'sia and how the Government manage our country. Each have their own standards and class. We are all world class people no matter what race. U don't have to be Europeans or the Americans to be world class..Just look in a mirror and u'll see one! Think about it.


Anonymous said...

It's ironic saying that UiTM is not world class, Universiti ini Tempat Melayu, UTAR is better, VC is katak bawah tempurung when YOU yourself are hiding under the 'anonymous' nicknames. Of course blogging is a matter of opinion but state your opinion loud & clear with pride. You are all acting like children (my university is stronger than yours, nyeh nyeh). You punks need to realise there is more to life than bickering on whose university is better. If you feel so strongly about it, run your own university or run against the UM & UiTM's VC.

Not interested? Don't want to waste your time with that? And spending time on this one is actually helping your cause? I'm taking this personally because I can't believe how many ignorants are out there. Typical of 'bolehland' all talk and nothing to show for. This behaviour trascends all race, it is a Malaysian culture. Get over it, and stop crying when your toys are thrown out of your pram.

Anonymous said...

I'M, Mahdi from libya looking to study in malayzia, in the approved centers to get the msc in civil construction engineering.

best regards

your help will be highly appreciated

Anonymous said...

Orang Cina tak tahu bersyukur. Mereka dapat hidup damai di Malaysia pun dah dikira satu rahmat. Kalau Kerajaan buang orang Cina keluar, baru padan muka. Kalau tak suka dengan apa yang berlaku di Malaysia, keluar sajalah. Pergilah merempat di negara orang lain. Orang Melayu sudah banyak berkorban semata-mata untuk memenuhi kehendak orang Cina. Tapi orang Cina langsung tak tahu nak berkorban. Hargailah apa yang ada hari ini dan berterima kasihlah pada kerajaan yang telah banyak berkompromi. Jangan hina UiTM, sebab UTAR pun bukannya elok sangat. Lim Kok Wing tu lagilah buruk perangai!! Biar saya dedah rahsia ni. Dulu Lim Kok Wing pernah cuba sogok pensyarah-pensyarah UiTM yang mengajar Art&Design untuk bekerja di universitinya. Lim Kok Wing tahu pensyarah2 UiTM ni ada kualiti, maka dia cuba nak 'beli' mereka. Pergi jahanamlah dengan orang Cina! Mereka hina UiTM tetapi mereka sendiri yang tarik pensyarah2 UiTM keluar bekerja dengan mereka.

Anonymous said...

Well ... I'm a DIA grad from UiTM in 1997. So far my working life has been quite colourful. A yr in Johor state gov, 5 yrs in Japs MNC and 3 yrs in US MNC. My current position is the Snr Mgr (and I'm not a royalty/tan sri/datuk/vvip's son). All's due to years of hardwork & endurance. I've been travelling all over the the world from East to West under job secondment, working hand-in-hand with the top consultants from DE,GB,US etc. (too long list lah...). It doesn't matter where you graduated from actually, most important is how you make full use of the opportunities that come by. The argument of Book Smart vs Street Smart is forever going, especially for those super obsessed top univ's grad lunatics. Does it really matter when the richest man in the world is not even a Harvard grad? Or when most of the top billionaires were denied entry to univs during their younger days? So where are these Harvard/MIT/CalTech/OxBridge grads now? Last info stated that they're currently the dogs of these billionaires ... ha ha ha. So what the heck you jokers out there so proud of the status of your univs, when you yourselves are neither here nor there in this world ... heh heh heh...

Anonymous said...

I think ALL of you aside from the first few comments, need an education. Seriously, people, focus now, the writer isn't trying to instill anti-racism or to rally supporters for the cause of 'death to malays and their institutions', his beef, as is mine, is only on the unnecessary and misleading advert published. There,
"I am certain that there are exceptional UiTM students out there who have achieved great success with the careers. I'm also not disputing the fact that UiTM is providing greater opportunities for many bumiputera students to obtain their degrees."

now Anonymous Aug 14, 03:04:27 PM, stop getting your knickers in a twist. Now on with constructive suggestions and comments everyone...and you racist morons out there need to be locked up, i see no other way.

Anonymous said...

We are not anti Malays or being racists here. We are putting the straight facts..the honest truth..whether one like to admit it or not.

In general, UITM is very questionable of its status as world class university or for the matter if its first class university in Malaysia.

Uitm or for the matter any other universities in Malaysia are academic institutions. To justify their existence, quality or academic ratings must be supported by the burden of proof. The proof is in the quality of research and papers published in international journals of repute.

If Uitm can justify these, then we will all salute and kow tow and say...Hail thee UITM! You are indeed the best or a world class university!

Can UITM prove this?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I doubt they would allow that, cos the bumi students would be so corot if the non malays joined.
Then UITM would be KAMPONG CLASS and cannot claim WORLD CLASS
Thu Jun 22, 09:37:57 AM

*you are damn arrogant.you think that you are so great.imbecile.
-muhd. azmir-

Anonymous said...

mohd azmir is definitely a UITM student,,why get emotional? Let the facts decide!
You shd address the problem of low standard in UITM with yr VC, UMNO or who ever you wish....hehe
The one who is the super imbeccile here is YOU.... for failing to realize yr own ignorance and prefering to be contented under the 'tempurung'

Anonymous said...

ha ha you are definitely wrong!i have nothing to do with uitm and i wasn't defending it for trying to be world class or what so ever.I wanted to point out that no matter how good you are,you SHOULD NOT be boastful and humiliate other people blatantly.Does your religion encourage you to do so?yes or no?
-muhd. azmir-

Anonymous said...

Why did the author turn this thing into be a big issue? Does he know that those crap universities in UK/Aust also make stupid jokes about themselves?
How ironic...

Tabula Rasa said...


Orang Cina tak tahu bersyukur. Mereka dapat hidup damai di Malaysia pun dah dikira satu rahmat. Kalau Kerajaan buang orang Cina keluar, baru padan muka. Kalau tak suka dengan apa yang berlaku di Malaysia, keluar sajalah. Pergilah merempat di negara orang lain. Orang Melayu sudah banyak berkorban semata-mata untuk memenuhi kehendak orang Cina. Tapi orang Cina langsung tak tahu nak berkorban. Hargailah apa yang ada hari ini dan berterima kasihlah pada kerajaan yang telah banyak berkompromi. Jangan hina UiTM, sebab UTAR pun bukannya elok sangat. Lim Kok Wing tu lagilah buruk perangai!! Biar saya dedah rahsia ni. Dulu Lim Kok Wing pernah cuba sogok pensyarah-pensyarah UiTM yang mengajar Art&Design untuk bekerja di universitinya. Lim Kok Wing tahu pensyarah2 UiTM ni ada kualiti, maka dia cuba nak 'beli' mereka. Pergi jahanamlah dengan orang Cina! Mereka hina UiTM tetapi mereka sendiri yang tarik pensyarah2 UiTM keluar bekerja dengan mereka.

Maybe it's out of topic, but just want to say something:
1. Orang cina bayar banyak cukai, dah berkorban juga.
2. Orang cina menerima hak istimewa melayu, dah berkorban juga.
3. Banyak orang cina tak menunggu kerajaan buang mereka, dah voted with their feet dan blah ke tempat lain.


Anonymous said...

Kalau dah menerima hak istimewa orang Melayu, kenapa masih mempersoalkannya? Bahlul!

Anonymous said...

Hey Merdeitis,

Ko tu dok kat Malaysia lagi ke skarang ni? Blah la cepat2.

Anonymous said...

Malays are very sensitive, emotional! Bila tak bolih argue atau jawap dgn facts, terus suruh org berambus dari negeri ini. Why dont you owned up? Cuba blajar kuat2 dan jgn nak melenting bila tak bolih jawap. Hilang respek bila baca jawapan mcm tu....hehe
Sampai bila nak kuar dari bawah tempurung tu? There is a real world out there...
Learn to grow up...and work hard...

Anonymous said...

Orang Cina pun kena belajar respect hak2 Melayu. JANGAN kritik UiTM, jaga UTAR tu elok2 dulu.

Anonymous said...

Dear adik merdeitis,
Please don’t generalize when making a statement;I can also say that the Chinese are very insolent based on what they have commented above but I refrained myself from doing so.work hard n 'keluar dari tempurung/kepompong' are some of the fine points that you've higlighted though.wasalam.

Anonymous said...

What UITM is good are only in the following fields:
1 Producing singers in the like of Ning Baizura, Sheila Majid, Ito of Blues Brothers
2 Candidates to become consorts or queens
3 Mount Everest climbers and Artic pole walkers
4 UMNO politicians such as Ibrahim Ali
5 UM most lousiest VC in the form of Bill Board Hashim
6 CEOs of poorly performing GLC such as ..tan sri salleh sulong?

nothing more than that....

Anonymous said...

well it's just funny seeing some of the posts such as "kalau dah menerima hak istimewa melayu, buat apa soalkan"..
is there anything to be proud of all these "hak istimewa melayu"? if you think you can live up to the world standards, the first thing you should do is get away of the "hak istimewa", if you can live as good as you are without them, i will then salute you..
anyway, this would be a never ending arguments, the situation will not change as long as the bumis have their special rights which is actually bullshit, ok i understand that might be needed when during the 50s or 60s, but hello, at this 21st century, if you still cant live without those special rights, then no point talking about being world class as you are probably no where near there in anytime soon

Anonymous said...

As Mahathir and UMNO used to say..."perjuangan kita masih belum habis...!"
So bumi rights will stay on ad infinatum


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kalau bila gaduh2 sikit suruh orang cina balik china, orang india balik India, orang melayu balik Indonesia.....

orang asli byk suka kerana hanya mereka tinggal di Malaysia...

Anonymous said...

isn't malaysia a part of gugusan kepulauan melayu?why should they(malays) go to indonesia?
-muhd. azmir-

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


"Orang Cina tak tahu bersyukur. Mereka dapat hidup damai di Malaysia pun dah dikira satu rahmat. Kalau Kerajaan buang orang Cina keluar, baru padan muka. Kalau tak suka dengan apa yang berlaku di Malaysia, keluar sajalah. Pergilah merempat di negara orang lain. Orang Melayu sudah banyak berkorban semata-mata untuk memenuhi kehendak orang Cina. Tapi orang Cina langsung tak tahu nak berkorban. Hargailah apa yang ada hari ini dan berterima kasihlah pada kerajaan yang telah banyak berkompromi. Jangan hina UiTM, sebab UTAR pun bukannya elok sangat. Lim Kok Wing tu lagilah buruk perangai!! Biar saya dedah rahsia ni. Dulu Lim Kok Wing pernah cuba sogok pensyarah-pensyarah UiTM yang mengajar Art&Design untuk bekerja di universitinya. Lim Kok Wing tahu pensyarah2 UiTM ni ada kualiti, maka dia cuba nak 'beli' mereka. Pergi jahanamlah dengan orang Cina! Mereka hina UiTM tetapi mereka sendiri yang tarik pensyarah2 UiTM keluar bekerja dengan mereka."

"I don't really know what u guys r really mad about but if u think ur so so brilliant, why r u still living in M'sia then? Just leave M'sia and live somewhere else. It's good enough that the Government doesn't chuck u out to u main land. Feel happy and proud to live here, be supportive and think positive. Mind u, if u live in the United Kingdom (UK) then u'll know how scary to live there. There are racism every where round, u even get scared to close ur eyes at night. They hate colored people like us. Even u Chinese are quite white themself but still some gets stab to death. So sit down and think for a second and wonder, we are leaving in a peaceful country. There's no reason for u guys to comments on Universities in M'sia and how the Government manage our country. Each have their own standards and class. We are all world class people no matter what race. U don't have to be Europeans or the Americans to be world class..Just look in a mirror and u'll see one! Think about it."

Actually I did not plan to comment.. but I cant help it as my blood is boiling! If my family blah, at least 400 Malays will go unemployed. If Lim Goh Tong blah, 50000 or more Malays go unemployed. Dont tell us to blah, we contribute alot to the country despite all the discrimination (admit it!!). We are Malaysians. Many of the comments here are true and based on facts. If u get angry because of racist comments "UKM - University Kaum Melayu"... its okay. But if u get pissed about ppl critisizing your beloved uni for boasting and bragging about non-existent features, then its not acceptable.

Also... please dont tell us that we are not being constructive here because we merely condemn and not finding solutions. You know what it means when you say this? It means you are saying "Dont tell us whats wrong, tell us how to solve the problem!!" See the problem in this statement? WE ARE NOT THE STAFF OF THE UNI, WE ARE DOING YOU A FAVOUR BY JUST HIGHLIGHTING WHAT WE THINK IS WRONG WITH YOU!! and we are doing it for free!! In fact, my uni in Australia ask everyone for feedback on their teaching. I think most successful unis do that.. thats the way they improve themselves isnt it?? It is sad that some Malays (I assume, correct me if I am wrong) yell at us for giving constructive critics. yup.. very sad. Change your mindset!!


" Kalau dah menerima hak istimewa orang Melayu, kenapa masih mempersoalkannya? Bahlul!"

Did Merdeitis 'mempersoalkan'. Merdeitis merely stated a fact (Quote: "Orang cina menerima hak istimewa melayu, dah berkorban juga."). Since when stating facts become unexceptable, I dont understand. Merdeitis wasnt asking for it to be removed of anything! Don't misunderstand me... I totally think that Malay Rights are essential for peace and order in Malaysia... else we become like Indonesia already - economy imbalance.

