Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spotlight on UiTM VC

After reading about UiTM students protesting against the Selangor MB's proposal to open up 10% of the places at UiTM to non-Malays, I decided to do a bit of 'investigative reporting' on UiTM. Initially I wanted to write about the philosophy of UiTM and how it might or might not be compatible with allowing non-Malays into UiTM. I'll write about this in part II of this spotlight but for Part I, I want to point our readers to the qualifications of the current VC of UiTM, Dato' Seri Prof Dr Ibrahim Abu Shah.

The esteemed VC lashed out at Khalid Ibrahim saying that "UiTM was the last educational bastion for the Malays and other Bumiputeras to help change their lot, hence no quarters should interfere with its founding objectives and administration."

So I thought that it was fair game for us to take a closer look at the qualifications of the VC. It is not the first time that the VC has appeared on this blog. Tony has highlighted him before here, here and here.

His VC webpage can be accessed here and he has been the VC of UiTM since 2001. He is an UiTM 'lifer', if you will. He graduated with a Diploma in Public Administration from ITM in 1971 (before ITM achieved its current university status). He then worked as an Executive Officer in the Malaysian Treasury from 1971 to 1972. He then left to further his studies in the US and obtained his BA in Economics from Ohio University in 1974 and an MA in Sociology from the same university in 1975 (must have been a good student to finish a BA and MA in 3 years!).

He then came back and was the deputy dean of students affairs at ITM Shah Alam, the site of its current flagship campus from 1976 to 1982. He then transitioned to a senior lecturer from 1981 to 1991. During this time, he took leave and obtained his PhD from the University of Maryland in Government and Politics. (For those of you who don't know, Maryland is a pretty good state university and I know that their polisci department is pretty good as well)

The title of his dissertation was:

"The use of higher education as an intervention strategy in the economic development of a plural society : a case study of Mara Institute of Technology in the economic policy of Malaysia"

In fact, this piece of work is the only academic reference I could find for the esteemed VC when I did a google scholar search under his name.

Upon his return from the US, newly minted PhD in hand, he was made the Provost of ITM Sarawak. During this time, I'm guessing that ITM expanded throughout the country in an aggressive manner. He was made the Deputy VC (Academics) in 1998 and because VC in 2001.

So, let's summarize his work and life experience thus far. He got his diploma from ITM and apart from one year at the Malaysian treasury and his time in the US, he has worked in an ITM all of his adult life.

His homepage gives a list of his publications including the must read "Gaya Hidup Remaja Masa Kini. (1997) Shah Alam: Biroteks, Institut Teknologi MARA" and "Pendidikan Bermutu Masyarakat Sejahtera. (1990) Kuching: Education Department, Sarawak". None of his publications are with a recognized refereed journal or publisher. Most, if not all of his publications, are with local publishers including UiTM, his own institution. Almost all of his publications have to do with his favorite subject, you guessed it - ITM.

Having established his academic credentials, which are of course worthy of a Professorship, let's examine some of his other, "credentials". This is what is listed under 'political contributions'.

1. UMNO Member (1968 - present)
2. Youth Leader, UMNO Kg. Pulai (1981- 1983)
3. Committee Member, UMNO Youths Jasin, Melaka (1982 - 1983)
4. Chairman (Founder) UMNO Club, Carbondale USA (1983)
5. President, UMNO USA Club (1985 - 1987)

So apart from being an ITM 'lifer', he is apparently an UMNO 'lifer' as well including being the founder of the UMNO Club in the US, probably in the first year of his PhD in Maryland.

Under 'outside contributions', he is listed as being an "Exco of Alumni UMNO Club (oversea) (1995 – present)". Ironically he is also a member of the "Committee of Advisor National Unity (Panel) February 2007 – December 2008" and an occasional speaker at BTN forums. Boy, what would I give to be a fly in the wall in one of his BTN lectures.

Under 'forums and talks', the following is listed:

"Talk to all Malaysians UMNO division heads about "Gerakan Anti Kerajaan Pelajar-Pelajar di Kampus-Pengalaman UiTM" – 15 November 2001"

If having an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of UiTM and being a loyal UMNO supporter are qualifications for the position of the VC of UiTM, the esteemed VC is probably the most qualified person in the universe. But if academic experience and an open outlook are the criteria, then... you guys finish the sentence.


Anonymous said...

yeah, i m 1st

clk said...

Being in the US, surely he has heard of something called "diversification"?

Anonymous said...

I think the MB of Selangor is very naive and stupid.His statement is only making the Malays like me, who were fed up of UMNO to rethink my position.Yes I think UMNO must be kick out but it must also be replaced by a better party.I have no qualms in kicking UMNO out but I will never surrender UiTM to non bumis.
In the last election I voted for this Sapari guy,whom I do know and never heard of before.Well if there is a by election tomorrow,I will not do it again.To think that I voted for a Johore guy as well(khalid samad)...I truly regret!

Anonymous said...

Leave 'Universiti' Teknologi MARA. They want to be mediocre and stupid. Don't bother.

What kind of an education institute (a tertiary one at that) that practices racial preferences deserves the status University? Bear in mind, it was promoted from Institut Teknologi MARA.

The Menteri Besar was just suggesting.SUGGESTING and he does not even have the power to do so.
Not all Universiti Teknologi MARA students and its alumnus are idiots. Same like other universities.

Its just that, right now a large majority of 'Universiti' Teknologi MARA student is really trying hard to look stupid, to sound stupid but do no want to admit that they are (exactly like lingam).

Unknown said...

If someone like Khalid said that UiTM should allocate 10% of its intake to non-Bumis 30 years ago, I can understand the outcry.

