Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Malaysian public universities to expand overseas?

Saw this interesting bit in the Star today. It was reported The Minister for Higher Education, Tok Pah, said that several public universities had been invited to set up branch campuses overseas but declined to name them. Hmmm, interesting. Thus far, only Malaysian private university have expanded its wings overseas namely LimKokWing and INTI college. What could be the rationale for Malaysian public universities to expand abroad? Which countries would they be expanding into? What impact would it have on the 'local branches' here in Malaysia? We'll be watching this issue very closely.


Unknown said...

I guess it will do Malaysia good by focusing on its public universities local programmes. The capital required to establish overseas campuses will be huge and intensive, which i doubt the government or any public uni can fully commit.
However, i have another take to
this issue. While, what the article spells out is the issue of foreign students, overseas campuses can be viable if they are set up to provide a platform for Malaysian students to gain exposure, training and opportunities. One good and working example is the National University of Singapore Overseas Colleges. http://www.overseas.nus.edu.sg/noc/colleges_siliconValley_intro.htm
This overseas colleges serves as platform for students to do internships and study on exchange at top foreign universities. NUS currently has 5 working campuses overseas. I guess this is the approach that the Malaysian university can look at when they want to branch out overseas.

clk said...

Another exercise in futility under the guise of "Lawatan Sambil Belajar" for the civil servants.

Please get your act right locally first before stepping out. Regain the trust of the locals before even thinking of going abroad!

Anonymous said...

If oxford or havard (Total impossibility), or Yales or even MIT are to have a campus in Malaysia. People would rush to join. To have Msia Uni. overseas, how many of the overseas student would they recruit? Or is it just another university full of malaysia student abroad?

Anonymous said...

Where we want get foreign students come?

Singapore? With world top Universities like NUS and NTU, they will not come.

Indonesia? They will rather go US/UK/Singapore.

India? Can our Universities compare to their IITs?

China? With our racial discrimination and looking at the way we treat our Chinese, you think they will come?

This will be another huge expenditure with no returns, if we don't put our own house in order first.

Anonymous said...

Better ask if the government has contribute to LKW college which is famous for architecture course. It seems like they are reaping the honour while LKW work their ways to decent reputation.

Wonder if the government did contribute to the college, otherwise, dont act as Msia's university can take on the world.

Anonymous said...

Even the University of New South Wales had trouble recruiting students for their Singapore campus (which has been closed), it is beyond my imagination that any foreigner with a right frame of mind would want to join our local university programmes. We might as well keep our resources here in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

We are hoping to open branch campuses in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Bosnia, Sudan, Tajikistan and Senegal.

We are very welcomed in these countries who welcome our cheap stuffs. We can help them obtain cheap Gold Medals at farcical exhibitions and show them the "Boleh" way.

We are experts in mediocrity and we will show them the ropes.

Anonymous said...

Another way of trafficking students and getting visas for them to work abroad

Anonymous said...

Probably to some contries in the African continent. Who would want universities that aren't in any ranking system?

CheaYee said...

why are they thinking of expanding, when there aren't even enough places for local universities?

Obviously providing for the needs of the rakyat is not the foremost thing on the authorities mind, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

"LKW college which is famous for architecture course."

Better qualify "famous". This blog made it's stand on quality very clear. Does this "famous" course allow it's graduates to register as architects overseas? Not Pakistan, Yemen, Congo, but Japan, Korea, USA, Europe.