Thursday, September 01, 2005

English Forum

There's a Forum on the falling standards of English at our institutions of higher learning held this evening for those interested to attend:

Higher Education In Malaysia- The Worsening Crisis

Date: 1.9.2005 (Thursday)
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, KL


1) Prof. Ramasamy
2) Lim Kit Siang
3) Tan Seng Giaw
4) P. Uthayakumar
5) Lim Guan Eng

See you there! :) For some of my "rants" on the above topic, see here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

i found a new blog about UNGKU AZIZ (ex-UM Naib Canselor)

Anonymous said...

I heard HELP UNIVERSITY COLLEGE is organizing a Math Marathon Competition on the 20th DEC 2008. My friends who participated in the earlier internal marathon held for their A levels mention that it is fun and challenging. The grand prize is Full scholarship. Check it out on

Anonymous said...

Woo, It sounds interesting, lets join!

Education Watch said...

I am a current PhD student with OUM for the last few years and the support and services they provide is atrocious. First they lost my assignment, next they switch me from "with classes" to "online mode" where there is utterly no support whatsoever, then they conduct a PhD colloquium so that we can hear the so-call Professors extol themselves and their sob stories, any enquiries are promptly ignored and I was conveniently omitted from notification of pending classes and my complaints are met with a decision that I should not have being accepted for enrolment for the PhD in Education??? Maybe its because I a Sarawakian, a chinese or is it something deeply wrong with OUM administration???

yew said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi.. I would like to enquire if my dughters who are currently in an international school switch to government school next year. they are 13 and 11 respectively this year and as per the govt system they will be repeating Form 2 and Std 6. How do I switch ? What are the procedures that i Should follow and what are the relevant authorities that I must seek and get the necessary permission. Please help.

Anonymous said...

wat d hell of current secondary sch policy?!jz caught those students who din break d rules n treat unjustly 2 them 2 show tat u r doin sumting since u r new 2 the sch?!!!tis is d job m'sian govt delegate 2 sch principal???