Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Star SMS Poll, Tuesday 16 Dec 2008

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The Star SMS Poll, Tuesday 16 Dec 2008

Should Mathematics and Science continue to be taught in English in primary schools?

YES - type STAR NEWS1 A and send to 32088

NO - type STAR NEWS1 B and send to 32088

Polling begins at 7am and ends at 5pm today, Tuesday 16 Dec 2008. Each SMS will cost 30 sen. In the case of multiple entries, only your last vote will be taken into account.


The Malaysian Explorer said...

This is a real 'no-brainer'. Why do we even spend time contemplating it?

The Malaysian Explorer

Anonymous said...

do you write international science research paper other than in English? You just generate trouble just because you want some national proud.

meor hakif said...

Isn't the question of the extent of scientific literacy a more important question than what language we use to teach it?
Yes, English is important. But, in a world of edymium bracelets, SMS doomsday rumours, political conspiracies and ghost exhibitions at museums, I'm also worried about my children not being able to evaluate a problem reasonably.