However, its now 2008 and times are very different from 1978. I would definately think that the Malays today are much more capable today compared to 30 or even 10 years ago, and we are only talking about 10%.

For arguement sake, sat UiTM takes in 100 students. This does not mean that the next intake UiTM only takes in 90 Bumis and 10 non-Bumis, thus depriving 10 deserving Bumis of their place in UiTM.

UiTM can take in 101 Bumis and an additional 10 non-Bumis. That's a win-win situation. UiTM should keep an open mind about this issue rather than make a racial issue out of this "open minded suggestion".

UiTM must remember that we live in the real world where competition exist. We are not only talking about competition amongst Malaysians but between Malaysia and the rest of the world.

If a University cannot prepare its students for the real world, then the Uni should be closed down.

Anonymous said...

Having read what the UiTM VC's response to MB Khalid proposal, it was easy to conclude why higher education had gone south in M'sia. Does the federal govt. funds UiTM? Does any portion of this taxes (per TDM more than 85%) come from non-bumiputra? Why is UiTM open to foreign students who pay lower tuition?
Ibrahim became a dean and VC without going through the rigors of academia. He got his appointment not because he has independent creative thoughts that can be translated to scholarship. He got it because he is a UMNO lifer. Plain and simple.
For Pak Lah to question Khalid's proposal after he has given his assurances that all Malaysians will be fairly treated under his leadership, just make me sick! It is time for change...every moment there is an opportunity to wipe out racism, Bangsa Malaysia should make an effort to kick these individuals out.
It is sad that the so many Malays fail to see that the racist policies is robbing them off the opportunity to be competitively in the private sector and the global world.
A M'sian with Ph.D teaching and doing research in USA!

Anonymous said...

I was the product of UiTM ( diploma and 1st degree). I'm all for the suggestion. I have no qualms whatsoever. I think majority of UiTM students have been in the comfort zone for a long time. They need some pressure to be competitive and that presure must come from the non-bumis.There's a prospect of healthy competition. I can't really understand why people are making such a big deal of the 10%. I wonder whether this 10 % will be attractive enough for the non-bumis to enroll themselves in UiTM.


Anonymous said...

Tahniah kepada MB Khalid, akan masyurlah dan disayangilah kamu oleh orang DAP.Mula2 ladang babi dan sekarang buka UiTM untuk bukan bumi.
Apa yang seterusnya YAB, buka Genting untuk orang islam? atas dasar 'freedom of action' atau buka gereja dan kuil untuk orang melayu? atas dasar 'freedom of choice of religion'Syabas Syabas Khalid!

Anonymous said...

Even now theres allready foriegn student there... there are not even bumi or malaysian... so what is 10% if we open to malaysian.. anyway we are malaysian who should b given the opourtunities...

Anonymous said...

ITM patut tukar nama jadi ITU ... U = umno. Makes it loud and clear, senang cerita. Bangsa lain pun tak kisah nak masuk.

It is truly the last bastion for those with aggregate 79 to get a degree in rempit arts and buang bayi science.

Aku melayu jugak.. tapi tak pernah mimpi nak masuk ITM pun (Never considered it as a uni).

Anonymous said...

UiTM is a third class university. The first class (academically) Malay will go study overseas, the second class will study in local universities other than UiTM.
Do you think UiTM is Malay's first choice? Do you think the rest want to study in the 3rd clard university?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All these student who protest looks like Saiful and KJ Clones.

We should look into the fears of these students. Letting non-malays in would raise the bar standard.
Meaning these student would actually have to study to get good grades. You should understand most of them cheated their into this U because of special rights not because of their grades. Now you want them to compete on an even field is unfair. What use is special right then. Let them have their false achivement and go on to the gov. sector. Don't worry about paying back the scholership,
We non-malay are always there to give you our tax money. Ohh then there's our EPF too.

BTW. ladang Babi itu di mulakan oleh orang UMNO sebelum PKR ambil alih Selangor. Know your facts before writing a comment.

Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken, it is the same person who announced in the staff meeting 2006 that UiTM had overtaken Harvard.

But what to expect?

Anonymous said...

overtaken harvard ... in what?

Unknown said...

i'm totally lost.

why made such a hu ha???

MB of selangor only gave a suggestion.

if you think the suggestion is good, take it. if it isn't, drop it. that's all.

why screaming like an idiot???

Anonymous said...

What the hell does UiTM VC have to do with the stupid remark made by MB?

Anonymous said...

i dont think for everyone need to be in "panic mode" about this.this is just a mere suggestion.nothing on serious level.

but i'm sure the idea arent well-received by the Uitm.even malays them self lots of them fails to further study at uitm.besides we have many other local universities and colleges.no need to argue lah.

Anonymous said...

I'm a engineering manager which hires a lot. I think most of us have encounter UITM students. Mostly the reason of hiring them is they have lower salary than the others. Yes, people do learn overtime but their thinking level cannot compete with other universities in a fresh graduate level. For engineering research I normally hiring local universities but salary is much higher.

I feel sad for all these student who protested. They will not be able to compete for higher salary. These UMNO politic tactic is killing these youngster future. Once the full globalisation comes, these youngster will have hard time finding jobs in private sectors.

Anyway, I think even they open up I dont think non-Malays will enter because there is no value when graduated. There are so many other better choices.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who studied in ITM 10 yrs ago. Studied final 2 yrs in UK, came back, jobless. End up work as receiptionist. Can't speak and write basic English. All broken. Why waste our public $ yah ? Those who enter ITM those days were those score Grade 2 or Grade 3. I dunno about now lah...anyway, give me also i dun wan to go...i rather pay money go elsewhere. No offence to my other malay frens yah...this one mainly pinpoint UITM case.

Anonymous said...

Lets think through this about what this is really about.

