Monday, September 25, 2006

My First Podcast

Hey, I've got my very first podcast out on the internet! :) Listen to it @ KL Stream today. It's a short 3-minute clip in a chat/interview with KL Stream founder, Oon Yeoh where I talked about the blog, the reasons for starting it, and where it can hopefully go from there. Not the prettiest of photo of yours truly up there, but hey, I'm not too vain :)

Personally, I'm not sure about how popular podcasts would be and I must admit that this podcast is the very very first that I actually listened to. And I'm actually pleasantly surprised that even by downloading and listening to it via my Digi Edge mobile internet access, the speed was good and the sound was clear. And I understand from Oon that despite just starting the site, he gets thousands of downloads a day!

So that gets me thinking of whether I should be trying to set up a permanent type podcast of my own dealing specifically on educational issues. Besides just talking about issues, we could do Q & As with readers and participants, and even be a start to a student's counselling and advisory process e.g., "how should I go about applying to the top schools in the United States?"

What do you think? Would you pay attention to podcasts? Let me know, and I'll go figure out if I can squeeze more time for this little additional venture. :)


Anonymous said...

Once you put in pictures and sound or voices, you will lose the" mysterious factor" that you find in blogs.
You will probably not get hot responses as you are having with this blog. You got to admit that most bloggers here prefer degree of "anonymity". That is what makess blogginging and commenting fun.

If your Ipod approach is accepted , you might as well start a Tony P & KM friendster page!

Just stick with the presemt popularity of your blog now and do not re engineer it like what our government is doing with our education system.

By the way Tony, beauty or being handsome and cute are not important characteristics for macho guys like you. Even if you wear a Pirate's eye patch, or walk using one leg and a crutch with a dumb parrot on your shoulder, you will still be hot and popular here.

You look great in your present pic in your blog...put it as scale of minus one on scale of 5! he he he Joke ok??

Anonymous said...


just wanna say.. stuff you got there

..sounds like look more than OK and hear you clear..

we know you can and will win over your readers
hands down..

do try to make it work :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, you should take podcast as one of the medium to engage your readers, especially when you're talking about education issues here.

I believe readers have a lot to share on this, make it work.

Anonymous said...

Downloading 1+ Mb of mp3 file is okay for a broadband user, I would appreciate if you would consider dialup users. Reduce the bit rate of the mp3 file, therefore the file size, it will be good news for dialup users like me.

Chen Chow said...

Tony, congrats on your 1st PodCast!

Regarding the usage of PodCast, it could be one of the alternatives to be used. However, it would make those who are on Dial-Up a little disadvantaged, as they might not have the patience to wait for it to be downloaded.

Hence, my suggestion would be to still utilize blog (or may be even a website or forum) as the main communication tool, and use podcast as an additional resources.

Having Q&A is definitely a great idea~! It will allow readers to succintly find out what they wish to know. It could be in the form of FAQ too!

Great job, Tony~!

Anonymous said...

hi Mr. Tony,

Why your 26/9 podcast interview about how to make it in IT no sound?