Anonymous said...


"no wonder the government look down upon u chinese.i am government official and i already highlighted this blog to the my deparment(JPM to be precise).

all of your comments will be taken into consideration.

well..pity chinese in malaysia.once a migrator, always a migrator.(kalau dah pendatang, sampai bila-bila pendatang).

UTAR will end its life line one day....just wait and see. you guy's comment about UITM is very rude and i will being rude to u guys in return."

Is this a threat or are u expecting us to be scared or something? I dont get it! Actually as I read through the blog and all its comments, I was thinking like 'hmm.. wouldn't it be great if the VC of UITM or some gov official would find its way to this blog to read all the critics, perhaps he can then can learn to boast less." And here u are telling me that you have told your boss about this. Well.. I have to thank you for that!

You mean that the government actually looks down upon us?? Many of us vote for the government though. It would be really disappointing if they look down upon us. Please do not speak on your boss' behalf if u are a puny clerk in the government because he may not be very happy with you, you are a disgrace to the government.

"Once a migrator" I can understand... but "Always a migrator"???...... who is being racist now? What we say are based on facts... what u said was based on your personal emotion. UITM is boasting too much. The 'migrators' pays most of the tax. The 'migrators' creates most of the employment. These are facts. Despite your special rights and 50 years time, you still cannot catch up with the 'migrators'. This is also a sad fact. Before you want to jaga your pride and SAY you wanna shoo us out... imagine the economic pie of Malaysia suddenly shrink by 50% or perhaps more because thats approx the economy share of orang Cina. Many of us will do fine... many of us got residency status elsewhere... don't worry about us. Worry about yourselves.

Our comments are rude? What can we do when bringing forward the facts require us to sound rude?

You WILL be rude to us? What can be ruder than telling us to berambus from the place we grew up in and hold valid citizenship? Very sad that this came from a government official.

Anonymous said...

I fully support you anon Sept07,1.46

You have said exactly all these while wat I wanted to say!
These jokers simply cannot take constructive criticisms.
Its acknowledgeable, where the Chinese go they bring economy.
Its a fact that they are hard working and industrious.
Troble is the other group is too sensitive and cannot accept clear facts.
Congrats! Again!
Would love to hear your rational and non rational comments here in the future

Anonymous said...

Our comments are rude? What can we do when bringing forward the facts require us to sound rude?

//this is so untrue.you always have the choice of either to sound rude or not when giving your opinion :)

ie. cos the bumi students would be so corot if the non malays joined.(which is obviously rude)

could be changed to--->

the addition of non-bumis would lead to healthy competition and increase the overall standard(does't it sound better?)

probably tony could learn something from this too.think about it.

-muhd. azmir-

Anonymous said...

so...i can see that dis blog is...HOTTT...

-ipta student-

Anonymous said...

A rose is a rose, no matter what names you called it...

If it is no standard, it is still no standard, whether you want to admit or deny it.

Polite or not in the approach does not make any difference.

Anonymous said...

baiklah SI BIADAP..as u wish :)
-muhd. azmir-

Anonymous said...

Hello muhd. azmir,


"probably tony could learn something from this too."

What exactly can Tony learn from your comment? He was rude? Sorry but not to me. You just don't get it! He may have poked fun at the VC... so what? He deserves it man, for making up things out of thin air! We Malaysians are just a small part of the world's population. We poke fun or we don't does not really matter. It’s what the rest of the world thinks that matters.

(True story) I had the opportunity to be an audience of a speech given by a Malaysian government official in a foreign university. It is obvious that the education system there is much better than that of Malaysia... and yet he started to boast as if Malaysia is a better education hub and so on. I was so embarrassed that my face turned from red to purple. The university staff present at that event must be laughing so hard inside!! So sad man.

The point is that the UITM VC embarrassed not only himself, but also the country as a whole. From what I see, Tony was just writing down what other people in the world might be thinking after reading that pathetic UITM advertisement. Even if he did not write it down, people will STILL think that way, STILL laugh about it over lunch, STILL make jokes about it, and STILL curse/make-fun of him for making a fool of himself and Malaysians in a national newspaper. The 'people' I was talking about are the people from all over the world, not just the few of us who comment here.

It is my opinion that perhaps it’s easier to change the VC's attitude alone than to alter the rudeness level of every single person in this world, because really, it seems that that is what you are attempting to do.

Black mojo, I was merely stating the obvious :)

Anonymous said...

UITM world class????
He! He! He! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE! HE!

Kasi gua gelak sampai nak mati!
Tarak masuk akal punya komen!

Anonymous said...

It is sad to me to notice this blogger today..but i do care to give some comments

As an ex student of UiTM.. all of this comments inspired me to be much better person ...and to compete with other races.

Anyway... UiTM not that bad afterall...
To Bangsa Melayu....teruskan perjuangan kita untuk majukan diri kiter melebihi bangsa Cina ni..
Kuasai ekonomi negara kita ni balik.... kurangkan bercakap dan melayan kerenah 22 mereka ni. Kuat bekerja dan bijak dalam setiap tindakan.

To Chinese...I am now working with Chinese company. Well u all can be proud of that.
But u said about discrimination... u all know better that us.Is is different how u people " layan" us malay and how u people layan u punyer bangsa..
So.... apa yang terhirisnyer hati u all ni....??

Pilihlah... berpijak di bumi yang nyata...bertoleransi lah...jaga tutur kata...

After all, whose get benefits from all these stupid arguments??????

Anonymous said...

My God!
The English written by the above anon ( Sun Sep17)is really atrocious! Did UITM taught him such poor English?

Anonymous said...


I baru tahu pasal blogger ni..

Sangat Panas , sesuai untuk bangsa Cina meluahkan rasa ketidakpuasan hati mereka...

Kasihan.. kawan yang diperlekehkan oleh si anon (mon se 18).Tapi I bersemangat bila membaca tulisannya itu.

Pada i memang tak patut suruh orang cina ni balik ke China...Negara China pun tak sudi terima balik mereka ni semua..Pun tak perlulah rasa bangga sangat dengan Singapura yang berjaya memastikan orang melayu dan dll bangsa kecil kat sana hidup tak bersatu.. sebabnya Singapura Cina pun pandang rendah pada Cina Malaysia.Kesimpulannya ... Cina Malaysia tak ada pilihan selain terpaksa memaksa diri kalian hidup kat Malaysia ini..

Kalau kalian rasa tak puas hati dengan keistimewaan yang dibagi kepada orang melayu terutamanya kerana ada universiti untuk orang melayu....kalian memang lah jenis busuk hati... jenis hati berkarat...

Kalian yang bercakap besar .. memang tau bekerja kuat ... boleh bangga sangat dengan kebolehan kalian menguasai ekonomi...tapi tak semuanya nya yang berjaya dan jadi hebat..

Tu... yang bersepah jadi along...
yang kuat berjudi.. pagi petang siang malam... yang duduk kat rumah pelacuran tu... tu banyak bangsa cina...

Jadi dari sibuk nak dengki orang melayu... ni.. baik kalian ...terutama Encik Tony yang budiman tu.. tolong selamatkan bangsa u sendiri..

Kalau kalian fikir kalian hebat apa yang kalian takut sangat dengan orang Melayu...

Malaysia sekarang sebelum namanya ditukar jadi Malaysia.. namanya Tanah Melayu... :)agaknya Encik Tony belajar Sejarah tak???

Dah nama pun Tanah Melayu...jadi memang hak orang Melayu...

British tak bawak orang Cina dan India ke Tanah Melayu kerana orang Melayu malas...tapi kerana Orang Melayu perlu dijadikan tuan pada tanah nya sendiri...(untuk kepentingan British)dan Cina & India ini dibawa kemari...samada kena tipu oleh sindiket mencari pekerjaan di negara China masa tu...(bangsa cina jugak yang menipu bangsa sendiri tu)atau memang terpaksa merantau .. sebab mencari sesuap nasi..

Orang Melayu banyak yang berjaya. Tapi kami ini tak lah daif sangat sampai perlu wujudkan blogger murahan sebegini.

Sekian .. teruskan lah usaha murni Encik Tony ini..

Kami orang Melayu amat menghargai kerana dari sini kami tahu... apa pandangan bangsa cina pada Melayu..

Hidup Melayu.....

Anonymous said...

Can't you speak in English? This is an English blog! If you want to put your arguments forward do it in the proper way and not 'cry' like a small boy over some spilt porridge!
Give us facts! Argue your points out in clear and logical manner and perhaps we RESPECT you.
Stop crying like a small baby!
And please read your own history books properly and not according to what you personally interpret!
I can bet you Mr Tony P and Kian Ming are very educated which I doubt you are.
Argue out logically ok? There are a lot of intelligent bloggers here who have very high academic qualifications here. This is not a blog about Mawi or Akademi Fantasia, nor is it Party Cit Chat by Azwan

Anonymous said...

Ehh, if we talk too much, will ISA catch us? I am afraid to talk...U guys know where to find info about what can be said and what cant be said in blogs or not?

Anonymous said...

UiTM is a highly sensitive issue for Malays because they know that UiTM plays a big role in ensuring that they have a fighting chance to survive in the real world. As a student of UiTM, I am sad by being called as "katak bawah tempurung" but I can deal with that but for having someone, calling my VS as "katak", it is unacceptable because he is like a father to me.So, I urge everyone, I MEAN everyone to stop calling him that. What would you feel if someone calls your father or mother, "katak,monkey" etc?
Like any other universities, UiTM faces its own challenges. One is, being perceived as "weak,idiot" just because our back-bone is the govt and our students are all-bumi's.Two, UiTM is a low-standard university. All these lead to the "world class" campaign. The campaign meant to boost the bumi's confidence that they are as good as people out there. To show that we can be competitive if we work hard enough. By simply declaring ourselves as the "world class" students is not enough BUT EVERYTHING NEEDS TIME.That is our mission and that is our goal and we are completely behind our beloved VC's vision.For those out there who maybe sceptical of our intention of becoming "world class" university, give us a benefit of a doubt and for all the chinese, "WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY" is not a war against all of you, but you have to realise that Malays are the majority of the country. If we don't do something to help them(Malays),the country will go down with them. Why? You might own the biggest company but the success of the company depends on the people behind it. Let say only 25% chinese work in that company and 75% malays. What happened if that 75% malays are not well-educated and are not reliable,you think that the company will success? This is Malaysia.We work together as a team,like it or not, Malays have to work together with the Chinese and vise versa.Do you think that we can keep our prosperity and freedom if we keep fighting each other?Think about it.


Anonymous said...

whether uitm is a world class university or not...i can't be the judge of that.

however, what truly makes a university great is its students. productive and intellectual students plus a good and dedicated teaching force make a great university. let us not debate on the weakness of local institutions, rather let us ponder on how to make our local institutions on par with famous universities such as harvard,oxford, cambridge..just to name a few.

one factor i noticed is that our(malaysians in general) level of english is atrocious. most malaysians speak (no offence)"rojak" or malay+english. action or steps should be taken to ensure that malaysians practise proper english.

anyway,i managed to gain entry into 2 top notch universities (Uni of Nottingham & Monash U), but sadly i had to decline due to insufficient funds.i now am a student at a local U (not uitm, by the way), and eventhough there are some downsides, i am happy just to be able to continue my studies. the main thing/point here is to continue one's study rather than not further ones's study at all.

-Raja Melayu-

Anonymous said...

u wanna know how most malaysians talk? read below:

(Scene 1)
A: wei brader? wassup meng?
B: I is fine. u camne?
A: aku maintain je.
B: woah, besla mawi tu.
A: mawi world!!!!
B: wah, ko speaking eh!
A: biasaler, i terrer...
B: ceh, perasan..flying kick kang!

(Scene 2)
C: how r u mah?
D: ayoyo...i am fine my friend.
C: u oledi makan ah?
D: Nochet (not yet)
C: lets go makan together-gether.
D: camon baby...!

bla....bla..bla...bm low yah..bi also low yah...

get the picture?

Anonymous said...

what the heck is wrong with all of you ppl? why are we all discriminating about one another? where is our national unity...malay, chinese, indian, and so forth..we should all be united..just because of an issue like uitm, we have to fight like cats and dogs...shame on all of you! don't you people even know why the purpose of the rukun negara was created for?

it was created to bring national harmony among all races in malaysia. to be united under one flag..as one nation.

Ponder upon this..."orang malaysia bergaduh-gaduhan, orang asing mentertawa-tawakan.(maybe my bm is wrong, but u should know what it means.

Fikirlah baik2 sebelum segalanya hilang.

~Sad Patriot~

Anonymous said...

Read....REVOLUSI MENTAL...Eds Senu Rahman

p/s mmg semua dah hilang pun..

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

why do u wanna fight fight,
make noise some more,
make the blood go up,
c'monlah we're malaysian man,
c'monlah together-gether mah,

how to go far if we fight-fight,
make noise some more,
make the blood go up,
c'monlah we're malaysian man,
c'monlah together-gether mah,

Anonymous said...

Try to listen,understand and appreciate Beatles John Lennon's song " Imagine" and perhaps we could all be happy..

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents worth:

Globalisation: Equality.

Inequality and discrimination: Economic pie getting smaller, inefficiency occur, not ready for globalisation, Vision 2020 becomes impossible.