Do we believe that those UiTM students don't know that protectionism is bad and outside competition is healthy?

As bad as my experience with Mara students have been, I don't think they are ignorant.

So why did thousands of them are so galvanized? The answer is irrational fear and expectation. For almost all of them Mara is not their first choice and given that, the idea that even that could be taken away, added more pressure, just seems unfair especially given they are brought up with feelings of entitlement.

You can't argue with irrational fear and expectation, they have to come to their own conclusion with the truth in their face.

I bet you get a bigger reaction if a standardised study to benchmark students UITM with other universities even just locally would yield a even bigger protest.

All the more reason by Khalid makes sense but agains its irrational fear and expectation.

Anonymous said...

Leave them be, a racist institution, created by racist that churns out racist soot, befitting of unemployment.

Anonymous said...

Jangan masuk perangkap UMNO. Pusat pengajian tinggi untuk menimba ilmu & pengalaman. Lebih baik ada persaingan & berbilang bangsa supaya ada integrasi kaum & kefahaman tentang peradaban bangsa lain. Kita dah lama bersama dalam satu negara. Dah sampai masanya kita saling mengenali sesama sendiri.

Sue.Aleen said...

what a hu-ha! it has been discussed la wey in 2002!

i'm a UiTM product myself. don't blame the system because of a stupid VC. the system is good. even the passing mark for English placement test during my time (96) was 80%. the lecturers in my school, have a strict way to mark our papers!

in 98-99, i walked in to UK education exhibition to enrol myself to UK's university. i got the offer though i was only in my 4th semester (part 4, we'd say). fast track. but i didn't go because as a kg girl, money was a big matter for me. from my observation, the participant universities were well-versed with the brand of UiTM (formerly ITM) because the standard met their requirements.

later, i worked with a big property co in project department. i learnt from an entry level and been promoted 3 years in a row by a Chinese manager!

it touched my heart when i saw the protest photos. i wonder what will happen to my junior generation. i don't object to the demo, but the demo without basic knowledge to the legal aspect, will show us your stupidity.

how can a powerless man like Selangor MB will change the UiTM Act 2000? he's not in the cabinet anyway...

Anonymous said...

If Mara does not want to excel for the good of its graduates and later their careers, what can we do. The Selangor MB's suggestion meant well for the Malay students at Mara too - they better understand the word "competition" now during their honeymoon years and learn how to survive b'cos' the world outside is real and cruel. You will regret over your dean's objection. The dean has a pea brain and is living in a well.

Unknown said...

I was always under the impression that Civil Servants are suppose to be apolitical, ie you can be an ordinary member of a political party and vote in the GE but should not participate in active politics, else the Civil Servant should resign from Government Service and join the Cabinet.

The VC of UiTM is so active in UMNO that he should be a Minister and not serve in the capicity of VC, which is suppose to be neutral from politics.

Would the Government teh said VS is all his memberships was say in PAS / PKR instead of UMNO?

Anonymous said...

ZzZ...it's nothing new. We can't expect much from an institution that fears diversification and competition, even from within with the local students. This kind of outmoded establishment will be phased out eventually in the face of globalisation where everybody can learn and research anywhere, anytime around the world. Unless it makes itself the bastion of all humankinds and not just for certain races and creeds, Uitm will forever be the 'katak di bawah tempurung'.

Anonymous said...

I'm a manager in a MNC in Malaysia. Our recruitment team has been to UITM campus and also conducted interview in our campus face to face for UITM students. Sad to say, UITM graduates are not up to mark when compared to other university graduates. They are even worst when compared to UNIMAP (newly establish university in Perlis). Most UITM graduates can't speak proper english and tend to use Bahasa Melayu during interview session.
One point that UITM students are not aware is that to become a successful leader in a multi-cultural workforce in MNC companies, they must be able to mingle and lead non-bumi or bumi workers in the company. They also need to compete for a promotion through meritrocacy. If the current UITM graduates are so racist and not able to accept and mingle with other races, long run, they will be on the losing end compared to other university graduates. University is an institution for quality learning. It is also a place for UITM future leaders to learn how to lead non-bumis and understand the culture and social value of other races if they form the majority in the student councils (which is always the case in other universities in Malaysia). Why limit your learning scope with this narrow minded prspective of "UITM is for Bumiputra only"? Bumiputra rights will not be eroded just because 10% of UITM seats are given to non-bumi.
Tax payers money are used to fund UITM existence and these tax payers are from bumi and non-bumi. Why deny opportunity for non-bumi to UITM when foreigners are already studying there? Adakah bangsa luar negara lebih bermartabat tinggi berbanding bangsa Malaysia? Di mana rasionalnya?
I'm a Malaysian and I still have high hope that Malay students will break away from fear of "bangsa pendatang." A nation with ~70% Malay population, will only collapse because of ourselves and not because of non-bumis in Malaysia. Inilah kepedihanku sebagai anak bangsa Melayu!

Unknown said...

The UiTM is the greatest UMNO achievement,creating a generation of aristocratic malays fit for comfort zones. Sleep on boys...

Anonymous said...

Funny place this ITM! I graduated from a local University, which in my community, is a great achievement (what with the race factor and all)!

Then I hear that 3 students from my Form Five class had also graduated! From ITM!

The funny thing is that the 3 were the most consistent students. Consistently bottom of class!

I say let ITM be. Its where idiots mingle.

plato's disciples said...

"A bastion for Malays and other bumiputeras." oh my what a defensive statement.

I think for all it worth,10% is not that much and plus give a better diversity in the campus.

It's weird that university in Malaysia doesn't reflect the percentage of races that exist. Doesn't the student sense something is missing?

There's more to college than education.

Anonymous said...

