Saturday, January 20, 2007

National Education Blueprint is out

Finally, the National Education Blueprint 2006 to 2010 out online on the MOE website. You can download it in two parts here. It's only in Malay and it takes a long time to download because of the size of the files (5.5MB each, approximately). For some reactions, read here and here. I'm sure there will be a full report in this weekend's Star education section. In the meantime, Tony and I will go through the report and share our own reactions in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, methink it will not work, just words, words, words, and more words! The basic discriminatory attitide remains.

We need a major, major change in attitude of our ruling politicians: no child in this nation will be denied a proper education to realise fullest their potential! Can we acheive this?

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago, there was supposed to be a pilot study for smart schools. Abot 90 schools were chosen for this project. There was no news about the success or failure of the project but what I do know is that suddenly all the schools were supplied with computers and laptops , never mind the fact that teachers might not be using them.

Now another ambitious project is launched. As with the smart school project, everything looks great on paper. As usual,teachers are never consulted in the planning stage. Is it any wonder then that things often don't go the way it should?

Another thing - only crazy teachers would want to apply to teach in cluster schools (can you imagine all thee stress that comes with high expectations?). So I suppose the
only way to staff the cluster schools would be to pinch them from other schools....never mind what they or their own students have to say!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tony ,

Thanks for the URL .

I downloaded and briefly went through the contents.

To me it is merely a wish list. I must admit that it is a "grand and spectacular" launching as it comes with a streaming video.

It just my malay friend said : "Mati gaya, jangan mati accident"

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous 1/20/2007 10:12:00 PM , I agree that there is a need for a change in attitude among politicians. However, it all boils down to whether it is fully implemented. I also believe that every child should have proper education, especially those who are now marginalised. In fact, it is easy to make such policy to include every child in the education system …it would be nothing but just a piece of “white paper” with some underlying “wish lists”.

Perhaps the question we could ask is “what can we do to help achieve this?” Politicians and policy makers can appease everyone by showing us what we want, but the problem lies within its implementation. How many people who have aspirations are willing to get involved? How many people who have the “ability” are willing to sacrifice the “$” and work in the public services? As disheartening as it can be, this is a reality.

At anytime, anyone with a bachelor degree teaching at any private college could earn more that a graduate teacher’s salary under the public sector. Moreover, people with good skills and knowledge can also easily earn up to five-figure income monthly by providing tuition. Maybe we could suggest a rise in teachers’ salary to encourage more people to opt for teaching, but how much is enough? Undeniably, what private sector can offer seems to be more attractive...

Unknown said...


I'm having difficulty accessing the link to download the blueprint. Do you by any chance have any other alternative sites?