My grandparents, parents and I was bornt here. We pay taxes. We contribute to the Country's development. I don't understand why we were treated as Second-class Citizen. We tolerate, but did NEP achive its mission? That's the question. The authorities are slacking. What we got now? Rich Malays getting richer, the real income of the poors getting lesser. We tolerate in order to fill up the gap between the rich and the poors, but not inefficient Government's policies.

'Tuan Rumah halau tetamu'? That's possible albeit irrational. What are the impacts on Malaysia's economy when that happens? The FDI? Other countries would condemn Malaysia like the ways we condemn other countries too. M.M. Lee K.Y and other leaders will make more so-called 'naughty' statements. I don't have to worry. I can survive anywhere provided I'm hardworking, it's globalisation.

Malaysians are living together peacefully, but separately. The inter-racial relationship? Sadly, more fragile than what I've expected. If we want to eradicate poverty, lets do it colour blindly. Poverty strikes non-Malays too.

'Malaysians for Peace'

-Daniel Ong.

Anonymous said...

My grandparents, parents and I were* bornt here.

Anonymous said...

Let us assume the following scenario:

A certain country where there are no influx of Chinese.
How will the country be?

The Chinese are known for their entrepreneurship, hardworking, business minded.
Every where they go, they bring and spawn business, They open up new and potential economic ventures which in turn fuel the development of any country.

If an i ndegineous country is not injected with chinese migrants chances are it will still be like Papua New Guinea today or as in Africa..

Anonymous said...

Well, I totally agree it was a total waste in advertising a self-congratulatory message. That seems to be the current trend of unievrsities. It is a sad fact that people governing Malaysian universities are usually due to other reasons than intellectual capability and creativity.

What caught my eye in the multitude of messages was "If MMU is like this I wonder what did they teach in those IPTA" by an apparent coward who goes by the plain name of anonymous.

Please don't forget that one can easily enter MMU with money. When I choose to pursue STPM instead of having my parents pay for MMU education, I received some negative reactions from my relatives.

However, since stepping into USM,I have no regrets. I have represented USM for a state debating competition, held a assistant secretary post for a club, free-lanced for a local newspaper (an opportunity given by a BUMI lecturer) and now I'm overseas on a fully-sponsored student exchange program (No, I am not a BUMI. I'm usually stigmatized as a "banana" in the Chinese community. Hmph...so much for racial harmony in Malaysia.). I'm not the best student from my faculty (never been on USM's dean's list meaning that my CGPA has never touched 3.5) but I have a small will to compete and continue to challenge myself.

In conclusion, it is not how much you learnt but applying what you have learnt. Knowledge taught anywhere is only useful if you know how to use it. I also wish to highlight a common sense in education. You further your studies in another institution to learn what you have not learnt. If you want to revise on what you have learnt, you can do it in your room or the library.

Just to add, the lecturers from my faculty don't give As that easily. From what I remembered, during my first semester, about 20 students were on the dean's list. However, the following semester,as the students didn't took much courses from other USM faculties, the number dwindled drastic handful (can't remember the exact number but it was definitely less than 10). My faculty has about 200 over students annually. So, to all who love to give comments, I think you'll appear more intellectual if you refrain from making sweeping generalizations. I wondered if anyone noticed anything tacit in my post.

Anonymous said...

Haiya...no more fight here! No fun!

Anonymous said...

UiTM might be the only university with that world class title...so what?
Aren't we as Malaysian supposed to be proud to the fact that there's an institution in our country that is not only seek in giving great opportunities to the bumiputeras but also in poducing excellent worker...
Why is that people always see uitm as an institution that only produce small amount of quality graduates.....
The truth is simply that UITM is not only producing holistic individuals but also cater bumiputeras need in getting the appropreate education....

Anonymous said...

to the writer and apek2 yang berhasad dengki dengan melayu,
1)baca Utusan melayu today and you will know that the advert were paid by the alumni and contributors.Banyak bekas2 mahasiswa UiTM yang berjaya dan kaya yang menyumbang.So the writers accusation of UiTM spending RM50000 per advert is malicious.THE WRITER IF HE HAS GOT ANY HONOUR AND PROFESSIONAL INTEGRITY,MUST APOLOGISE TO UiTM.

2)the utusan also gave a biodata od dr kamarul rashdan,an alumni that is successful in a UK firm.Mind you he is not the only one.

3)Like dr kamarul,thousands of UiTM graduates proceed to do their masters and phd's overseas,surely if thay are not good they would not pass from the overseas uni would they?

kepada cina2 di blog ini,sila ingat perpatah melayu 'kerana mulut badan binasa'

Anonymous said...

wah! Now ok back again!!!

Fight, fight fight...
Make this blog very popular! Whole malaysia and world reading it

Anonymous said...

To the writer ... Tony P a.k.a. Oxford PPE Grad a.k.a. CEO of public listed IT company

Based on your background as the so called "CEO of an IT company" (IT huh? merely just a support functional group in all the major firms, nothing big or special to be proud of. smart bosses will utilize/manipulate you all the IT guys, business wise better keep them off the line ... disaster heh heh) and PPE Grad from Oxford, I understand very well how mediocre@poorly your knowledge on the standard, importance & releveance of ISO9001:2000 to the industry. In fact I'm starting to wonder how the hell Oxford PPE grad ended-up in IT firm as CEO ... using Fibre-Optic PPE Cable in JPM kah ... heh heh.

Anyway ... I can ellaborate my points further if I want to, just don't feel like it lah. Such a waste of time. You're just not up to it, makes me tickle ... what a joker you are. Who the hell do you think you are, some sort of a genius? No wonder you're so free to come with such a lousy article lah, quoting immaterial & misleading example. Are you one of those jokers on the LRQA websites few years back, I guess you are one of them lah ... what? cannot survive with your stupid idea there end up selling your worn cheap engine oil here kah? Don't think malaysian (esp the malays) as dumb & stupid as you think they are, otherwise petronas will not be the most profitable company in the world nowadays.

Adios joker ... you're not welcomed in UK ... you're even not welcome here.

Anonymous said...

As much as freedom of speech is concerned, comments are often a person's personal opinion and does not neccesarily reflect a certain race or certain party's opinion.

Anonymous said...

..but comments here show that there are quite a number of idiots in Malaysia, who can't appreciate freedom of speech

Anonymous said...

totally agree with anon above. some here are really idiots who cannot appreciate freedom of speech. They get very emotional and start exhibiting their inability to use theit brain..

Anonymous said...

hey every1!
after reading all ur comments, i finally realized something that is really obvious. this blogger (who is a chinese) n his counterparts (mostly chinese) r always never satisfied with d effort put by d government in enhancing d quality of education in our country. be it UiTM or any other public universities. they will always give unconstructive comments to give our a government a bad name. 'it's as if they r right all d time!'.

1 of d comments that i'd like 2 touch on is about (UKM=univ kaum melayu). it's glad 2 c that u realized how great universiti kaum melayu is due 2 d fact that it's included in 2006's top 200 university rankings!aren't u proud of it? what happened 2 ur 'chinese' university (UTAR)? it doesnt even have a breath 2 live on.

next, some1 said that malays will b 'corot' if chinese are enrolled in UiTM. hey, i studied in a public university (ukm) n i know how these chinese scored! 1st, they get notes n tutorials from their seniors. then, whenever d quiz is held by d lecturer, they simply copy d one that they got from the seniors. even during mid-sem test, they would discuss with each other in their own mother-tongue! it's really hard 2 trace down all these craps.while for malay students, they struggle on their own. what chinese students practice in my univ (n other universities as well) is called 'cheating'. so, i never respect ppl with this kind of attitude. they're totally craps! TQ

Anonymous said...

Let me give you some comments. I am gradute from UKM too.

"1 of d comments that i'd like 2 touch on is about (UKM=univ kaum melayu). it's glad 2 c that u realized how great universiti kaum melayu is due 2 d fact that it's included in 2006's top 200 university rankings!aren't u proud of it? what happened 2 ur 'chinese' university (UTAR)? it doesnt even have a breath 2 live on."

ANSWER: I am surprise of the acheivement of UKM recently which can be listed in World Top 200 Universities. One more thing, it seem that you do not know how to make proper comparison. Do you think it is fair to UKM (50 years) and UTAR (5 years)? You are comparing apple and orange. Haha! A very good comparison is UM (192) and NUS (19), both celebrates 100 anniversary.

" Next, some1 said that malays will b 'corot' if chinese are enrolled in UiTM. hey, i studied in a public university (ukm) n i know how these chinese scored! 1st, they get notes n tutorials from their seniors. then, whenever d quiz is held by d lecturer, they simply copy d one that they got from the seniors. even during mid-sem test, they would discuss with each other in their own mother-tongue! it's really hard 2 trace down all these craps.while for malay students, they struggle on their own. what chinese students practice in my univ (n other universities as well) is called 'cheating'. so, i never respect ppl with this kind of attitude. they're totally craps!"

ANSWER: This is not cheating. We must have strategies in order to achieve success, in every aspect of life. Refering to previous tutorial or lecture note is nothing wrong. The lecturer should know the current technologies and update the latest knowledge to students. If the lecturer keep on using the same lecture note or quiz for few years, and yet the student know the answer of quiz, who should be blamed?

If you have time, you should travelling more outside Malaysia, and finally you will know "Malaysia Boleh ? ".

Anonymous said...

Well well well ... the so called "Tony P a.k.a. Oxford PPE Grad a.k.a. CEO of public listed IT company" ... and his loyal supporters

You want freedom of speech, then get yourselves ready to accept critics & comments on whatever crap or cheapskate stuffs you're trying to get the readers to buy-in. Only a dumbass with limited knowledge on the industry would dare to say that such a credible certification body like LRQA is irrelevant, what a BIG JOKE!!! Or is it because your thoughts@ideas@proposal were intellectually denied@instantaneously dumped by those LRQAs' assessors previously due to its irrelevance to their exceptional standard or was it your failure or brain-damaged critical thinking process halting you from becoming one of the chosen talents?

I know very well how those people from the west or those graduated from the west like to brag@exaggerate@make a mountain out of a molehill a lot when the actual fact ... they're just another empty cans.

Now ... I really wonder if you're what you claim you are ... the so called "Tony P a.k.a. Oxford PPE Grad a.k.a. CEO of public listed IT company" ... or is it just another son of a rich Chinese Tan Sri or Datuk businessman ... using his papa's high level Fibre-Optic Cable up there

Anonymous said...

TO anon above,
Since you know so much about Tony P, can you tell us in full sincerity your CV so that we can judge you?
From yr discussions above u sound like a pile of poops!

Anonymous said...

Should we be surprised that UiTM is a self-declared world-class university? After all, its main campus is in Selangor, a self-declared developed state. Talk about jokes...

Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Raya to all UITM students and academic staff

publicma said...


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum and hello,

My name is Khairul Idzwan from Kamarudzaman and I'm staying in Shah Alam. I am currently a UiTM Shah Alam campus student. I just finished my pre-degree in law programme recently and by next semester I am going to pursue for my Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons) for 3 years and LLB. (Hons) for 1 year.

I am a natural Malaysian, not supporting neither race, Malays or Chinese eventhough I am a Malay. By the way, I am 19 years old. About the issue of UiTM, some of the issues are true while some are not. As a student of UiTM itself, i've experienced the condition of the university.

As a UiTM student, my friends and I are also questioning our lecturers on how on earth UiTM claimed itself as a world-class university. Yes, we asked the question to our lecturers, either Malays, Indians, or Chinese lecturers. This is due to the fact that there are some lackness, such as the condition of our hostels; especially the one outside the campus, the road conditions, the bus service and other facilities. Yes, it is true that some facilities in other universities such as UTAR are better, but one has to remember that the building of the university is aged while other universities with state-of-the-art facilities are newly build.

As a student, we are also disagree with the decision to increase the enrollment of the students from 100 000 currently to 200 000 by 2010. One has to remember, quantity does not reflects quality. Maybe the intention of the government is good, to improve the socio-economic state of the Bumiputras and the Malays especially, but again, does quantity improves quality??? The answer is surely not. Even our lecturers disagree with this. Actually, this is a result when education is mixed with politics. UiTM as university should not be mixed with politics.

And about monoethnic university, I disagree with that statement. This is because, UiTM has students from various ethnics. There are also many students from overseas as they are everywhere within the campus when I walked to class. So, this shows that there are also international students in UiTM. Even Chinese are also here. Remember, Chinese in Sabah are Bumiputras, so they are here. They speak Chinese. So, no need to argue about that. If you want to enter UiTM, just 'pindah' to Sbah.

One more thing is about the level of education. Who says UiTM benchmark is low? I got 7A's in SPM and I chose to enter this university. And all my classmates score more than 5A's in their SPM. So, what's wrong with that? Low standard, I don't think so.

Honestly, my father wants to send me to Taylor's to do A-Levels before continue my study in 2+1 programme at University of Reading, UK. But I tell my dad that I want to do my law degree in UiTM as I believe in its ability. Seriously to get 4.0 for our CGPA is not an easy task. I study hardly last semester but I only manage to get 3.50. Even worst, my friend studied until he get ill, but he only got 2.3 for his CGPA. So, please don't talk about quality lackness when you are talking about UiTM. After all, our medium of teaching and instructions are in English. So, don't 'pandai-pandai kata UiTM cakap Bahasa Melayu ok?!'

Lastly, every university, every race has their own advantages and disadvantages. This make us, Malaysians, different from other countries. Let us be a harmony Bangsa Malaysia and forget about Melayu, Cina, India, Dusun, Kadazan, whatsoever. Bersyukur-lah we got to live in Malaysia with all the differences. If you stay in other countries and you are a Malay, don't ever think you can eat yong tau fu everyday, or nasi lemak for chinese and indians, or tosai and capati, for chinese and malays.