I switched on Bernama radio 24 last night and up came this interview with this so called 'VC'...

During the interview, probably due to the lack of any comment from the 45% of Malaysians on this issue, our good 'VC' saw fit to read out a purported 'surat layang' he received long ago degrading the Malays, calling them names and such, in effect using it to justify the perceived threat towards his concept of 'ketuanan' and stoke racial anger.

Hello 'VC', don't put words into the mouths of other Malaysians when there was nothing uttered in the first place.

Thanks MB Khalid but the other 45% of Malaysian are not asking for UITM to be opened to them. If this ultras want to keep them, go ahead, we don't want in either.

Anonymous said...

i have to say that some of the comments is really good.but all of you should understand the..

the history -

the background - http://www.uitm.edu.my/uitm/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=20&Itemid=138

the Philosophy,Mission,Vision,Objectives - http://www.uitm.edu.my/uitm/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=66&Itemid=139

after u've read and understand,then you're free to make your own opinion.some people dont really undertstand an issue and they just jump on the bandwagon.

Shawn Tan said...

Personally, I think that all the politicians should stay out of MARA's hair. If the government steps in and changes things, where will it end?

If UiTM is opened up completely, it is against the entire purpose of setting up MARA. MARA was set up to better the lot of the bumiputera by providing them direct assistance. So, the question isn't just about opening up a single education institution or a whole series of junior colleges, but whether or not MARA should exist in it's present form. That is a less straightforward question to answer.

Opening up public universities is one thing. Opening up MARA is quite another. If it opens up, then the very existence of MARA is threatened, it's very purpose of existence is in question.

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya disinilah silapnya pelajar kita dan orang Melayu khususnya kerana cepat sangat melatah. Kita sepatutnya harus sedar sebenarnya MB Selangor hanya 'bermain' dengan kata-kata. Beliau sendiri tahu bukan senang untuk melaksanakan apa yang dicadangkan itu. Beliau ada agenda tersendiri bila berkata begitu..

Beliau nak menarik perhatian bukan Melayu untuk menyokong PKR dan membenci kerajaan. Beliau sengaja membangkitkan kemarahan pelajar UiTM dan bangsa Melayu. Bila mereka protes, bangsa lain akan nampak Melayu bersungguh menentang cadangan itu. Selepas itu bangsa lain akan mula menentang Melayu. Lalu mereka pun memuji MB Selangor kerana membuat cadangan tersebut yang memberi peluang bukan Melayu masuk UiTM dengan kuota 10%... Disinilah beliau cuba memainkan sentimen perkauman semata-mata untuk meraih penyokong bangsa lain...

Anonymous said...

Check the calender, there are a few big event comming up (UMNO party election, By-election, MCA party election). The more people comment on the issue the better, someone might raise up to be the next hero for their community. I sincerely feel that the main culprits for racial issue are our political figures, not the Ahmad, Ah Chong or Muthu that stay next to your house. Stop commenting and they will have no ground to incite racial sentiment.

Anonymous said...

If we are to treat UITM as a university rather than a political tool, then it should be subjected to all the scrutiny and bench marking by academic criteria.
If however we are to regard UITM as a political tool and a "crutch" for certain groups then that is a different issue
I believe the Mentri Besar of Selangor and all the citizens of Malaysia have the right to comment on the quality of education of UITM
I would not be surprised the protest against the MB of Selangor and regarding UITM as a Bastion of certain groups of people is more instigated emotionally rather than analysed rationally
Competition is good for all! That is how evolution and selection of species occur.
UITM cannot exist in this self "katak bawah tempurung" attitude yet at the same time thinking about its "global" image
Guess this is another of UNMO's circus of antics or delirium

Anonymous said...

BillBoard Hashim is one of the products of UITM. Look how he messed up the standard of our UM

Anonymous said...

BTW, was:

a) Protest given police permit?
b) Contravene UUCA and UiTM students policy?
c) Where are the FRU/Police to safeguard the peace in ShahAlam?

Anonymous said...

different law for different people...maaa

Anonymous said...

menyalahkan satu2 institusi atas kesalahan org lain bkn perkara yg btl..x perlu rasanya menyalahkan org lain atas kesalahan yg dilakukan..dan,bg sy,xperlula nak politikkan isu pendidikan..di situ la remaja belia menuntut ilmu..yup,pengalaman penting,pengetahuan mengenai isu semasa juga perlu,tp,biarkanla kami menuntut ilmu sblm disesakkan dgn segala mcm hal dan penipuan dlm bidang politik ni..dan,secara jujurnya,it's not necessary to open the 10% quota to non bumis since uitm was created to give a better education to the bumis..sy bkn mengatakn melayu shj,tp golongan di sbh dan srwk..so,what's left if uitm will be open to non bumis?i'm not a racist,nvr..malaysia yg diturunkan oleh nenek moyang kita ni adalah disebabkan perpaduan semua kaum,bkn hanya satu kaum shj..appreciate it,jgn pecah belahkan dan rosakkan apa yg telah diberikan..

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it is better not to open up the 10% for non-bumis. Even though they do, who will be suffering towards the end? 90% of the bumis? or the 10% of non-bumis? As mentioned earlier, we have heaps of colleges/universities out there. Brothers and sisters, please allow the bumis to have their comfort zone. Otherwise someone else will have a miserable tertiary education experience. They might regret for life!!

Anonymous said...

kesian. 51 years of independence? Ceh.

Anonymous said...

Betul juga tu! Biarkan lah UITM untuk kaum Bumiputra or UNMO. Tanpa UITM kita tak dapat mengeluarkan siswazah dari universiti2 lain. That is their ONLY escape valve

Parvinder Kler said...

