Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kenapa say benci AUKU

Interesting points raised by the MP for Rasah, Anthony Loke, on the effects of AUKU / UUCA. I particularly like the 3 M's (menyalin, menghafal and muntah). The final point he made is a good one. Replace AUKU / UUCA with AUTU - Akta Urus Tadbir Universiti. This would mean that the restrictions on political activities on the part of the students would be replaced by an Act which specifies the administrative procedures required for political activity to take place on campus. For example, there are many guidelines which US universities have to follow to keep their status as non-partisan non-profits. Political activity is allowed but there are different internal administrative rules used such that the university administration is not put in a position where they are found to have supported one side or the other. Professors and students are free to campaign but not on university time or resources. Malaysia should do something similar. But this won't happen under the present administration.

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