Think about it. Love our country. Love our universities.

All universities are good. Don't talk bad things about any universities in Malaysia as it is our universities, Malaysian Univerisities.

Proud with our own universities.

p/s: UiTM global aspiration has been changed for your info... 'to become a world-class university by 2020...'

so, give uitm and other universities a chance to improve theirselves...ok?


Anonymous said...

poor english!
isk! isk! isk!

Anonymous said...

uitm pre law four flatters enter um law fac.......end up on average with c grades...
he he he

wats your comment on that?

Golf Afflicted said...

Hi Khairul Idzwan,

Thank you very much for your comments. I believe they are sincere and it's much appreciated.

Just a few comments in response:

1. UiTM barring rare exceptions, is a mono-ethnic university. The previous Minister of Higher Education himself have pledged that there will never be a non-bumiputera setting foot into UiTM.

2. Congratulations on your good results for your SPM. Low entry standards, however, doesn't mean that all students are of low standards. Low entry standards means that the bar is set very low such that much weaker students can also gain entry. Yes, your friends got 5As as well. But are you in the top 10% percentile? What about the bottom 10%?

3. I love Bangsa Malaysia too. And I really love Malaysia. And that why I choose to set up a blog to discuss education in this country. Highlight areas that are clearly wrong. Offer suggestions in aspects of policy which can be better. And even praise policies and actions by the authorities which will really benefit the education system.

So, let's work towards a better education system for Bangsa Malaysia, and a better Malaysia for all.

Tony P

Anonymous said...

To both Anon Thu Nov 23, 06:42:35 PM and Anon Thu Nov 23, 06:40:08 PM.

At least Khairul speaks out. What about both of you?

To anon Thu Nov 23, 06:42:35. Are u from UM Law Fac? If you are check you facts. We lawyers talks with authorities and evidences. No presumption and hearsay as both are inadmisible.

Anonymous said...

to anon thu nov23, 6.40 p.m...

sorry for my poor english but it is due to the fact that yesterday i was running out of time... i wrote my comment in a rush. So, please do not under estimate me.

to anon thu nov23, 6.42 pm...

just to correct you... NON of the uitm pre-law students entered um law fac. just in case you do not know about law programmes offered in uitm, those who entered um are from asasi programme. that is not a programme under the authority of uitm..it is under the MOHE... there (the asasi students) are never considered as uitm students as they learned law in uitm but then they will be transferred to any universities offering law.

so, if asasi 4 flatters enter um law fac and they ended up with c gred, let them be. we, as pre-law students never be friend with them as normally the asasians think that they are better than us, 'pre-lawian'...

btw, if there are asasi students who get c gred, can i know what is the percentage? from all the asasi students who entered um, how many of them who ended up with a c gred? please, my lecturer always tell me and my classmates, never talk based on assumptions but talk based on facts!

to Tony,

I appreciate what you are doing. It is good to see Malaysians voiced up their opinions to correct any wrong doing of the government. Honestly, I like what you are doing as it will lead to a better Malaysians and better Malaysia.

btw Tony, as a student in uitm itself, I would like actually to see all races study together here. Besides to produce competent graduates, it can also reduced prejudice between us, Malays, Chinese and Indians as well as Sabahans and Sarawakians. Am I right? We are too prejudice. We always think that other races are bad but our own race is the best. That is why it is good to have all ethnics mixed together in all education center. And I actually opposed all types of single-race education center including Tamil and Chinese vernacular school. To reduce prejudice and have a unite Bangsa Malaysia, we must mix together.


Anonymous said...

To Khairul,

A piece of advice from an ex-UiTM grad: Wait till you've graduated and join the employee lines ... who's the most prejudice of them all. They claimed and spread around stories about how bad we Malays are. They'll promote & hire their "own people" whenever/wherever possible. They'll utilize whenever, wherever time, event or situation they have for the opportunities to tell their expatriate bosses that we Malays are all incompetent, lazy, unreliable and all the craps with just one intention in their bloody mind ... they'll forever rule the MNCs and private sectors and the Malays will forever be the downlines for them to screw, play and manipulate as and when they wish. Yet they still have the guts to tell everyone to be fair to all races ... what a bloody joke. Talk abour fairness for all, show us your sincerity first then and only then we'll trust "you people" in return. Till then .... Bangsa Malaysia my a**

Anonymous said...

Banyak marah bunyi nya!
Tak ubah seperti persidangan UMNO 2006!

Ni lah masaalah orang melayu....mudah emosi!

Saya byk kawan orang cina dan mereka amat hormat jika kita menunjukan sifat sifat rajin, berusha.

Anonymous said...

betul ker hormat ... atau hanya sekadar berlakon utk menunggu peluang apabila ada kesempatan menikam dr belakang? ever heard of the word/term "fake sincerity" ... ???

apabila org melayu menyatakan yg benar & nyata ... dikatakan mrk emosi.

apabila bangsa lain menyatakan sesuatu yang menghina/memperlekehkan bangsa melayu ... dikatakan memberi teguran membina.

apabila org melayu ditekan/ditindas dr maju kehadapan ... dikatakan mrk malas berusaha & mengharapkan subsidi.

apabila bangsa lain memperalatkan idea2 bernas org melayu kelas bawahan utk naik menonjolkan diri sendiri ... dikatakan mrk tak berusaha utk memajukan diri.

dan sayangnya kata2 ini dikeluarkan hanya sekali oleh bangsa lain tetapi di"echo" berulang-kali oleh bangsa melayu sendiri.

alangkah sedihnya apabila melayu hilang ketajaman akal-fikiran dan mindanya, dipergunakan tanpa sedar seumpama robot yg dikawal dr jauh.

alangkah sayangnya apabila bangsaku dihina & deperlekehkan oleh bangsanya sendiri ...

Anonymous said...

My true story ... and so does many other malay graduates out there:

I joined the workforce after graduated from UiTM with an open mind ... to excel in my career by delivering the best possible result and gain the highest possible profit for the company, with customer's satisfaction at utmost priority. But what do I get in return after 6 years of all-out dedication, determination & sacrifices (upto 6 mths non-mc/ann.leave work with minimum 15 hrs working per day at times) in one of the MNC which is wholly controlled by "you people" at the top positions? A newcomer ("you people" kind) was promoted to the mgmt position whom basically don't know a shit abt the business and pressing me for all the inputs to camouflage his lack-of-ability.

I left the co & joined another MNC which I'm reporting directly to the expat (no more "you people" in between) as a specialist ... and I made it to the mgmt level within less than 2 yrs.

What's the lesson learned for me out of all this? Heh heh ... you know very well what's gonna be my next course of action. You taught me well in the past of all your dirty tricks, so now I'll handle "you people" very well too ...

Anonymous said...

To ANON of Fri Nov 24, 10:44:38 PM
You said: "alangkah sayangnya apabila bangsaku dihina & deperlekehkan oleh bangsanya sendiri ..."

I have been reading some posts by Malay ANONs - I don't think they "perlekehkan" bangsa sendiri. In fact, to their credits (like Khairul Idzwan Kamarudzaman), they took many unfair, insulting and demeaning comments thrown at them bravely. Instead of letting anger rule them and biting back, they chose to be introspective and look within themselves, and come out with ways on how to improve their own race. To Khairul and a few other Malay ANONs who have been doing their best to respond rationally, hats off to you.

I would like to share my experience with Malays. I am a “banana” Chinese, who spent the whole of my secondary and primary schooldays in a “Sekolah Kebangsaan”. I only have Malay and Indian friends in school, simply because I couldn’t speak Mandarin or my own dialect well (my shortcoming actually, for not picking up my own mother tongue). I ended up being proficient in both oral and spoken Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Throughout my 10 years of working experience, I come into contact with Malaysians of all races. I have come across Chinese who, the moment they find I can’t speak Mandarin or other dialect well, choose to pay less attention to me. Some even change their facial reaction when I try to communicate with them in English or basic Mandarin. For the Malays, their initial coolness would usually melt away the moment they find I can converse well in their language.

After my degree, I work in 3 private Chinese-owned professional firms, and currently, I am employed in a private “Chinese” IPTS. From my contact and working experience with Chinese and Malays, I would like to give a little of my input:

i. All Malaysians, whether Malays, Chinese or other races, are diligent. Some Malays appear “slower” to respond if instructions are given to them in English, but once they understand what they need to do and what they are expected to achieve, they put their shoulders to the wheels just like any other person would.

ii. The same thing can be said for students – Malays, Chinese and other races. Some Malay students again appear “slower” in learning or having “poor initiative”, but if you were to counsel them properly on why and how they can improve themselves, the transformation is fantastic. In fact, ANY student – Malays, Chinese or Indians – can change, with proper counselling and encouragement.

iii. Many Malays, whether they are from the cities or “kampungs”, do not really want to rely too much on their “special rights or privileges”. If they have a choice, they would rather sweat it out too. I have come across many Malay friends and co-workers who say how they admire other races who can manage on their own, and that they (the Malays) also harbour high ambitions that they would stand on their own two feet one day. We can try talk to the Malay students in “Chinese” IPTS – some actually reject offers from UM and UiTM – not because they think the “Chinese” IPTS is superior or UM/UiTM are inferior, but because these Malay students want to:

1) learn from the different races and their cultures
2) they want to go through the challenges of studying in an unfamiliar and strange environment
3) they want to prove to themselves that ultimately, the degrees that they earn are due to their own hard work and not their race.
4) they believe that they must learn to mix with other races before they join the workforce.

iv. Many Malays are very friendly, hospitable and trusting. They are one of those rare races in the world who would not hesitate to invite a stranger to their homes and think it is a great honour to have visitors visiting them.

I think we should perhaps draw a line now and cease all these racially-inclined arguments. The whole topic of UiTM is not only about Malays, but Malaysia. If other races can give constructive feedbacks, the Malays can say “banyak-banyak terima kasih” and act on these. But that is not a licence for other races to start giving demeaning and insulting comments and innuendoes. Human nature is such that the moment someone starts saying things in a negative or hurtful manner, we tend to be defensive, emotional and we listen no further. This is regardless of whether we are a Malay or Chinese. As stated by someone, “it is not what you say, but how you say it”. Malays, like Chinese, do stand to reason.

To ANON of Fri Nov 24, 11:20:08 PM: Sorry to hear about your bitter corporate experience. But you may want to take a step back and reflect that cronyism and nepotism are colour-blind and skin-blind. These are a part of our sad Malaysian culture, be it in Malay or Chinese or Indian companies. In the Government services and GLCs, other minorities tend to level also the same accusation that promotions and advancement are based on “kulit-fication”.

It’s all very basic – if you are controlling a money-making company and if you (the top guy) happen to be short-sighted in your visions and you do not treasure meritocracy, you too would want to adopt the same practice of promoting your “own people”, only to have the “own people” slapping you in your face with half-past-six performances.

To me, by your first MNC workplace overlooking your talents and abilities, they were the biggest loser, not you. As you yourself proved it, you found another place which saw your talent and soon put it to good use.

Now that you have earned your rightful place in the top management level, perhaps you would want to learn from your past bitter experience and not act against a particular race, out of your sense of “revenge”. That is to say, if other people want to be myopic, discriminatory or adopt poor human resource practices, you can choose not to follow. After all, as a victim of discrimination yourself, you would know better, that cronyism and nepotism would not get an organisation anywhere, and that talent management and appreciation are what should be emphasised in a vibrant organisation. I.e. appreciate talents, regardless of the race and colour of the person.

When I first started out in the work-force, one Chinese middle-level manager friend advised me that if I had a choice of working for either a Malay or Chinese boss, I should pick a Malay boss. Why, because Malay bosses generally are more appreciative of talents and competencies. In his words, “A Malay boss prefers to leave you alone and let you do your job without much interference or control, as long as no trouble arises. If you are efficient, competent and can stand in for him any time, he would reward you handsomely and take care of you for the rest of your tenure in that place”. I find this comparison to be generally true throughout my working experience.

LASTLY, regarding the original topic of UiTM being world class university, I fully agree with “Peace out, Keranamu Malaysia” (ANON Tue Sep 19, 03:31:32PM). Let us keep to Tony’s original topic for discussion.

I think some of the common grounds we can start off with are:

i. UiTM is still not yet world-class.
ii. All Malaysian Universities are still not yet world-class.
iii. Some day, we will all get there, if we believe we can.
iv. We will get there if all of us can sit down together and discuss on strategies to take our Universities there.
v. If our not having world-class universities is a big problem, let us talk about solutions, not just repeating, re-emphasising or re-highlighting known problems and obstacles.
vi. Good ideas and solutions would flow naturally if discussions are open, frank but tactful, rational, with logics, based on facts, not personal and not emotional.
vii. Give ideas, suggestions and feedbacks by all means, but try not to impose on others, i.e. not take the stand, “I have told you, if you want to solve this problem, you must do this. If not, your problems will never be solved.”
viii. It’s really up to the recipients whether they want to grasp, follow or appreciate the advices and feedbacks given. Do not hang/crucify them or give insulting, demeaning comments if they don’t agree with you.

Anonymous said...

To ANON Sat Nov 25, 05:27:45 PM ,

I TOTALLY AGREE with your comments. Sometimes, it is not that we want to lower down our own races, but sometimes we have to say something that is truth in order to get things better. There is a Malay idiom which says that "Kebenaran itu memang pahit untuk ditelan".