It's disappointing to note the comments of those who feel the uni should remain bumiputera only. The world we live in is not just made up of bumiputeras-if unis are to be a microcosm of society, they also need to be multicultural. It's not about taking away from the bumiputeras but actually helping those bumis already in UiTM perform better.

I am a lecturer in Australia, and the Malay students I see and speak to are brilliant-they are here competing and mixing with people from all over the world and the end result is that they become better students, and later hopefully better members of society. To think that the same opportunity is being denied to bumis at UiTM saddens me.

Besides, will those defenders of UiTM bumi-only policy please tell me why it is ok to have foreign students but not okay for non-bumi Malaysians to enter?

MARA=Majlis Amanah Rakyat. I suggest we change the name, since clearly non-bumi=non-rakyat.

madstone said...


I'm also a product of ITM, graduated during 90's era. Era of what actually? Era of bunch of malays who went to ITM just to enjoy & flirting around.

Section 2 is the proved of what i meant plus tasik Shah Alam. Lot of ITM couples wasting their father, mother & JPA money to fulfill their lust and passion.

Worst come to worst, wasting father, mother & JPA money to buy cigarettes.

I think ITM got more dropouts than any other Unis.

Anonymous said...

Who cares!UITM is one of the worlds most f#cked up university! (it doesn't take a genius to know why, but if you don't, you must probably be a bumi!)
The bumi's can keep if for themselves! I will never consider joining UITM even if they beg me! Thuiii!

Anonymous said...

10% here, 10% there...

Why not try something more bold?

Here's my suggestion. Let's make an the educational equivalent of the Iskandar Development Region.

Let's have one government-funded campus, or maybe a cluster of campuses, which are 100% meritocracy-based. Entrance by STPM only, or maybe STPM and A-Levels. No co-curriculum considerations. No quota. This campus must have a mandate for all studies-related discussions to be in English or Malay - strictly no Mandarin allowed for work/academic matters. Also, this should be a teaching campus, no research, because the moment you require research funding then politics will creep in through the back door. No research doesn't mean it will lead to a crap university - IIT is one example of a top-notch uni that does no research.

Realistically, this campus will either have to be brand-new, or some presently lesser known establishment. The "famous" establishments, e.g. Mara, Uni Malaya etc, are too politically charged.

Anonymous said...

Just leave the UiTEM matters away. I do not think any of academically good bumi or non-bumi students are interested with this uni.

Sorry to say so, I worked with some of UiTM grad students before and seriously I hope that I will not be given this kind of golden opportunity again.

Well, to be not bias on the perception to UiTM students. I agree some of them are good but most (very majority) of them are academically not gifted.

Just stay away from this topic before it turns into uncontrolled political agenda.

Anonymous said...

Just to be fair KM should do the CV for Rafeah Salim and BillBoard Hashim and see if they are life members of UNMO!

Anonymous said...

1. Suara Pelajar UiTM seluruh sistem Malaysia, membantah secara terbuka kenyataan Menteri Besar Selangor, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim untuk membuka 10% kuota UiTM kepada bukan bumiputera. Kenyataan tersebut sesungguhnya dibantah dan tidak dipersetujui oleh seluruh warga pelajar UiTM se- Malaysia. Kami tetap dengan pendirian untuk mengekalkan dan menyokong UiTM berstatus seperti yang termaktub di dalam Perkara 153, Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Ini adalah kerana taraf ekonomi bumiputera belum lagi mencapai sasaran Dasar Ekonomi Baru. Termasuklah aspek nisbah golongan Melayu dan Bukan Melayu di negara ini yang masih lagi tidak seimbang dari segi ekonomi. Hak bumiputera di negara ini telah diambil satu persatu bermula denngan tindakan membuka kuota 10% MRSM dan MATRIKULASI kepada bukan bumiputera. Lebih buruk lagi dengan permintaan 10% Matrikulasi ini oleh pelajar buka bumiputera dikumpulkan dan digabungkan dibawah satu bumbumng matrikulasi. Yang terbaru, kuota JPA sebanyak 45% dibuka lagi kepada bukan bumiputera. Persoalannya di sini adalah bukan mengenai keadilan tetapi HAK yang perlu dan telah diperjuangkan selama ini oleh pemimpin-pemimpin terdahulu dengan mewujudkan ITM atau kini UiTM sebagi benteng terakhir mempertahankan maruah anak bangsa. Janganlah semua perkara hendak disama ratakan kerana jika hendak bercakap mengenai kesamarataan adakah ianya betul-betul mengikut kepada nisbah rakyat negara ini dan dilaksanakan sepenuhnya mengikut kaum majoriti di negara ini? Dengan memainkan isu ini sesungguhnya adalah jelas ianya berkepentingan politik semata-mata tanpa mempedulikan nasib anak bangsa kelak. Kita perlu ingat bahawa lahirnya pemimpin-pemimpin negara pada hari ini adalah kerana apa yang telah disediakan untuk mereka oleh pemimpin-pemimpin terdahulu . Janganlah kita memusnahkan ‘ jambatan ‘ yang telah dibina sebelum ini untuk cucu dan anak bangsa di masa hadapan kelak. “Di mana bumi dipijak, disitu langit dijunjung”.
“Janganlah kera dihutan disusukan, anak dirumah mati kelaparan”

Anonymous said...

Saya mohom pandangan sekalian.

Elaun Sara Hidup telah dirombak tahun lepas, dan ini merupakan langkah bijak. Graduan tidak perlu lagi resah tentang masalah kewangan, dan boleh menumpu perhatian penuh dalam pengajian dan penyelidikan. Namun begitu, adakah kenaikan sehingga 97% ESH yang dijanjikan oleh Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi dilaksanakan?

Saya kaji situasi di UK dan US.

