Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Center for Public Policy Studies (CPSS)

The website for ASLI's Center for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) is up and running (beta version). You can download the controversial and by now, famous (or should I say infamous), report on the 45% Bumiputra equity here. They also have pretty good reports on a host of interesting issues including the state of tertiary education in Malaysia. You can be sure that we'll be blogging about some of the findings and recommendations of CPPS (and maybe giving some constructive criticisms as well).


Jerng said...

hello kian ming. is it true you're back in town? we should meet up with tricia and the like.

Anonymous said...

How much is a good report worth in Malaysia?

Nothing, said our government. Don't be pandai-pandai stirring up unnecessary emotions and challenging the findings of the government's authoritative agency. Withdraw otherwise .... nanti will treat you like lalang and ISA, baru tahu.