Monday, July 23, 2007

"On The Other Side of the Fence"

I was interviewed by Mark Disney, fellow alumnus and a local publisher specialising in Education periodicals in Malaysia.

In the 3rd issue of "Prospect Malaysia, Malaysia's Premier Higher Education Magazine", he was kind enough to solicit my views on Malaysia's education system. And guess what, he juxtaposed it against another fellow alumnus, the more famous one, Khairy Jamaluddin - captioning the story "Young Turks on Education - UMNO's Khairy Jamaluddin and DAP's Tony Pua Square Off". (Note: It was a tame affair, for its 2 separate interviews ;))

Well, Mark was kind enough to submit my interview story to Malaysiakini as well, so you can read it here. It doesn't contain anything new which I have not said on this blog (and I think after more than 700 posts, we have said a lot!). But if you are looking for a concise version of my views, it's a good start. ;)

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CheaYee said...

Mark Disney. wow...he was among my lecturers in A-levels many years ago.