Yes, it is hard for us to accept the truth, but the truth is the truth. UiTM is still not a world class university, as well as other Malaysian universities. We use a system which is not systematic. Our education system is too exam oriented, and until this system remains unchanged, non of our universities will gain a world class status. Malaysian students will be like a robot, non progressive and just follow the order without really knowing what they are suppose to do.

To ex-uitm, I don't think that all 'you people' are that prejudice. let me tell all of you something. when I was in kindergarten, I was sent to a Chinese oriented kindergarten which is Eden Child Development Centre. I learned Chinese, I learned other cultures, and we, malays, chinese and indians in the kindergarten (although ofcourse Malays are the minorities) ate together and played together.

When I was in primary school, i mixed with other races, and i learned my english in primary school. this is due to the fact that most of my friends are non-malays and we speak in english.

however, when i entered secondary school, which is a boarding school (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh), all the students are Malay Muslims. It is not that I want to say bad thing about my own race. For God's sake, NO! But honestly, when I learned in a monoethnic surrounding, I've found some 'horror' things:

1) Malaysians who live in their own race enclave tend to be VERY PREJUDICE to other races
2) They do not know about other races
3) They do not like other races

That's why i missed my primary schooldays where there is NO RACES BOUNDARY! We live together with harmony. And not to forget, when I entered six-former for 4 month, i was in a relationship with a chinese girl... So, to ANONS who sent comments such as 'seperti perhimpunan agong umno', 'you people' whatsoever, STOP FROM BEING PREJUDICE TO OTHER RACES! To have a strong Malaysia, we need to have a strong UNITED MALAYSIANS!!! And not to forget, a world-class education system...

And, yes! Our universities are not world-class enough. Let us work together and have a better Malaysia!


p/s: miss my ex-girlfriend, Audrey Thean Ong Kei...

Anonymous said...

There are two important principles in the study of ecology:
1 Inter species competition
2 Intra species competition

When there is a competition for limited resources, in a multi species system, the individual species will try to out beat the other species for the niche
However, if a homogenous species exists without competition from the other species, it will generate competition within its own species

Please ponder...

John Lennon was right in his song 'Imagine'. Study the meaningful lyrics of the beautiful

Anonymous said...

just shut up already. all this racism issues wont bring u guys anywhere. stop being racist!

Anonymous said...

The idea of racist discrimination between Chinese or Malay in a working environment can be quite subjective. Maybe our upbringing we have always been taught that the other races are 'unofficially' up to no good. But beneath our skin color i.e. brown, yellow etc our blood is still red....

I have been working for the past 10 years since I graduated and been working in a couple organization. I am Malay and ironic is that I am more comfortable where I am the minority. I decided to join a GLC company few months ago in effort being patriotic but at the end was frustrated on how things are done. I am not complaining but deep in my heart felt the attitude, approach was completely wrong. I guess by labeling with a grand name like 'world class' or 'premier' would not change anything if the human factor is not aligned with it.

Well, I resigned and my earlier employer (which is basically majority run by the 'Chinese') offered me back. My skin color was never an issue for them but they acknowledge my ability and skills that I can offer to the organization.

Word of advice for my 'brothers' & 'sisters' who will be joining the workforce soon, don't be influence by the stereotyping view of certain people. Be resilience, embrace the situation and work hard/smart. Respect is something that you earned ... (regardless the color of your skin or which uni you came from :)).

I believe 'Malaysian' is moving forward ..slow ..but forward...

Suatu bangsa merdeka yang kita impikan
terasa masih jauh dari kenyataan
kemarahanku menjadi kepedihan
bila kita dipisah-pisahkan
jarak itu semakin berjauhan
aku dapat gelaran 'bumiputera' dan
kau bukan

Bila kah kita dapat memadamkan
Perbezaan keturunan yang kian membakat kita
Dan membiarkan curaham minyak yang kian menyala
Oleh mereka yang sering bermuka dua ?
Bilakah kita dapat mempetaruhkan nasib anak anak kita yang tak berdosa
Dan generasi akan datang keturunan kita
Menjadi mangsa keturunan kita menjadi mangsa keturunan yang berbeza
Oleh mereka yang mementingkan laba dan kuasa?

Bilakah kita dapat menembusi jurang perbezaan
Kemiskinan dan kelaparan dengan kekayaan berlebihan
Antara dua golongan darjat masyarakat
Suatu janji dari erti kemerdekaan ?

Bilakah semua wargenara mendapat hak
Layanan dan keadilan yang sama
Dikenal dengan satu rupa nama :

Poem by the late Usman Awang
' this poem was written 20 years ago

Farid Jalil

Anonymous said...

"Congratulations "to UITM for bringing back many medals from Geneva!

We are so "PROUD"" of your achievement!

Muaha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i know why u all critic UITM for being awarded a "WORLD CLASS" univ, disebabkan u org jealous sebab tak layak diterima masuk UITM...tul tak?....cobalah kalau u all yang mengritik UITM tu diambil masuk jadi warga UITM, adakah u akan mengritik???? coba tepok dada tanya selera! yang sebenarnya u all adalah CEMBURUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anon above
Dec 11 10.53

He he he he he he he
ha ha ha ha ha
ho ho ho ho

Your logic and argument is not only making me laugh till I rolled on the floor, but it is even making others laugh!

Go on and continue your 'logic'

he he he

Anonymous said...

jealous? hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahah...takde masa nak jealous. uitm tu sebelah mata pon tak pandang....nama jer dean list tapi knowledge hancur

Anonymous said...

Sakit perut ketawa bila ada orang kata kita kutuk UITM pasal cemburu tak dapat masuk

Tak tahan saya ketawa.

Tiada orang yg cemburu, kita sebenar kesian...hehehe
Sampai bila tak mau terima kenyataan benar?

Ish! Ish! Ish! Kesiannnnn!

Luncai terjun dgn labu nya!
Biarkan! Biarkan!

Anonymous said...

Elehhh!!!! kalau bukan jeles apa lah??? Buat apa u nak kutuk UITM? entah entah univ yang u masuk tu lagi teruk - "kampung class" kot....heheheheh

Anonymous said...

My university is member of the Russel Group, UK
Department ranking consistently 5 STAR

I hope you do understand what I am referring to?!

Mua hahaha....hehe..hoho..haha ..hu hu!!!

My advice is the more you try to prove you are right, the more stupid you become

hehe hoho huhu

Anonymous said...

Buat apa UITM nak ambik org luar masuk selain bumiputra??? u memang "kampung class" graduate...macamlah tak tau maksud MARA...kalau dah Jadi MARA buat apa nak ambik non-bumi??? paloiii!!! nadai nemu utai!! pandai ngapa....paloiii!!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahha...sebarang saja cakap university rangking 5 bintang...cin chai saja cakap...aku pun boleh katakan university aku bertaraf 10 bintang..hahhahah...kalau u fikir u pandai sangat wat apa nak kutuk??? u ingat u ni bijak kah??? paloiii!!!

Anonymous said...

to the anon "My university is member of the Russel Group, UK
Department ranking consistently 5 STAR". do you really understand who'll really benefit from their existence? it's The Gr8 Britain you idiot, not M'ysia.

and ... so what if your univ is so damn gr8? r u that great 2 and successful now? or r u just another working class commoner struggling in the rat race, tryin' to climb the ladder? if that's the case, then it clearly shows that u r just another dumb idiot who's currently struggling to serve your scholarship tenure/bank loan ... worst scenario maybe your parent's hard-earned money had been invested wrongly ... based on "Russel Group's pro-UK testimonial" ... then who gets the last laugh ... ha ha

Anonymous said...

The anon above definitely shows the classical symptoms characterised of infants behaving when they know they could not win an argument logically.
This classic maneouvre is more of a ' saving face' mechanism' or rotten grapes' approach'
A member of 'the earth is flat' group, I guessed

Anonymous said...

kalau awak fikir awak bjiak sangat kenapa awak suka berteka dengan org yang awak panggil "bodoh"?? Awak apa kurang bodoh nya?? hahhaha...awak tak sedar kah kalau awak suka layan org "bodoh" bermakna awak pun sama-sama bodoh???? Tak payah lah nak melaung-laungkan diri graduate dari univ 5 bintang kalau dah berperangai macam tu...buat malu jer!!! kan bagus lagi awak mengaku univ awak tu member dari "Rusa group of Ulu Kinta(UK)" hahhahah....eksyen saja speaking tapi tak sedar diri sendiri Bodooohhh!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah3 you’re right, Russel Group UK bla3. It’s undoubtedly and definitely no one on earth has the right to stop you from showing all the proof source/certs/recognitions/testimonials/whatsoever craps on how good/gr8/excellent track record you have ... but at the end of the day what really count is your end result, which will determined whether you’re the shining star or you’re just another loser. Most importantly how you materialized your planned ROI, which will put you on top of the others in today’s dynamic and challenging global market. Still it’s the true fact that the most successful group of individuals will always look for opportunities to make the most returns with the least amount/no of investments. The risks are everywhere, it depends on how you calculated and properly managed the risks.

Also to note that the education doesn’t stop when you’ve got you cert/dip/deg/m/phd etc, it carries on. Our complacency will be our biggest threat on which each and every one of us needs to confront and overcome. Whatever we’ve learned in any university be it in the top ranking or the “chorot” ones will be obsolete the minute we step out from there. Things are changing everyday, even the most conservatives nowadays are surrendering to the fact that there’s a need to change to continue their relevance, survival and existence.

Yes everyone knows and adhere to the fact that the earth is round, but everywhere we go we’ll always feel that it’s flat thanks to god’s gracious wonders. It’s the matter of understanding the fact and living the reality instead of impracticality.

To my dearly beloved UiTM, a total of MYR550/semester (during my time) which was fully convertible to non-bonding scholarship for the top scorers enjoyed by the students would definitely be the most viable option for lesser-than-fortunate people who’s deep inside their heart is aiming towards success and wish to improve their family’s standard of living. To all the past and present lecturers/administrators, you guys have done a good job in showing us different paths/options in life. What you have and are continuously (I repeat … continuously) doing in improving the standard of UiTM to be on par with the global industry and affiliations with the world renowned institutions in the past and present like ACCA/CIMA/CIM/CIT/etc are proven successful and fully commendable, a very practical and supportive approach for those who can’t afford to attend the courses at the origin institutions itself. As an example, hardly can we find any doubt on whether there’s a difference in quality between ACCA UK or UiTM+ACCA affiliation grads. We are not there yet, and believe me no one’s 100% there even some univs claimed that they’re already there. So, Russel Group UK, are you sure kah…? Based on your achievement now is it … he he … d<>b

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony and Kian Ming, GOOD JOB with your blog ;)

Anyway, i'd like to comment about all the negative thinking, racist, arrogant yet pitiful people (malay, chinese, indians or even org asli) who gave such bad comments.

Being a mixed-race malaysian, i have the good opportunity to mix with all races nicely and even gained some insights into the specific communities itself. And i could safely conclude these:

1. ALL the races Chinese Malay Indian (C,M,I) in malaysia are nice people :)
2. sadly, SOME of these CMI are also very bad, and i mean very very bad!
3. ALL the races CMI in malaysia have intelligent people
4. sadly, there are those among the CMI who are pretty stupid, stupid and plain dumb!
5. ALL the CMI in malaysia are very considerate people
6. but again sadly, there are SOME amongst the CMI who are pretty inconsiderate and don't know what they are talking about.

etc etc etc....
I THINK EVERYBODY (except those who are in the plain dumb region) CAN SEE WHERE I AM GOING WITH MY FINDINGS.




Anonymous said...

talk is free what (worst than cheap), anyone's willing to do it even they're not invited to do so. get yr hands dirty and prove your theory+methodology successful lah, then only you're qualified to give comment cause you've been there and done that. "GOOD JOB" for those who "no action talk only" ... sure or not??? so ... what's yr greatest contribution to the education system so far (you paid income tax MYR500Mil/yr is it???)... other than all these foc & priceless (cause no value at all ... heheh) talks???

Anonymous said...

Lulu, Dont waste your time discussing with the looney, ranting moron who wont listen to logic and reason and cant be objective in their argument

Anonymous said...

Sensitif dan cepat terasa juga kamu ini ya? Saya jangkakan orang seperti kamu yang hanya tahu mengutuk dan mengkritik itu semuanya sudah bersedia utk dikomen atau dikritik kembali, rupa2nya kamulah org yang paling sensitif. Jadi lain kali kalau tidak sanggup dikritik, jangan cuba2 mengkritik org lain ya. Ingat ya ... sila cermin diri kamu sendiri sebelum kamu cuba utk mengutuk dan mengkritik org lain. Tanyalah diri kamu sendiri, adakah kamu itu sudah terlalu hebat dan agung?

Anonymous said...

If you guys think UiTM is not world-class, if you guys just wanna keep on condemning the Malays, If you guys wanna keep on spreading hatred in your blogs, feel free to do it.

I'm a Malay and I'm proud of being one. But I dont intend to start a blog to spread hatred among the Malays and Chinese by condemning UTAR.

If you guys think Malaysia is not up to your standard, go away. Migrate to Singapore or US or Australia and let see how well you fare compared to their students.

The way I see it, you're making fun at UiTM graduates and indirectly saying Malay graduates have no class compared to Chinese graduates. They way I see it, you're spreading hatred.

