Friday, October 03, 2008

Malaysian author long listen for the Booker prize

Got this link from a mailing list I'm party of (the Malaysian Forum started by a group of Stanford students). It's an interview with Tan Twan Eng, whose book, the Gift of Rain, was long listed (as opposed to short listed?) for the Man Booker prize in 2007. I have not read his book yet but I have read Tash Aw's Harmony Silk Factory which is also set in a similar time period (World War II), which I enjoyed thoroughly. It's always nice to read about a Malaysian author gaining some recognition on the international stage.


Bentoh said...

The title's "listen" confused me... ;)

Congratz, I've yet to follow up some Malaysian fictions lately~~

Anonymous said...

I'll put in an order for both books today. The "Gift of Rain" is rated pretty highly on Amazon, albeit with only 11 reviews. The only books about Malaya that I know of is the "Long Day Wanes" trilogy by Anthony Burgess. It gives a candid view of the people in Malaya although there's not much of a story in it, if I remember correctly.