Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Calling all US students and alumni

For our readers who are current US students and alumni of US universities, please think about volunteering your services to help out in organizing this years Discover US Education Fair. I think the name has been changed to USA for students. For more details, please go here. I think this is a fantastic initiative and thanks to people like Chen Chow, it is gaining momentum from year to year. If I was coming back this summer, I'd definitely sign up. Maybe next year. The date for this year's fair is June 14th, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Dear KM,
Is this fair relevant to the graduate studies i.e. PhD


Chen Chow said...

Thanks, Kian Ming for helping to publicize! Sorry that you couldn't make it this year. Hope to see you there next year!

To all readers of EducationMalaysia, would hope that all of you who are alumni or current students of US Universities, would be willing to represent your alma mater during the fair!

To all who want to know more about US Education, do sign up!

Do go to http://www.usaforstudents.org

We would have a few who have gotten into PhD program (one of them got into MIT, Stanford and Harvard, and she is going to MIT), although would say that a larger bunch of volunteers are those with undergrads. Hope to see more of you who have gotten PhD in US to sign up as facilitators to represent your alma mater, and then we can have greater PhD presence there!