Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Irish International University Confirmed Bogus

I've written often before on Bogus Universities, in particular, one "Irish International University" with dozens of Malaysian "graduates", which for one reason or another remains in "business" without being subject to persecution by the authorities. And of course, its CEO, Prof Dr H. Sandhu is a holder of a "Grand PhD".

Well, in an article possibly harsher and better researched than those I've written, The Times confirmed IIU's status as a bogus university.
But the institution, which hires rooms at Oxford for its degree events, is neither Irish nor a university. It encourages foreigners to spend thousands of pounds coming to Britain to study for worthless qualifications.
Most important, note the following proof of its bogus status:
The Irish International University’s website boasts of a campus in Dublin but the address is only a mailbox. Universities in Ireland must be endorsed by the education ministry. However, a loophole in Irish law allows businesses to register names with “university” in their titles.

The university’s web pages claim that its degrees are backed by the “Quality Assurance Commission”. The body was traced to an office in North London where a woman was answering phones on behalf of various companies; there were no signs that a commission existed.

The university’s honorary chancellor and head of its council, known as “His Excellency Baron Knowth”, was tracked by BBC London to Monte Carlo, where he is a tax exile. He also has a £1.2 million townhouse in Kensington, West London.
And the university officials have admitted as much that as long as there are suckers for bogus qualifications, they will continue to give them "value for money".
Talking to an undercover reporter, the honorary chancellor, in fact a chartered accountant called Jeffrey Wooller, admitted: “Of course it’s dodgy. So long as they’re happy, what difference does it make? It’s not accredited so it’s not recognised anywhere.

“They [students] get their degree, they go to the convocation and employers accept the degrees. They’re happy, they tell their friends and the university multiplies. The university is giving value for money.”
It really can't get any funnier and dodgier than that! Thanks Steve K for the heads up! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I was doing some research on a company in Singapore and came across the extract from their website. Both are "doctors" holding PhD...

Executive Officer

"She holds a PhD in Business Administration from Western Pacific University – USA."


"She holds a degree in Applied Nutrition from the American Academy of Nutrition and an Honorary Ph.D from Kennedy Western University, USA."

Anonymous said...

I think Sach is back in UM today. I wonder if inviting Sach really help improve our ranking>>!!
If not its just a waste of our money

Anonymous said...


In BBC about this bogus university



Anonymous said...

The point is if the bogus universities are not recognised I agree! But what about our own non bogus universities which cant provide the high standard university education.
Now with so many private and even public universities given the charter to churn out their own degrees?
Got a feeling they are no better than the bogus universities except they are legal

Anonymous said...

Read Prof. Dr. Ismail's, who was recently made Senator. He received an honorary doctorate from Irish International University.

I would decline such a dubious honour, much less publicise it in the national papers.

What shame...

Anonymous said...

Regarding Prof. Dr. Ismail's, you can read from:


"In 2001, in recognition of his work as well as his contribution to the country and the international community, he was awarded the Doctor of Literature from the Irish International University by the European Union."

The Student.

Anonymous said...

He might be blind but his politics is sharp!

Anonymous said...

Yah, what about CSU from down under which provides bogus degrees and validates them because they are owned by the government.

Anonymous said...

Just in case anyone interested in their degree programmes, here it is :

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Apparently the VC of our local Twintech Uni College has a honorary doctorate from IIU too.


Professor Datuk Dr Ismail is the CEO of Twintech Holdings Sdn Bhd. and Vice Chancellor of Twintech International University College & Chairman of PPP Resource & Advisory Centre, Kuala Lumpur. He graduated with Bachelor of Science (Economics and Political Science) from State University of New York at Albany New York in 1973. He received his Master of Science (Economics) from the University of Illinois, USA in 1974 and obtained his Doctorate (PhD) in 1977 from the same university. He started his career as a Lecturer in Department of Economic Analysis and Public Policy, Faculty of Economics of University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in June 1977 before heading the department in 1981 for 3 years. For his knowledge in economics field, he was then appointed as the Head of Bureau of National Economic and Socio Economic Policy Studies at ISIS, in 1989 and as the Deputy Executive Director of Centre of Economic Research and Services in the Malaysian Business Council in 1990. Prior to his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of L&G Twintech Sdn Bhd, an educational portfolio company of Land & General Berhad in 1994, He was attached to ISIS (M) Kuala Lumpur form 1990 until 1994 holding two prominent posts; as the Assistant Director General and later, as the Deputy Director General. In the year 2001, as recognition for his works and contribution to Malaysia and International community, he was awarded the Doctor of Literature (D.Litt.) from the Irish International University by the European Union. Since the year 2000, Professor Datuk Dr Ismail is an Adjunct Professor of Economics, Universiti Utara Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


this is the actual link.

fotherington said...

Have a look at this Times of London article, where Jeff Wooller joins in the comments: "How can you say it is bogus when it is registered as a university in Ireland."