Anonymous said...

when confronted with facts, they reply again in the same emotional out bursts and non logical answers.

muahaha haha!

Anonymous said...

This discussion on UiTM not being world-class is not on condemning Malays, making fun of UiTM graduates or spreading hatred. Many people have not forgotten that there is a small percentage of non-Malays in UiTM.

Good for you,Anon Sun Dec 24, 01:45:16 PM to be proud of being a Malay. Similarly, most people (of all races) who post constructive evaluations of UiTM here are also proud of being Malaysian. UiTM is not about Malays only, but about Malaysia. If they are not proud of being Malaysian, it is unlikely that they would waste their valuable times in even bothering to think of UiTM.

The weaknesses with some discussions so far are that:

i. UiTM discussion keeps getting turned into a racial issue. Even among non-Malays, who send in postings that highlight the shortcomings of other races.

ii. We have Malays who start posting comments like “Get lost, get out of Malaysia”, when they equate comments disfavouring UiTM as being disloyal to Malaysia. Again, remember, if these non-Malays are not proud of being Malaysian or they are disloyal to Malaysia, they are unlikely to spend their valuable times discussing how to improve UiTM. They would probably spend their times thinking on how to migrate to other countries. The most loyal citizen can be the most critical citizen.

One suggestion is to view each posting objectively. Just ignore any short-sighted comments that are racially-inflammatory or serve to put down another race. Rather, just look at comments that are constructive.

One more suggestion is that if any of you have not been mixing often with other races all your lives, please try to do so more often. Looking at the postings in this blog, it can be seen that the most constructive, neutral comments come from those who have much exposure and have been mixing with other races.

Merry Christmas 2006, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Well said...
To Anon Above

Anonymous said...

to anon Sun Dec 24, 02:33:37 PM

stop being a "batu api" here ... tell us your facts? summarize & consolidate all, let's see if you can take a real professional argument ... let's see whether you're up to it, or you're just another "butt licker" ... sounds like you are to us ... haha d<>b

Anonymous said...

Being one of the UiTM's students, most of the negative comments are not pleasant to the ears...and heartbreaking too...why must you (to whom it may concern) condemn UiTM with such lousy thoughts?are you aware of what is happening in UiTM? your piece of mind is unnecessary...what is wrong UiTM?the bottom line line is that we, the UiTM students are here to study...there is a Malay proverb that says "tuntutlah ilmu dari buaian hingga ke liang lahad" (yearn for knowledge from the craddle to the grave), i believe that applies to every human being in this world....a university doesn't determine our success; we do...losers let things happen (whining and whining all the time), but winners make things happen (thinking and doing somthing for the better)...n university has got nothing to do with this!!!!

Anonymous said...

To Anonym Dec 24. 01:45:16pm, are you katak di bawah tempurung or what? I am not trying to be arrogant of being Chinese, but just some facts for you...

-don't you know that Chinese are mostly the tops or among the tops in most if not all overseas universities?
-don't you know that Chinese as a community are economically above the average in any western country?
-don't you know that even as a minority in the western countries, their deligence, hardwork, perseverance and intelligence make them a highly respected and respectable community contributing positively to the country of their residence and not as parasite of a majority?

I don't mean to be racial, neither am I overly proud of above facts (because these are normal to Chinese), but I am certainly proud of being a Chinese, proud of being able to compete anyway in the world potently without any tongkat! Sorry to say that when I was in the UK I used to despise those with two legs having to rely on tongkat - they are the true liabilities to the world!

There is no undenying fact that there have been instances of some Chinese being attacked by hooligans in Western countries, but so are there Caucasian victims too. So, si-bodoh, don't just look at things from the simpleton racial angle!

I agree with Dec 24. 08:10:01pm - the most loyal citizen can be the most critical citizen! I was doing very well in the UK, definitely above the average of UK citizen, but I wanted to come back to Malaysia because Malaysia is MY home! I am a MALAYSIAN (no doubt the fact that I am of Chinese stock)! So, you ignorant and naive tongkat ali don't ask Chinese to leave, it is not your grandfather's land, you have no *%#^ right!

Comments of such, no matter how critical against your pariah UiTM, is only for your bumi's benefits, so many high intelectuals in this blog giving you comments of substance and stark facts is merely a free favour to you so that you well-frogs understand what true competition is, what world standard is and how the real world outside is, and not to take us as your perceived enemy (as in the UMNO Assembly) when we are the major contributors and tax payers in this country of ours. You should be happy when there are still 25% Chinese in this country virtually providing for the well-being of 100% of the population of this country! Just look at your grandfather's country, Indonesia- only 3-5% Chinese there made Indonesia once a economic tiger in the early 1990s. After their 1998 brutal, animal and beastly treatment of the Chinese that led to the massive exodus of Chinese, they are now like beggars begging the Chinese to go back to help build their economy! Don't get me wrong, this is statement of stark facts that everyone in the world knows!

Personally, I dislike the NEP, it is creating all the racial separation and animosity. Because of the NEP, I generally dislike the Malays but, rationally, I do like my Malay friends! So, where is the problem coming from?

Someone earlier mentioned UTAR as a Chinese university...yes, it was and is founded by MCA with the support of the government and predominantly the Chinese community but it is not a Chinese university per se. Yes, it was established to take in those top-ace Chinese students who are rejected by the local public universities which are racially motivated and prefer to take in those who are less clever according to "meritocracy" of their own definition, hence the resulting deterioration of standard. If you are a non-Chinese entering into UTAR, I believe you will be more than welcome because Chinese are generally open-minded and able to accept different cultures provided you don't close yourself in the cocoon and expect others to always please you or befriend you - this is human interaction we are talking about, and it is two-way! Above all, since UTAR is MCA-founded and MCA is a government component, it has to be opened to all races based on academic performance of the required level, unlike the kind of pariah university trying to make stupid statement of world class!

Cukup lah...tak nak cakap lagi...cakap lagi darah pun didih! We used to condemn South Africa of apartheid, now we are the only country in the whole white world practising this kind of game that is close to it!

Anonymous said...

As a self appointed referee judging these heated discussions I give the score to those that criticize UITM 100 against Pro UITM score of ' minus 1'

The decision is FINAL and no further complaints will be entertained.

Anonymous said...

To Anon SUN JAN 14, 09:43:41 AM , I disagree with your scores.

To Anon Sun Jan 14, 04:25:09 AM, I find your posting full of emotions. You have made some sound points, but you’ll need to remove emotions out of your posting. I am a Malaysian Chinese, and I wish to assure our Malay brethens that not all Chinese think that way.

Whatever facts you put forth about the Chinese race, you have your grounds and reasons. But please, could you please observe some tact? Most Malays, through my extensive mixing with them, are a polite race, very accomodating and friendly. If you have any issue to raise with them, please use indirect and tactful approach. The direct approach is not the way. It is not their culture to be direct, blunt or crass. Please do not look at this as any sign of their weakness, cowardice or close-mindedness. It is their greatness, I’d say. (heir greatest strengths are their friendliness and resilience). They will tolerate others’ directness or rudeness, but they themselves would not respond initially in kind, unless severely strained or provoked.

Whatever greatness of the Chinese you attempted to highlight, I am sure you have done your research. But please do not use these “facts” to seemingly, indirectly put down our Malay brethens by saying things like “I walk on my own, you use tongkat”. It is not possible that all Malays in Malaysia use tongkat, they are too numerous and many Government aids do not reach the needful Malays. If you mix long enough with them, you’d come to realise that most Malays themselves are uncomfortable with the idea of “tongkat”. Given a chance, they would rather stand on their own two feet. Every human being has his/her own sense of pride, and this is irrespective of race.

That the Chinese are hardworking, contributing to any country of their residence and competitive, these are well-known facts. Many Malays themselves recognise this, but all the more, we Chinese ought not try to keep trumpeting on these. And please do not despise whoever that you perceive to be relying on tongkat. The NEP was created to assist many poor Malays, who were really hardcore poor. Unfortunately, many aids and assistance did not reach the needy Malays, resulting in poor Malays getting poorer, rich getting richer.

NEP has its faults, it failed to achieve its objectives. But let us leave this NEP thing at the doorstep of the Malays to resolve and sort on their own. We Chinese have got nothing to do with NEP’s failures. Yes, we survived NEP, and even expanded overseas, but let us not keep looking back and seemingly sneer at our Malay brethens over NEP failures. It is hurtful, I can say that, if I were a Malay.

It won’t be easy for our Malay brethens to view us with great trust, so long as we keep sending indirect signal that they are being sneered. They know their weaknesses and limitations, and are working so hard to overcome them. (e.g. Many have started picking up English, and I find more and more Malay colleagues having impeccable English). So let us leave them to sort their problems out if we can’t be of help, and help out in the spirit of brotherhood if they ask for us.

I understand your emotion about how we Chinese are repeatedly reminded we are “pendatang” in our beloved country, we should “balik Tongsan” if we don’t like NEP. But let’s try to maintain the same level of headedness that our forefathers had put up with for 40 years. Most Malays won’t talk like that (i.e. get out of Malaysia), unless someone (their politicians) keeps reminding them that we Chinese look down on them for using tongkat.

If I remove emotion from your posting on UiTM, I think you said there have been good comments coming from intellectuals on how UiTM need to be competitive in the era of globalisation. That is a valid point, and I sincerely hope that our Malay brethens grasp this point. Please, our Malay brethens, learn from the intellects, please ignore the instigators. Same thing goes for our Chinese brethens here.

We are almost 50 years into Independence, can we approach 2007 with a spirit of forgiveness and start on a new footing? Can we please stop all these name callings and jeerings, because it is hurtful if you were to put yourself at the other side of the fence:

i. You Malays cannot survive without tongkat
ii. You Chinese are disloyal, ungrateful people, get out of Malaysia.

If you like your Malay friends, then please like their race too. NEP should not come in between to render us apart.

Your posting on Utar was accurate. The non-Chinese who come in should learn to mix around and not expect the majority Chinese students to try to always please them. In fact, there are gradually more and more graduates from the public universities joining the academic and administrative staff. One day, Utar is going to be an interesting case-study for racial harmony – predominantly Chinese students, but with a huge number of Malay academic staff.

UiTM is still not world-class, but it is not a pariah University that is written-off. Even if it is predominantly Malays, we Chinese are still stakeholders, as it involves Malaysia. So please, us Chinese, lend our support to help bring it up to world-class, do not destroy it.

I disagree that we have apartheid in Malaysia. Racial integration is there, the majority of races accept each other. If you think there is apartheid, please call up your Malay friends over the weekend and spend more time with them.

Anonymous said...

I guess the anon above is LEE LAM THYE


Anonymous said...

I am a Malay....and I like Chinese girls very much...:)

Anonymous said...

why are u so jeaolous to uitm?? u wanna enter to uitm and they not accept u rite?? hahhaa..why u want give bad impression to ur college..u see ur college graduate..so pity..all with a cgpa under 2.00..no money, no certificate..hahha..utar sux..u use a money to buy a certificate. no quality student.. only know to work with ur parents..huhu..good son and daughter..da~

Anonymous said...

To Anon above,

Regarding your comments:
"why u want give bad impression to ur college...u see ur college graduate..so pity..all with a cgpa under 2.00..no money, no certificate..hahha..utar sux..u use a money to buy a certificate. no quality student.. only know to work with ur parents..huhu..good son and daughter."

If you are referring to UTAR, pardon me if I am wrong, but I think you might have been missing out on a lot of newspaper reports on UTAR, for at least 1 1/2 years.

You may want to check out the posts on the UTAR blogs last few days, especially those by its ex-students describing their employments in MNCs.

Emphasised again here, the Chinese and other non-Malays are not jealous of UiTM. We want to contribute to its success too, its success is Malaysia's success.

Anonymous said...

wah! so many comments! let's just cut to the chase. i think the chief honcho who ran the ads is just pushing his personal "agenda". and in so doing did great harm to uitm. i personally have heard of uitm alumni "cringing" at the "chest beating" antics of the guy.

lk utar and thousands of "non competitive" unis around the world, there are outstanding, mediocre and lacklustre students in uitm.

so, to summarily dismiss the uitm graduates as unworthy will be unfair to the better ones.

by the way, hard work and intelligence is not the preprogative of any one race. i know of many malay students who are conscientious, studious and bright. often, they despair at the prejudices they've to endure.

that's why i feel they're better off studying in multiracial institutions and so earn the respect of others legitimately. it will also help them gain respect with employers (who are not insulated against racial stereotypes and prejudices either).

that said, im sad that a little posting is all that it takes for racial bashing to rear its ugly head yet again.

Anonymous said...

The chief honcho is doing more damages to UITM in the process of trying to salvage UITM's reputation.
I pity the other UITM graduates caused by the antics of the 'self appointed' spokesman

Anonymous said...

look...y dnt we just 4get dis whole "u malay,i'm chinese" or " u chinese, i'm malay' so i'm better than u thing..y cant we just think of ourselves as simply Malaysians??all of us love dis country so y not just try to make it better..instead of wallopin n blaming n boasting unnecessary things that are ac2lly of no values to u or people around...it doesnt matter whether ur chinese or malay or indian or asli or mixed...we've been living in d same country for what seems like 4ever....all of us r ac2lly imigrants here...mayb not us but our ancestors definitely is...
we were taught in our religion that we are all d same...so y differentiate our selves by races...i am a malay...but usually i consider myself as Malaysian...there is just no use fighting about it...to better ourselves y didnt we put aside our differences n focus on our similarities..the fact that we love Malaysia...
N u guys r so...out of the main topic that its getting ridiculous...Im a teacher trainee n its embarassing reading ur comments...if u guys r like this now, icant imagine how d future generation will become...
any way, y cant u see the post in an educational point of view??in a way the writer is rite..he's pinpointing the weakness of UITM...read it,accept n improve it...prove that ur not as they say...instead of showing how rite their opinion is of u...do d same with other u too...
Rezeki di tgn tuhan...what important is ur effort...no matter how high class ur u is...how high ur edu level is if fate determine it otherwise who r u to say no??another thing, its not wrong to comment or critics but u dont have to be rude about to...not only u r showing how rude u are but also how immature n uncivilized...