Lama Baru % Kenaikan
UK 497.20 1093 ~120% (cth: London)
US 816.20 1121 / 1267 ~37% / 55% (cth: LA, NYC)

Saya faham rezeki masing2, dan tidak pernah iri hati ESH berlebihan yang diterima graduan2 di UK. Tapi, janganlah sampai graduan2 di US dianak-tirikan. Walaupun saya syukur akan kenaikan 37-55% ESH, tetapi ia masih tidak memadai. Ramai graduan2 di US terpaksa bekerja (secara illegal) untuk cukup makan.

Harga burger McD di UK (matawang UK) jauh lebih murah berbanding harga burger McD di US (matawang US), tetapi elaun diterima dalam matawang masing2 lebih kurang sama.

Mohon senior2 di sini untuk membawa isu ini ke peringkat lebih tinggi. Kalau rombakan dilakukan sehingga tahap USD 1500/sebulan ( ~84%) pun cukuplah. Tak payah nak mintak tinggi2 sampai 120%.
Saya percaya masa rombakan ESH dilakukan ke atas graduan2 di Australia dan New Zealand, ia ditingkatkan sekurang-kurangnya sebanyak 85%.

Anonymous said...

UITM students is a joke. Don't get me started. My company used to hired 2, however they are a no show, couldn't performed at all. We sake them within 2 months. After having much discussion with the upper management, UITM has been completely off our list for good. Any UITM applicants, goes directly into the bin.

Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes. I propose that we also impose a quota on everything, including the Olympics team.

We should pull out the Chinese athletes from our National Team or not celebrate their win because they are not Malay or Bumi.

They are taking away Malay and Bumi chances isn't it?

So how?

Let's stop the Chinese from winning berths in our National Teams by requiring them to go through 500 more hurdles as compared to Malays and Bumis!

AFP - Thursday, August 14
BEIJING, Aug 14, 2008 (AFP) - Lee Chong Wei steamrolled Indonesia's Sony Dwi Kuncoro Thursday to reach the the Olympic badminton men's semi-finals and keep Malaysia's hopes alive of winning its first ever gold medal.

Maybe Singapore might give Lee Chong Wei a scholarship plus citizenship and half a million dollars right? He is not Malay or Bumi, so he should be kicked out of Malaysia.

*note I AM being sacarstic.

Anonymous said...

Did some of you really get to the spirit of the proposal by MB of selangor? Before you go emotionally overboard about the rights and haks of certain racial group in Malaysia let us think carefully what the MB said:
He just wanted the presence of the other races in UITM for the benefits of competition which will enhance or improve the performance of the special group!!!
Haiya...ini UNMO byk susah mau faham. Get so emotional so quick and quickly dont open their ears and brains

Anonymous said...

haha...x payah fikir nak suruh bumi bersaing... kat ber belas2 ipta lain kt msia dorg bleh bersaing... uitm hak melayu..xpayah ungkit la unless jeles...kalo menteri besar nak tolong sangat(kononnyer), p la letak duit kt Unisel... universiti milik kjaan negeri.... go n berjuang kt sane laa... UiTM dia xda hak, buat apa nak bersuara... selfish!!

Anonymous said...

Did some of you really get to the spirit of the proposal by MB of selangor? Before you go emotionally overboard about the rights and haks of certain racial group in Malaysia let us think carefully what the MB said:
He just wanted the presence of the other races in UITM for the benefits of competition which will enhance or improve the performance of the special group!!!
Haiya...ini UNMO byk susah mau faham. Get so emotional so quick and quickly dont open their ears and brains---->>>>>>>> haiya yg bg comment ni xkurng stupid jg...MB buat2 baik je nak raih undi... hahaha... u senang kena AYAT la beb...haha...funny...!!!

Anonymous said...

Unisel tu dulu projek UNMO. VC nya dan MB selangor masa tu org UNMO

Masuk Khalid dia tendang VC Unisel.
Go Khalid Go!!

Anonymous said...

Saya bukanlah pelajar mahupun graduan lepasan UiTM tetapi terdapat 2 kemusykilan yang ingin saya bincangkan. Pertama, sejarah telah membuktikan bahawa bangsa melayu adalah satu bangsa yang suka memberi. Kita boleh mengkajinya bermula dari zaman Kesultanan Melayu Melaka lagi. Terlalu berbudi dan mempercayai orang yang akhirnya meruntuhkan kerajaan itu sendiri, cuba kita tanya bangsa manakah yang telah membekalkan kapal-kapal tonkang kepada portugis untuk menyerang melaka? walhal mereka juga pedagang yang mencari rezeki di bumi melaka. Di zaman awal kemerdekaan juga telah membuktikan bahawa bangsa melayu telah memberi lebih daripada apa yang sepatutnya kepada bangsa tersebut dan kita telah melihat hasilnya sekarang. Bangsa melayu masih lagi menjadi bangsa yang mundur. Inilah sikap bangsa melayu yang dibanggakan selama ini. Terlampau berbudi sehingga membinasakan diri sendiri. Kedua, apa lagi yang dimahukan oleh bangsa cina. Saya lihat di ruangan ini begitu ramai bangsa cina mengutuk dan menghina UiTM dan Naib Canselor. Apa lagi yang meraka mahukan. Tidak cukupkah pemberian kerajaan kepada mereka. Bangsa yang memegang 70% pegangan ekonomi negara. Lihat saja dimana-mana. Di Pulau Pinang bangsa melayu semakin terpinggir. Cuba kita lihat apa yang telah terjadi kepada Singapura? Negara yang dulunya menjadi hak orang melayu tetapi kini apa yang telah terjadi. Bangsa melayu seakan "hidup segan mati tak mahu". Inilah hasilnya bila apabila mereka diberi kebebasan. Diberi betis mahu paha. Cuba kita kaji dalam sektor pekerjaan. Iklan-iklan kerja kosong di akhbar. Syarikat-syarikat gergasi dan kecil milik orang cina begitu senang sekali meletakkan pelbagai syarat. 1) Chinese are preferred 2) Fluent in Mandarin. Apakah ini keadilan namanya? Berapa kerat bangsa melayu yang fasih berbahasa mandarin. Siapa yang tertindas sebenarnya? Kontrak-kontrak kerajaan walaupun diberi keutamaan pada bangsa melayu tetapi masih lagi menjadi hak milik bangsa cina. Perumahan yang dibina juga dipenuhi dengan bangsa cina walaupun tertera dengan jelas bahawa 10% haruslah dibuka kepada bumiputera. Tetapi pihak-pihak pemaju dengan bijaknya meletakkan harga yang terlalu tinggi sehingga tidak termampu dibeli oleh bumiputera. Akhirnya rumah itu tetap menjadi hak milik bangsa cina jua. Dalam kes UiTm bangsa cina begitu lantang mengutuk taraf pendidikan di UiTM. Ini semua disebabkan keengganan bumiputera untuk membuka ruang untuk bukan bumiputera. Pelbagai tuduhan dilemparkan. Adakah UiTm akan tidaj akan menjadi kompetitif jika dipenuhi dengan bumiputera, Adakah kaum bukan bumiputera mencadangkan bahawa kaum bumiputera tidak layak untuk maju tanpa bantuan meraka? Kesimpulannya siapakah yang tidak bertimbang rasa?

