Thursday, July 20, 2006

2007/8 Oxbridge Undergraduate Admissions

Since I've just spoken at Experiences-KL, a fair promoting the top American universities, I thought that I might as well post a gentle reminder to students interested in Oxbridge admissions, being an alumni myself. :)

I've written three post previously about the application process and a little about my life there - "Oxford: Should I Apply?" Part I, II and III. And I suppose I'd just like to emphasize that you do not need to be geniuses to be enrolled into these universities.

Unlike the other universities in the United Kingdom, Oxbridge universities have a slightly different application process. In particular, they have an earlier closing date for applications, particularly for overseas students. Hence, if you are interested, it will be useful to pay attention to these dates.

For Malaysian candidates interested in pursuing your further education at Oxford University, the closing date for applications for admission in 2007/8, is 20 September in 2006. Interviews will be held on October 12 and 13 in Malaysia. Detailed information on how to apply is available here.

Similarly for Cambridge University, the closing date is also on the 20 September for students interested to be interviewed in Malaysia. Interviews are expected between 19-21 October. More information is available here as well as a specific word document with a fair bit of details.

Should you apply? My simple reply would be "Why Not?" - the worst case scenario is that you get rejected, and you aren't any worse off than if you didn't apply. Most students who would have "qualified" otherwise, "disqualified" themselves before even attempting the application. Remember, I'm not a straight As student myself. With a little bit of luck, I still managed to "wriggle" myself in - and what a difference it made. :)

So good luck guys! And remmeber to have fun!


Anonymous said...

I rather save myself some application fees and apply to the States knowing that Oxbridge are really stingy when it comes to giving out financial aid.

No money, not Malay, not smart enuff to get Jardine, no Oxbridge!

Anonymous said...

Again...the same Alumnus...not Alumini

Anonymous said...


Greetings Tony,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your gentle reminder which you so kindly post on your Blog. I am sure your message is useful for those thinking of applying either for the undergrad level or the masters level.

Anonymous said...

"I still managed to "wriggle" myself in - and what a difference it made. :)"

so, what difference did it make? apart from aiding in a transition of a malaysian middle class lad--> singaporean educated snobbish malaysian middle class lad--> oxford graduate singaporean educated snobbish malaysian middle class lad bragger who blogs his life away denouncing other unis ranked lower than his alma mater.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous Sun Jul 23, 08:59:16 PM

Did anyone force you to log on to read Tony's blog?

Kian Ming said...

Note to Ellie: The application process of Oxbridge is different at the Masters level compared to the undergrad level.

Anonymous said...

Ahpiau Academic:

Stop being such a pedant.

And if you want to be a pedant, at least be correct - for Oxonians it's neither alumni nor alumnus, it's old member.

Anonymous said...


thanks kian ming

Anonymous said...

Tony is doing a great job making this information available to all who wish to know and may miss it if not for his blog.

Those who feel offended by the idea of Oxbridge can just say 'Pass'. It's a free world. No need to cast sour remarks. Plez be civil.

Anonymous said...

If one really wants to apply for Oxford or Cambirdge, (s)he would have found out all the necessary bits and pieces long ago.