Nur Syakira -19 -Selangor..

Anonymous said...

Why no more fights now?
No bullets?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"..y cant we just think of ourselves as simply Malaysians??" I really want you to be a leader for this country. Maybe let the Chinese and Indians enroll into UiTM too perhaps?

Dear Nur Syakira, I'm an UiTM student too. You know what the truth is don't you?

Anonymous said...

Bila kah kita dapat memadamkan
Perbezaan keturunan yang kian membakat kita
Dan membiarkan curaham minyak yang kian menyala
Oleh mereka yang sering bermuka dua ?
Bilakah kita dapat mempetaruhkan nasib anak anak kita yang tak berdosa
Dan generasi akan datang keturunan kita
Menjadi mangsa keturunan kita menjadi mangsa keturunan yang berbeza
Oleh mereka yang mementingkan laba dan kuasa?

Bilakah kita dapat menembusi jurang perbezaan
Kemiskinan dan kelaparan dengan kekayaan berlebihan
Antara dua golongan darjat masyarakat
Suatu janji dari erti kemerdekaan ?

Bilakah semua wargenara mendapat hak
Layanan dan keadilan yang sama
Dikenal dengan satu rupa nama :

Poem by the late Usman Awang
' this poem was written 20 years ago

Farid Jalil

Anonymous said...

As long as NEP will be always there, as long the 'crutches' will be there..
till then respect will be hard to be earned!

Anonymous said...

after listen/ read ..A to Z comments. May I voice up !? sure i do ..hahah

well uitm is a university by mara and it's 99% for malays. My frenz who got 3A's (3 a's only ...Not 3A1) in spm and she got offer! omg !! In the same time, I have to run here and there for sponsor (jpa and petronas) but i only score 8a's.. so is a No from jpa and petronas because I dun have 10A1 ...

I got offer from “GE” sponsor me study in MIT and it going to cost RM 500k-600k+ study there for 4 years.

i do remember... Uitm, UM, students loose in 2006 inter-university-colleges LAW debate competition and the winner go to Taylor’s (team) and inti-nilai(individual). On other hand, 2006 imu-medical debate, engineering students from MMU and Taylor’s Pre-university student are much more better compare to UITM (they are the one have medical degree)

I would like to repeat again.. MMU quality not bad, if one day MMU can take over UITM I do believe it.

Malay student reject Cambridge before!? But Chinese do tat all the time because we got offer from State university such as MIT (the real MIT)


Year 1 student from MIT

Anonymous said...

he he he......!!!

Anonymous said...

actually uitm is not as bad as u all think or talk..lets look into positive aspects.uitm is the only one unversity than gives edu to bumiputera-malay..it is to ensure than malaysian can mould our country with their own..How can you said tht uitm is a bad univrsty..WE SHOULD SUPPORT OUR LOCAL IPTA.THINK BEFORE YOU TALK,GUYS!its not too much if I considered that person who r not supporting local U WAS LACKING OUT OF PATRIOTISM..me personally freshly graduated frm uitm for course BBA and nw proceeding to take my phD..THINK ABOUT IT.nOT all chinese student can success..

Anonymous said...

One day u'll see that uitm is listed in one of the WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY.JUST WAIT AND SEE.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sad uitm is a university and it's so sad my MIT dun have a university name at all. although the ranking is dam high....

yaya phd student, if u are good try to apply mit, yale, princeton, columbia university and etc.... Pls dun try to said No Money. Once u get offer letter, u can go "anywhere" to request sponsor or scholarships. (chances to get is 99%) one of my fren got princeton offer for MATH degree and he got scholarships from "GE"

"Uitm not bad !? " oh no... i'll support UTP, MMU are much more better compare to Uitm because the unemployment -- Uitm is the winner in malaysia. the only advantages of UITM is offer lot of courses included medical degree but the new universities such as PMC, IMU, UCSI their medical course are much more quality !! why ???

believe me if mmu or utp offer all the courses just like our "uitm" haha who's leading now !?

frenz think ur self ?? hehe...


Anonymous said...

my fren told me this blog and i just vist and i notice ...

a fella just said

"Anonymous said...

One day u'll see that uitm is listed in one of the WORLD CLASS UNIVERSITY.JUST WAIT AND SEE."

well ~ how long we have to wait ?

currently, uk university & Aus university fail fighting with state university because state university teaching quality and research are very good. this lead to the invernational score is dam dam high...

if Aus and uk cannot win ? who will win ..? Malaysia ? maybe 100 years later...

I would like to ask?

Malaysia university good in.......(course name / major offer)

-dun be a fool give me stupid answer
(science we already out, Business/economics we also out, stil got wat ? )



imperial college - Chem engineering year 3 student

imperial college (uk) - 2006 time education world ranking top 10

Anonymous said...

hello to all readers..my eyes burned out reading all the comments..huh..i keep on wondering, how on earth a harmless advertisement with a not-so- harmful article can turned this blog into a fighting ring? for me, just take it easy..those who wanna condemn the malays let them be and those who wanna condemn the chinese also let them be..at the end we know better what's happening around us..we know better about ourselves..

btw it's a good resolution to be a world class university..at least they have their goal and perhaps they are progressing towards it..and we, us, you, him, her, who ever who has commented in here..do we really have a resolution? if yes, how far we have achieved it? is it wrong to make a betterment to something? dont you want to improve your living? you knowledge?

start concerning on other issues that is more important than arguing about silly stuff of who's better than who when the fact is everybody is equal - stupidly clever..


Anonymous said...

hello !!! no competition no results mean No quality ok !!!

but is very sad to those who got can fight with other (too low-grade) and no improving

Sham Radio said...

Hello avid Malaysian readers!

It seems like this issue will never die down. I’ve scrolled through the entire comment page and whenever an argument dies down someone will raise it up again!

The ad put up by UiTM being a ‘World Class University’ is very much misleading, I’m sure many have pointed that out. Claiming the University to be a World Class is a bit too far fetch. Maybe it will be in the future, I’m sure it will, but for now it is not. I’m guessing it’s just some marketing tactic gone wrong or something. However, those who got emotional over it do not seem to understand whatever was argued in the article does not point towards UiTM being a ‘No Class University’! I’m not sure about the standards and quality of the university, but I stand by the principals of doing well in anywhere as long as you put the effort. Hence, I am sure that those who entered the University have the will to come out a better, successful person in every aspect.

Besides that, seeing other racially-sensitive comments really disturbs me. Why are there Malays making fun of/scolding Chinese vv? Surely, we don’t need a national crisis or some foreign invasion to unite us again? However, I do agree with some dude who commented that ‘students living in a mono-ethnic society tend to be more prejudice’ or some sort. Here’s my personal Case Studies:

I’ve been living in a suburb town for all my life. I attended a Chinese primary vernacular school where I had a chance to be enriched with my culture and mother tongue. After S6 I insisted of studying in a ‘Kebangsaan School’ as I feel the need to integrate with others in the neighbourhood. In my secondary school, there was no such thing as Malay, Chinese, India, Lain-lain... I guess I can vaguely say that we thought of ourselves as Malaysians? So I guess that the ‘tempurung’ issue is really an issue as people do need the proper exposure in order to get the wider perspective ie accepting constructive criticism and discussing issues that matter to the nation, no matter how racially (ethnic is the nicer word actually) sensitive the issue is.

In fact, I love hanging out with Malays. They are friendly, hospitable, fun to work with etc. I was enlisted for NS after my secondary school days and had the opportunity to mingle with all races coming from different backgrounds! Through NS was there integration and harmony (despite the gang fights) among all races. Now that I am in Singapore pursuing my tertiary education, I do wonder sometimes what happen to my other Malay friends, especially my Malay roommate who then aspires to join the armed forces.

Oh gosh I’m beating around the bush, telling you about my academic profile LOL. I guess what I really want to say is that the article just highlighted the issue of putting the word ‘World Class’ in UiTM. I’m sure it is reaching that stage, if not now, then soon. All we need is the right exposure, the right integration. We want to build a nation that is united as Malaysians or the ‘salad bowl’ concept, where there is racial integration but still clinging on to each races culture.

Missing Nalaysia.

Sham Radio said...

I mean 'Missing MALAYSIA' LOL

Anonymous said...

too bad not everyone been educated..

Anonymous said...

You should all visit UITM's faculty and departmental webpages! The English is deplorable full of grammar and spelling mistakes.
Makes me wonder the real standard of UITM itself if it cannot present itself in good English!
How on earth can they claim their graduates are good or excellent in English?

Anonymous said...

I am a UiTM graduate and much as i hate to admit it the level of English is something i can't shout about. It is an accepted fact that it is a place for bumiputras to obtain good tertiary education and we've never said otherwise. Many of my fellow friends have been gainly employed and some very sucessfull. It is also an accepted fact that the education system in Malaysia needs alot of revamping for it's many flaws(which has resulted in the sorry state of our children's education), one main flaw being the implementation of Bahasa Melayu as the 1st language and not English. So what if UiTM wants to bestow upon itself such a "grand" title? To me the comments you make are just either sour grapes or made out of sheer frustration because it is a place for bumis. Please don't put us all into 1 basket, that's very prejudiced. You can blame it on the VC or the Minister of Education (whatever!) but don't pass judgement on the graduates. And please don't comment on the level of English when yours is not up to mark yourself. Criticise objectively, it shows too much that you resent a particular race????

Anonymous said...

well .. language is a basic of everything, if ur language isn't good how are u going to debate with students from oversea.

we are trying not to put everyone in one basket but just cannot help "sorry" because Uitm is a [problem university] compare to other private and local uni.

anyway, international language is English, if you "fail" to master it..said sorry to yourself. (world top 6 languages: English, France, Germany, Japan, Chinese, italian)

so when ur malay going to be ? change uitm website in to Malay version ... keep crapping lar

i was a Malaysian but no more ... thx to my higher education and currently study in state MIT

so come my university and promote your U.I.T.M lar

MIT Chemical engineering

MoozaMohd said...

What does it all comes down to? screwed up education system. screwed up hak istimewa. screwed up mindset of some ("some") governance.

In terms of quality, private col & uni - I have to say in general - is 'slightly' better in developing quality students. But you know what? It's not WHERE you study. It's where YOUR HEAD is. You can do whatever you want if you have that much of passion. Passion to learn, and burn, burn like a candle.

UiTM.. quality? It could, one day. If they let go of the fear that all the apeks and amma will take over the country. Maybe then, Malays would stop being so lazy, the Chinese would stop being so kiasu and the Indians would stop being 'cakap saja bikin tak serupa'.

I slam the hak istimewa just for the very reason that I think my race (Malay) deserve much more than that, which means to say, they should compete with others on the same circumstances, without any advantages. Cause frankly, my race is awesome (language, customs and ancestry wise of course)...

Now? As I see my own generation of Melayu, I can't say much.. there are worthy ones of course. But there should be plenty more. They HAVE the potential. I just can't say they're from UiTM..... without saying they went overseas somewhere to further their studies.

Back to the topic,
"My post here isn't about the role of UiTM. My beef is with the fact that UiTM has the cheek to spend some RM50,000 to put up 2 pages worth of full-colour advertisement to declare itself a “world-class university”. "

Couldn't agree more. Lim Kok Wing is another brilliant example.
And... when is he gonna change his hair dammit??

Have a nice day & Assalamualaikum.

Anonymous said...

i am in my mid forties, a malay and a product of ITM...

now let me say this first, although i do not agree with UiTM's claim as being world class, but i do take offense to some of the comments wriiten here...

basically, when u do a "UiTM Bashing" then basically u are hitting at the Malays..this wud probably be the writer's intention anyway..

& i'm sure the writer wud expect, eventually, the non-bumi commentors, mostly chinese i reckon, wud post stereotype-racial comments that wud eventually hurt the malays, & they in turn wud hurl back sensitive remarks..

..explosive recipe to spark a fight don't u think so mr.writer????..

so..i'm going 2 jump into the bandwagon & stereotype the chinese..

1. i have worked in a MNC with a chinese-dominated environment & yet i still managed to climb the corporate ladder. i had assumed a senior management position when i left the company.
2. I did my Masters (not on govt scholarship FYI) where more than half of my classmates were chinese & still i graduated among the top 5 in my class.
3. I have partnered with a chinese before but my conscience got the better of me & i left bcoz i cud not swallow the way he did bizniz. Now i run my own business where all of my customers are Malays. & No, its not a govt-given contract business, its a consumer-based business where all my customers are end-users. Its totally a consumer mkt & cash business - no borrowings, no loans...