Anonymous said...

hehehe...the above anon can't even argue it out in English! Poor pathetic soul!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it some time ago that UMNO gave 10% place to non-BUMI to enter MARA?

Why no protest against UMNO then?

Why the fuss now?

UITM students being made use of. UITM students, please get your facts before rushing to be made fools by politicians.


Anonymous said...

Nampak nya tahun ini di perhimpunan UMNO, si Hisamudin tu kena bawa keris lebih besar dan panjang dan kena cium keris tu lama lama sikit

Anonymous said...

Amazing what UITM has produced after seeing the news on TV. Wonder if these UITM students are aware what they are really protesting?

It's almost like saying "Please keep competition low at UITM so that we can still graduate easily."

Anyway, what sane people go to UITM anyway? :)

Anonymous said...

Option 1. Leave UiTM alone
Option 2. Stir the hornets nest.

Hmm.. tough choice.

Oh well, I would like to request Khalid to stir another hornets nest. University Science Islam Malaysia. (http://www.usim.edu.my)

Oh Malaysia, what happen to you after 51 years?

Anonymous said...

first of all....
i would like to remind that MARA has no link with UITM..cnfrm..because MARA already hav UniKL as thier university..i can prove that...and UniKL is a multiracial universities..and student compete each others well..
i am Malay...i dont think we shouldn't just blow up with khalid's suggestion coz it gud for malay...

Marc Ng said...

if Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tan Cheng Lock & Tun V.T. Sambanthan are still alive 2day looking at the state of our country, they be crying by now ~ sigh

Anonymous said...

foreign students are pelawat asing, thats why they can study at uitm.

non-bumi's (non earthlings) like chinese & indians are forbidden 2 study there because they are considered pendatang asing.

see the big difference between PENDATANG & PELAWAT.

yup it's good 2 be a bumi, u have the special rights 2 discriminate others races.

Anonymous said...

i think all the non-bumis are so jealous because they are not given the opportunity to enroll uitm. the purpose of this blog is just for political reason. we can clearly see that. assuming that uitm is also for non bumis, only then they shut their mouth. seems like they have their own agenda huh !
just accept the fact. if u dont like all these, just leave this place & u'll definitely find that this country is much much better than others. no need to bising-bising coz at the end of the day, u will still get nothing !

Keith said...

There was once a suggestion that 80% of CEOs of plantation companies were UiTM graduates.

Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case. What's more likely is that in 2006 more than 10% of unemployed graduates in this country were UiTM grads.

That's 3000+ unemployed grads, all of them Bumis.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh,

It is fantastic how the bumis say the non-bumis are jealous because not given the opportunity to study at UiTM.
My fella friends, listen carefully, DO YOU THINK THE NON-BUMIs are dying to get themselves into UiTM? What a joke. Stay in your status quo, don't ever develop. Don't take in "non earthlings". They are happy to be in everywhere except UxTm.

Anonymous said...

Dear UiTM students and UMNO, tell us where in the world can one find enrolment into universities restricted to one race only? Not in the top Universities in USA, Canada,England, France, Germany, China, Taiwan, India, Egypt, Japan, etc. etc. But surprise, surprise, you can find this in our top("elite") university, UiTM, in Malaysia!!

So, what sort of impression/training is our "elite" university giving to our master race? Teaching them that ketuanan and discrimination is the right path in life and is considered virtuous?

By the way, our master race talks so much about Islam, so I am asking, is discrimination permitted in Islam?

Anonymous said...

just live with it. accept the fact that bumis are the largest population in msia. i dont feel weird why they should get the "hak istimewa". same goes to singapore, priority is given to chinese bcoz they are the largest population. no need to make it an issue. it happens everywhere.
all the non-bumis should feel lucky bcoz u are still given the chances to stay in this country. know your ROOT !!

Anonymous said...

history started at 1403! What about before that?

Anonymous said...

Vote for PAS as Islam treated all human equally. (But not Islam Hadhari - that is a fake one).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Singapore might give Lee Chong Wei a scholarship plus citizenship and half a million dollars right? He is not Malay or Bumi, so he should be kicked out of Malaysia.

