Friday, January 11, 2008

Too harsh on Sachs?

Perhaps I've been too hard on Jeffrey Sachs. Jeff Ooi blogged about how Sachs brought up some development issues which the Malaysian government needed to take into account in the state of Sabah. Plus, you can see some shots of Sachs visiting some of the more rural and poorer parts of Sabah, which is not usual for a renowned academic to do. Hopefully, he'll publish a paper evaluating both the successes and shortcomings of the government's policies on poverty reduction, especially in states like Sabah and Sarawak.


Anonymous said...

km sucks

Anonymous said...

you really talk too much for someone who is still doing his PhD. why dont you just finish your PhD and come back to Malaysia and work for a Malaysian university? then you can talk

Anonymous said...

Hello, do you guys (I'm guessing) know what a blog is? He can bloody well write whatever he wants to. You don't like it, go look elsewhere la! Oh better yet, start your own.

idlerambler said...

I find your blog to be or particular interest and relevance. Like Tony, I am a Malaysian who completed my secondary and JC education in Singapore.
I recently received an offer from Cambridge to read Natural Sciences and is currently considering the merits of studying in UK, vs NUS.
And then there is the problem of financing my education.
I would very much appreciate Tony's opinion regarding this matter.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

You can't blame Ang Mohs for taking advantage of our stupidity. But it is easier to criticize and change Ang Moh weakness than to criticize and change our own.

How practicality gets in the way of idealism. Welcome to politics.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous (1) 1/12/2008, (2) 1/14/2008 & (3) 1/27/2008:

I appreciate the fact that KM acknowledged his mistake and promptly made amendments in his views on this issue. The circumstances of the issue have changed, and it is only natural and right that one's opinion changes accordingly.

This is right thing to do rather than being a bigot and keep on harping negatively (& incessantly) about the issue based on expired facts. There is no shame in changing one's views when the circumstances change.

However, the three commenters above saw it fit to ridicule KM for being honest. It repulses me to see so many hiding behind anonymity (such as the above 3 immature/childsh/unwise commenters) to attack the person, rather than the issue.