Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blame the Jews

As part of the compulsory classes to obtain their BA(Hons) and MA Thuggery degrees, students are required to attend a workshop conducted by Biro Tatanegara (BTN). As part of the workshop programme, students are taught the mechanics of relating all perceived evils in the world, or for that matter, any party who doesn't belong to the "right" camp, to Jews.

I'm actually a bit taken aback by the fact that the government actually conducts these type of blatant brainwashing sessions with our university students!
...Malaysiakini reported that first-year students of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) were told at a seminar organised by BTN that foreign elements which want to see chaos in Malaysia were funding certain student groups. The speakers drew a link between these local student groups, ASA and the National Endowment for Democracy, a non-profit organisation which they said was sponsored by American and Jewish elements.

During the seminar, the speakers had singled out several Chinese-based student groups such as the Malaysia Youth and Student Democratic Movement (Dema), USM's Chinese language society (USMPBT) and USM student progressive front (USMSPF).
USMPBT chairperson Loo Chuan Boon has clarified that USMPBT received its funding through Chinese guilds and associations and fund raising programmes.

I mean why the heck will Jewish or American elements want to even bother funding a Chinese-based society within a internationally insignificant university belonging to a internationally almost insignificant country?

You can also find out more about BTN on their website, in which they described the above session, compulsory for all freshmen as a seminar to "enable participants to experience, cherish and sharpen the culture and value of dynamic leadership". And for your information, Biro Tatanegara is part of the Prime Minister's Department.

I can only say that these stooges at the BTN are just absolutely out of their minds.


Anonymous said...

Another AAB pet project!

Anonymous said...

..another premise to conclude that the traditional thinking of universities being central to national success and helping to shape the futures of young citizens are purely nonsensical now in this country ...

Anonymous said...

Blatant accusations without concrete evidence is equivalent to bullshit.

Anonymous said...

All these brain washing session really works. Went thru and seen its effect, and here's the story.

I grew up in premier school BM High School (same as Pak Lah) and we have a very diverse ethnics composition of students and teachers. Two of my Malay friends who were in the Prefects Board were seen as a potential leaders; sort of excel and outspoken in many things...but never radical.

They went to matriculation and IPTA. When i get to know them again (after several years hiatus), oh gosh...they've really changed. They daringly post racist articles on online community (Friendster) bulletin board and blog.

When i was studying at Kelantan, unlike other IPTAs, all the students (of all races) have to undergo a week of BTN. Needless to say, i was shocked with the very biased lectures delivered.

Seriously, I think the way the politicians trying to brainwash the youngsters (for their own selfich political mileage) is going to ruin this country completely.

Anonymous said...

built/encourage race unity in school and have the National Service to built on it...then when it matter most, at higher intelectual level with potential leaders in sight, destroy it with this kind of rubbish brainwashing session? Nah, here we have it the Malaysian mould to national I see hopes???


Anonymous said...

Who are they to blame people, fighting for so-called freedom of Palestinians, etc when they themselves are doing what they think the Jews are doing right behind their own backyard?

They are discriminating each and everyone of the people in this country, whether the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazanz and orang Asli, by ignoring and removing their basic human rights, such as freedom of religion, etc. Heard of the case of Lina Joy?

Why are they wasting their time and money doing all this nonsense when they can do more by helping the needies in the country? There are plenty of underpriviledge citizens in the country!!

Malaysia boleh! Yeah, boleh balik kampung =P

Anonymous said...

As far back as 8 years ago, I was told that such activities are actually very common. That first year bumiputera undergraduates are given such anti-someone speeches normally its anti-Chinese or anti-Western. They are told to 'beat the Chinese' and there are 'conspriracy by the Chinese and the West' etc. These bits of news comes from those who have attended undergraduates here including from bumiputera who finds it uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Confucius says....those that preach in the dark have something to hide...
or they didnt pay their electricity bills!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm one of those bumis uncomfortable with this phenomena. I have been to the BTN camp (compulsory for all govt-sponsored scholars) and had to sit through several hours of BS(bulls***) containing anti-Chinese/anti-western/anti-semitic propagandas. I have no idea why they do this. It certainly doesn't drive Malays to do better. They just blame their future failures on the evils of the westerners/Chinese/Jews. Honestly, it is very disconcerting.
Another thing. Our ustaz (affiliated with BTN) used to try to brainwash us with those biased, unjustified, racist viewpoints. The sad thing? The Malays believe it. How do I know? Now THEY spread the propaganda. The saddest thing about all of this is that the ustaz is a person most Malays look up to, for he supposedly holds a wealth of religious knowledge, and is supposed to be noble and wise.
Sometimes I am ashamed to call myself Malay. I refuse to be associated with such stupidity and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Thu Sep 14, 06:41:16 PM

Then you should stand out and speak up against such practice! No point saying that you regretted or ashamed about those trivial things here. Go out and fight for what you think isn't right!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well it depends on the lecturer presenting the paper. Many enjoy throwing in their own facts during those BTN lectures.

Like how the Chinese and Indians 'squeezed' and 'threatened' Umno during the 1999 elections for more concessions. Or like the 128 students who did not gain a place to study Medicine in 2004 were actually using fake exam results. (they were mostly non-bumis, remember?)

But what can I say? The govt has me by the neck with a scholarship!

Anonymous said...

To anon on Thu Sep 14, 07:09:54 PM:
I HAVE spoken out against such practice. Of course I have. I wrote to the ministry and everything, but never got a reply.
As for the ustaz, I talked to him about my discomfort. Surprise, surprise, other lecturers came to see me about and told me that my scholarship could be withdrawn if I do something like that again.
It's quite interesting how oppressed scholarship-holders are. It's quite interesting how oppressed Malaysians are, in general. Freedom of speech? Riiiight

Anonymous said...

If the govt wants to prove that Malaysia 'Boleh', then we should be defying the j-s that we can be a country that is tolerant, diverse, fair & equitible for all. The pollies are only digging themselves deeper & playing into the hands of those who want Malaysia to fail.
Let us put a stop to our own ignorance & prove to the world we are better than the bickering that is only a result of our parochialistic views. Malaysia's reputation & economy is at stake in this Kampung Bumi.