Saturday, August 04, 2007

Free SPM Revision Questions

The Times Guides have developed a SPM Questions book to be given away for free to SPM students. Its called Soalan Ulangkaji SPM 2007.

The book was developed with the help of a group of expert teachers who are question paper setters, text book writers and SPM paper markers. They were brought together by Ibrahim Saad, who was the Education Editor of Berita Harian, who also sub edited and coordinated the project for us.

Due to the high cost of printing, they could only print 10,000 copies to be given away for FREE to Form 5 students in 43 schools in Klang Valley.

However, as the book has good value and it can benefit more students, the Times Guide have produced an eBook version of the book for students to download for free.

Also available are tips to answering questions for SPM 2007. Thanks to S N Rajah for the note and offer. Good luck with your examinations! ;)

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