Sunday, August 07, 2005


When I first started blogging on this site (not so far back in April this year), I was actually inspired by the work that Jeff Ooi has done on his blog, Screenshots. However, my expectations were pretty modest. I was hoping to write once, or maybe twice in a week - motivated by some of the issues I see with regards to our education system which needed some public airing.

I was however, concerned at that point in time with regards to whether there will be sufficient "issues" or topics for me to cover in a blog strictly relating to educational issues and their impact in Malaysia. Without sufficient "interesting" topics to write about, the blog will one day, die a natural death.

However, I've come to realise that my concerns were completely unfounded. From an initial frequency of 1-2 posts per week, I've now been posting an average of 4-5 posts on a weekly basis, often more. This of course, becomes a taxing exercise for me, who actually keeps a rather busy day job! :) On top of that, I'm finding that I'm very much "behind schedule" in the various posts which I intend to write about - which adds to the "pressure" to write more frequently. Some of these topics can be fairly time consuming too, as they require a certain amount of research as well as reading to ensure balanced viewpoints - otherwise, I may end up with embarassing mistakes in my reports (which has indeed happened, and was kindly "corrected" by my readers).

Without taking into consideration some of the "long term" posts which I intend to write, there's at least 8-10 posts on current on-going issues which I would like to add my opinions on - which will take me probably 2 whole days just to write it! The problem of not writing them immediately will of course, risk the issue becoming stale and outdated. Instead of being concerned about lack of issues to comment on today, I'm worried about where I'm going to find time to write all my thoughts and whether I'm going to suffer from writing fatigue! :)

Anyway, I've definitely been encouraged to write on, given the response I have to the blog, the mails I've received and the interest which has been shown on the relevant issues. I suppose there'll always be a feel good factor whenever you know that the writing effort is not "wasted".

OK then, I get back to blogging on the topic of Education in Malaysia. I just thought that I can release a bit of "steam" of my chest, after being overwhelmed by the entire blogging experience. Thanks for reading :)


Anonymous said...

You go Tony!

Anonymous said...

Tony, your blogs are getting more interesting each day. And that makes me feel obliged to read your posts whenever I am online. As an undergraduate myself, I really enjoy and appreciate your comments pertaining to the education in Malaysia, which is very much the core of the educators and students alike. Your recent blogs regarding the higher education in Malaysia have served as a guidance to me, a student with no experience whatsoever. I sincerely beg for more posts if possible to make me more informed to the current trends.

adriene said...

i appreciate reading ur blog. keep it up!

Sir sc said...

man i love ur blog...keep it up yea@!
hey maybe u shud make a polling which uni or college in malaysia offer the needed workforce in malayia :D

Anonymous said...

Take your time, one step at a time to tackle and study in depth the many issues facing the ever and fast changing educational scenes in Malaysia both in the Public and Private institutions.

There are many hidden agendas and marketing strategies being adopted to pull in students and potential students must be made aware.