He should be kicked out, because he took away Malay and Bumi berth. And his name means "Great Ancestry". It is an insult to those racist people that Malaysia wins Olympics by sending someone whose Ancestry is Great, but not the that ONE GREAT ANCESTRY.

I feel so sad for my country.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right, it is an insult not because we care about whatever his name means when he represents our 'not so great country in your great opinion' and he loves our country more then he loves his ancestral land but it is a great insult when you post an off-topic comment just to insult one race. Who's being racist now. I hope someday you will get a cure for your race superiority mind.

Anonymous said...

Good piece of sleuthing.

Now we know the cause of UiTM being second rate. It is not the students. It is the VC.

(1) absolutely no experience

(2) absolutely closed mind

(3) just a political hack

This is instutionaised mediocrity. God help this country. I think we are done.

Anonymous said...

Terlalu berbudi dan mempercayai orang yang akhirnya meruntuhkan kerajaan itu sendiri, cuba kita tanya bangsa manakah yang telah membekalkan kapal-kapal tonkang kepada portugis untuk menyerang melaka
Bukan terlalu berbudi tetapi rampasan kuasa sesama sendiri.

Bangsa melayu masih lagi menjadi bangsa yang mundur. Inilah sikap bangsa melayu yang dibanggakan selama ini. Terlampau berbudi sehingga membinasakan diri sendiri
Sudah diberi peluang lebih daripada 20 tahun bawah NEP tetapi masih lagi mundur. Apa yang tak kena? Kerana tidak diberi peluang ataupun tak pernah cuba untuk memajukan diri?

Bangsa yang memegang 70% pegangan ekonomi negara. Lihat saja dimana-mana.
Mungkin benar 10 tahun sebelum ini. Cuba lihat Organisasi2 gergasi, semua di kawal kroni UMNO.

Di Pulau Pinang bangsa melayu semakin terpinggir
Issue ini di api-apikan kerana ada project lumayan pada second bridge. Kalaulah bangsa melayu di pinggirkan di Penang, Pak lah dan banyak menteri di UMNO perlu di salahkan, bukan org-org yang bertungkus-lumus kerja untuk menukar kualiti hidup.

Syarikat-syarikat gergasi dan kecil milik orang cina begitu senang sekali meletakkan pelbagai syarat. 1) Chinese are preferred 2) Fluent in Mandarin.
Kalaulah kedai jual songkok milik org melayu ingin cari sales, adakah mereka akan consider kaum bukan Islam seperti Cina? Ini business sense.

Berapa kerat bangsa melayu yang fasih berbahasa mandarin.
Semua org dialu-alukan belajar bahasa mandrin. Tiada sekatan langsung kepada sesiapa yang beminat.

Siapa yang tertindas sebenarnya? Kontrak-kontrak kerajaan walaupun diberi keutamaan pada bangsa melayu tetapi masih lagi menjadi hak milik bangsa cina
siapa dapat kontrak? Kroni UMNO

Dalam kes UiTm bangsa cina begitu lantang mengutuk taraf pendidikan di UiTM. Ini semua disebabkan keengganan bumiputera untuk membuka ruang untuk bukan bumiputera
Yang ini I setuju, setengah-setengah komen terlampau. Buat kacau sahaja.

Anonymous said...

... priority is given to chinese bcoz they are the largest population.

You better check your facts. Singapore Prime Minister just increased Mosque building funds which they have given over the years. They did not give temple or church building funds.

If you go to Singapore, every Friday vehicles illegally parked outside mosques are not booked with summons. But those parked outside temples will get summons within 10 min. And the Singapore Prime Minister tell his people to be sensitive to the needs of the minorities.

Every time they build a new town, land is reserved for mosques ONLY. Go read their laws, it's in there for all to see.

Their this year (or was it last year) top PSLE student was a Malay, and they celebrated it!

Don't say other country bad just to erase our own crap.

The fact is, the Singapore majority are a lot more magnanimous than our racist Government. Our majority are protrayed as contriving racists because of these "leaders".

Anonymous said...

Vote for PAS as Islam treated all human equally. (But not Islam Hadhari - that is a fake one).


Islam is a great religion I agree. It is those who misintepret it and mislead/misuse Islam who give Islam a bad name.

"Let there be freedom in religion." This phrase in the Quoran earned my respect.

But it seemed to be forgottened by many who practise Islam.

Anonymous said...

all the non-bumis should feel lucky bcoz u are still given the chances to stay in this country. know your ROOT !!
I sure know my root.
I also know history!
The MALAY Sultan went to China on his own accord and went on his kneels to beg to be a vessal of China!

Be glad that China accepted you as a Chinese sub-culture.

Kahani said...

I'd like to comment briefly on the assertion earlier on that in all nations, the race that holds population majority is the race that receives special advantages. This is extremely untrue. In the US and in Europe it is the minority populations that are given the helping hand because it is assumed that as minorities they have fewer opportunities and privileges than the main population. Don't believe me? Look up "affirmative action".

Malaysia is pretty unique in granting the main race "affirmative action". So, from a global perspective, the Chinese and Indians should be the ones asking for special rights. And yet we don't. All we want is a little equality, and a more Malaysian Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Dear all, nice to see that most of those who gave out their opinions and arguements did that with rationality and full of respect. It shows that Malaysian is still a place where ideas could be discussed in a peaceful manner. As a Malaysian, doesnt matter if you are a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Bumis or Non-Bumis, you should not gave out irrational and full of hatred's comment. I just want to urge all the commentors to discuss anything on the internet in the appropriate manners. Dont hide behind anonymousity and spread hatred or animosity. Peace to all Malaysian, and may Peace be spread to the whole world.

anonymous peacekeeper.