So, my general perception of the chinese wud be:-

1. Hardworking maybe, but not necessarily intelligent. I've met plenty of moronic idiots from UTAR.
2. Kiasu. very much
3. Makes a lot of noise but basically empty vessels.
4. Mostly dishonest & only motivated by $$$$$$$.
5. Very inconsiderate.
- Just go to any Sekolah Kebangsaan Cina & just see how the parents double-park their cars without any consideration 4 other road users.
- Jumps que. Simply take airasia & u'll find that out Y, or go to any supermkt.

6. Selfish. Dont think they'll stop to help any road accident victims. Only the tow truck operators (yap!! chinese-owned) or they wud only stop 2 jot dwn numbers for 4 ekor.

7.Greedy - just look at how they eat- what more when they do business... &

8. Sick & uncultured - the chinese brought into this country prostituition, vice, gangsterism, drugs, gambling etc... these were alien 2 the malays b4 the chinese came...

Did you the British equated the chinese to dogs but called the Malays "the gentlemen of the east"???

9. Well!!! 2 many to list-lah ...

Have a nice day!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Let us not get emotional when we discuss any issue.
Let the real facts stand out. Please do not try ro reach conclusions which not accepted generally but based from incorrect PERSONAL observations
I fear that in anak melayu above in trying to validify and justify himself will only make further fool of himself
And this will reflect badly in the case he is trying to prove that he is right

Have the proper facts first...try not getting too emotional as you will only prove that you cannot reason well. Try using your head.

Anonymous said...

To Anak Melayu above


I am just speechless at your reasonings and facts :O

You indeed singularly do more harm to your colleagues. In the process of trying to belittle others you are only degrading your self

Please do refrain from making baseless and moronic comments. You are most welcomed to comment provided it is based on facts

Anonymous said...

link to www.webometrics.info (jan 2007)

ranking for malaysian uni.

Anonymous said...

lee from mit,

just curious, mit got no english proficiency test ah? then how to explain yr english just lk mine? half past 6 also!

sorry ah! no offense. just curious.

Anonymous said...

saudara anakmelayu,

Go read Raja Nazrin's statement in the NST today (4th April 2007).

Jangan bangga tak bertempat...

Proud Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Mintak sorry for my bad inggeris.

I betul tak paham this attitude of "menghina"ing people as pendatang and such. Takdak taktik lain ke? Keturununan pendatang tak sama dengan pendatang. Sopan la sikit...

Anakmelayu, i got satu question for anda. What about the Muslim Chinese? Tergolong sama dalam category awak di atas? Apa, hangpa lupa ka, ada orang Chinese ni pun yang Muslim? Pikiaq la sikit... Sopan la sikit cakap tu. Jangan sampai menghina bangsa, cukup la takat kutuk personaliti orang yang terlibat saje. Biadap kalau kutuk sampai tok-nenek.

Cuba Renung apa di kandung dalam Kitab Suci Al Quran:

Wahai umat manusia! Sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan kamu dari lelaki dan perempuan, dan Kami telah menjadikan kamu berbagai bangsa dan bersuku puak, supaya kamu berkenal-kenalan (dan beramah mesra antara satu dengan yang lain). Sesungguhnya semulia-mulia kamu di sisi Allah ialah orang yang lebih taqwanya di antara kamu, (bukan yang lebih keturunan atau bangsanya). Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui, lagi Maha Mendalam PengetahuanNya (akan keadaan dan amalan kamu).

Surah Al Hujuraat, Ayat 13.

Anonymous said...

I am a Malay and my best friends are Chinese!
When they talk to me they do not see me as a Malay but an EQUAL!

Only weak Malays or insedure Malays are 'threathened' by the Chinese

Anonymous said...

Comments made by people such as ' anak melayu' above makes mme SICK!

Anonymous said...

Lee from mit here, oh sry i wasn't serious just simply type.

-sry- because is blog, use simple language is enough..


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Comments made by people such as ' anak melayu' above makes mme SICK!

...OK!! Y dont u juz go puke on urself then, if u're feeling that sick... afterall, u guys r SICK nway, not 2 mention uncultured...

Anonymous said...

It is indeed amazing that in this modern and educated times that there are bloggers like 'Anak Melayu' above who proudly flaunt their ignorance, stupidity and lack of sensitivity around.

Poor soul....!Itsll' so pathetic that he is so comfortable in his 'coconut shell' of denial.

Anonymous said...

anakmelayu, where's ur adat? please don't call urself a malay, clearly u have none.

just imagine ur a non-bumi. wud u have acted the way they did?

i presume, u wud have done things even more idiotic than ur language serves u, my fellow "malay".

dude, grow up. ur in ur forties.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10/07/2006 07:33:00 PM said...
As much as freedom of speech is concerned, comments are often a person's personal opinion and does not neccesarily reflect a certain race or certain party's opinion.

exactly. there isn't a need to attack each other based on one's race. instead, utilise your time to post some constructive arguments on 'Education in Malaysia', which is what this blog's for.

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling that anak melayu is simply making up stories regarding his achievements.
there are many educated and sensible malays out there but i just don't think he's one of them.

anak melayu(and everyone else who makes racist remarks): no offence to you but in order to gain recognition from people you yourself need to be convincing and talk with some sense.

Anonymous said...

"Anak Melayu" does not represent the Malays! He is an exceptional example of a tupid and beligerant idiot which is a shame to all Malaysians and Malays

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

I was quite surprised with all those bad perceptions on Malays and uitm.

I still remember during my study at UUM, my lecturer assigned a group project and we were not allowed to choose our groupmates. With a reason she wants us to mix, malays, chinese and indians. Majority of chinese students were not happy coz in their mind, malays are lazy and etc. For myself, I always prepared before going for group discussion. So, during our first meeting (our group, 2 malays and 2 chinese), my groupmates Lee Lee and Ang Eng Bok were quite surprised coz I've prepared all related materials for my group project. Starting from that night, there were no more bad perceptions that "Malays are lazy". They told me, "kami rasa malu sebab selalu sangka semua orang melayu malas". I still remember, during the final phase of our project, Eng Bok told me " biar saya saja yang taip, saya sudah sangat malu sebab you dah buat banyak kerja". Since that, we are close friends. Lee lee always come to my room, sending me prezents during my birthday, and she invited me to join the motivation session organized by chinese students. She came to fetch me (with her proton wira), and we went to hotel uum together for the motivatin session.

and... in another story, during my primary school at Convent, we malays, chinese and Indians were close friends. We had parties, singing, learning and playing together. Till now, we are still contacting each other.

Can't we malays, chinese and Indians, live happily ever after as Malaysians? Why should we "kutuk mengutuk" each other. Chinese always argue about "hak istimewa orang melayu", but if let say "Malaysia, asalnya hak milik orang cina dan melayu jadi pendatang" I'm sure that chinese also want to have "hak istimewa". But do you chinese realize that we malays dah korbankan banyak hak istimewa? During the british era, your ancestors were given hak istimewa where "orang cina diletakkan di bandar-bandar dan diberi hak melombong bijih timah, orang melayu di kampung-kampung dan orang india di estet-estet". Chinese generations today are so lucky coz their ancestors were given all these "hak istimewa" by british, for which your ancestors gained a lot of profits and with the money, they set up businesses and "orang melayu support the businesses". So, today's chinese generation are so lucky coz they inherit all these businesses from their ancestors and can just proceed to gain more profit for which the majority market are from malays. But we malays, our ancestors were very poor. At kampung, what can they do? At that time "nak bercucuk tanam, sikit-sikit sahaja, no technology or if available, it was very expensive" So pity to us malay nowdays, our ancestors were not that rich. That is the reason why I don't agree with a statement that "we chinese pay more tax". Yes, maybe you are paying more tax but do you realize that all of you gain a lot of profits and we malays are the one who support your busines, who contribute a lot to your profit, by buying from you. Dear Malaysians, life is too short... let us live happily together... Chinese as they claim that they are very good, rich and etc., should help others so that we can develop Malaysia together.

and regarding all the "kutuk" to uitm, I would like to share my comments in other blog:

Dear all,

Regarding banyak comments yang mengutuk UiTM, suatu masa dahulu saya juga merasakan taraf uitm amat jauh jika nak dikatakan world class (my degree, master and phd not from uitm). Namun setelah saya menjadi tenaga pengajar di uitm, saya sedar, jika dibandingkan dengan ipta yang lain dan lain-lain universiti terkemuka dunia, sesungguhnya uitm amat saya kagumi. Ramai yang mempertikaikan bahawa pelajar uitm bukanlah pelajar cemerlang spm, tapi hakikat sebenar yang harus kita kagumi adalah bagaimana uitm dapat mendidik pelajar-pelajar lemah ini untuk berjaya ibarat konsep “garbage in genius out”. Contohnya, ada pelajar yang ketika SPM hanya mempunyai 5 kredit sahaja, dengan agregat hampir gred 3, dengan adanya uitm, pelajar ini dididik bermula dengan kursus pra, diploma, ijazah, master dan kini sudah sampai ketahap phd. Malah pelajar ini juga berjaya mendapat anugerah pelajar terbaik MICPA. Jika kita katakan Harvard dan Cambridge lah yang paling bagus, memanglah bagus sebab yang masuk harvard dan cambridge pun semua top students. So.. which one is more significant…. “Genius in genius out” or “Garbage in Genius out”???

Memang pensyarah uitm kurang penerbitan dalam refereed jurnal, namun hakikat sebenarnya, pensyarah tidak punya masa yang cukup, lantaran tugas mengajar adalah 18 hingga 24 jam seminggu (tidak termasuk tugas pentadbiran, consultancy dengan pelajar dan lain-lain tugas universiti). Ini kerana uitm masih mengamalkan sistem kelas-kelas kecil bagi mendidik pelajar yang lemah. Tidak seperti ipta lain, tugas mengajar hanya 6, 8, atau 10 jam seminggu, bakinya banyak diperuntukkan untuk penyelidikan.

Bagi tony dan rakan-rakan yang banyak mengutuk uitm, saya cadangkan supaya anda datang sendiri dan lihat betapa ramainya bangsa cina dan india yang di beri peluang mengajar di uitm, dengan layanan dan hak yang sama rata dengan pensyarah bangsa melayu. Jika pensyarah cina atau india memohon biasiswa untuk phd, mereka juga diberi peluang untuk keluar negara seperti kaum melayu. Jika pensyarah dihantar ke luar negara untuk pertandingan penyelidikan seperti di Geneva, INPEX USA, British Invention dan lain-lain, pensyarah cina dan india juga diberi peluang contohnya seperti Dr. Wong, Dr. Teh, Dr. Choo, (Pharmacy). Saya menyarankan agar tony dan rakan-rakan datang ke uitm dan lihat betapa kami para pensyarah di uitm bekerja dalam suasana berbilang kaum dan bersama-sama menjalankan penyelidikan.

World Class University adalah global aspiration uitm. Bukannya uitm mengaku ianya world class tetapi itu adalah halatuju uitm (if not mistaken, sasarannya dalam tahun 2010). All of us sepatutnya gembira dengan keazaman uitm untuk menjadi world class.

Jika nak dikatakan kualiti pendidikan uitm amat rendah, saya rasa tidak sesuai kerana ramai lulusan diploma dan ijazah uitm dapat menghabiskan master dan phd di universiti terkemuka dunia dengan jayanya.

Anonymous said...

I have been to UITM a few times...

I beg to differ with your opinions

When you say the teaching staff of other universities teaches about 6,8 or 10 hours, are you only referring to contact time with students in lecture halls? What about supervising, tutorials, preparing lectures, supervising students research??

Please do yr research deeper and come out with real solid facts and data...

Regarding yr gold medals tally at international trade exhibitions, these practises have been ' discredited' in parliament.

Please stop making me laugh...
silence is golden

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

I did mentioned "lantaran tugas mengajar adalah 18 hingga 24 jam seminggu (tidak termasuk tugas pentadbiran, consultancy dengan pelajar dan lain-lain tugas universiti)" . It seems that you missed it when reading my comments.

Regarding medals won, I would like to ask you, have you been (visiting or participating) to Geneva, INPEX, BIS etc., or other local research exhibition and competition such as ITEX, MTE, Biotech Asia etc? I advised you to go and if can, participate and compete your invention there. This May, 18-20, ITEX will be held at KLCC, see by yourself, what do we mean by research competition. I am so sure that chinese students (from primary and secondary schools and also from SRJKC) who participated in ITEX last year and were selected to showcase and compete their invention in Korea which was organized by KIPA, would be very sad reading your comments. Just imagine, 3 chinese girls aged 9, invented a sandal that acts as vacuum cleaner, and with people like you, always like to "hentam" other people, for sure one day, when these kids grow up, hey will also hate you.

Regarding the issue of geneva exhibition, I went there last year and from what I heard, the issue came out coz our Ministry received "surat layang" from one chinese lecturer who really frustrated coz he/she won nothing. Even from uitm also, one chinese lecturer won nothing but she told me, "well.. thats the nature of competition, maybe my invention need some modification to reach the novelty and practical to be commercialized status".

If you are still not clear about the competition, I would like to invite you to join Malaysian Invention and Design Society (MINDS), and have a discussion with Tan Sri Augustine Ong and other members regarding Geneva, Korea or other research exhibition. Come on lah... be professional.... as you said "Please do yr research deeper and come out with real solid facts and data...".....

Anonymous said...

Many of the comments posted in Malay here are obviously written by UiTM graduates. This again proves that in general, UiTM graduates have very poor standard of English. They are so ashamed to write in English. This concludes that UiTM is a Kampung-Class university. Admit it! The world know it!!!!

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