Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Irish International University Again!

I wrote quite extensively a while back on the issue of "bogus universities" in our presence. Part I was on Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, UMNO Putera's chief who proudly paraded his Masters in Business Administration credentials, which was purchased from a bogus Preston university. Part II covered the use of honorific titles from dubious institutions even in the religious fraternity. And Part III spoke about our very own Ministry of Higher Education and Public Service Department's complicity in lending credibility to these dodgy institutions including a certain "Irish International University".

Well, for those interested, Idlan Zakaria did some updated extensive research about these institutions and posted her findings on his blog.

It appears that some of these institutions which has been "found out" continue to be offering a "degree" education in this country! And Irish International University (IIU) for example, continues to offer their dodgy degree programmes to students in this country, given the recent press article in Kosmo! on their graduation ceremony last month. This is despite the fact that the Irish Embassy has specifically highlighted to our authorities that there is no such university in Ireland!

The "university" even proudly proclaimed that due to the nature of their courses, one can complete its degree programme within a year, when a normal programme would have taken possibly 3 years.
...anda boleh menghabiskan kursus-kursus pengajian dalam tempoh masa lebih cepat daripada yang dijangka. Anda mungkin boleh menyelesaikan kursus yang memakan masa 3 tahun kepada hanya setahun.
And as pointed out by Idlan, claims by IIU to be accredited by a Quality Assurance Commission - United Kingdom (QAC-UK), are clearly attempts to mislead and dare I say it, defraud, potential students (victims)! There is no such regulatory body in the UK! The official agency for such matters in the UK is the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA).

IIU claims to have 40 campuses within UK itself, and another 40 campuses around the world. Does it? Hell, it even runs an Oxbridge College in London!

Oh, and it offered Honourary Doctorates as well to "outstanding individual for his or her contribution to mankind". And the unfortunate "victim" for the honour this time round went to one, Tan Sri Dato Lamin Haji Mohd Yunus, who was recently voted to the UN Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and a non-executive director for several listed companies on Bursa Malaysia, including Mycom Berhad and Golden Hope Plantations Berhad.

IIU tries hard to avoid being categorised as a "degree mill". It tries to legitimise itself by calling itself a "non-traditional legitimate university" (as opposed to universities sanctioned by an Act of Parliament). If I'm not wrong, the fact that it is even using the term "university" in its name is illegal in both the UK and Malaysia since only institutions sanctioned by the Act of Parliament may call itself such. If it is really such a "legitimate" institution, why bother with all the blatant and shameless attempts to mislead?

Why is it that after complaints by the public and the Irish Embassy, this bogus university is still allowed to operate and defraud students in this country? What is the Public Service Commission and Ministry of Higher Education doing?

And the best part of it is...? The convocation ceremony which was held at the KLCC Convention Centre, was officiated by a Deputy Minister from the Prime Minister's Department, on Datuk M Kayveas.

Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Woahh.. all these spells out FRAUD! FRAUD! FRRAUUDD!! The govt and relevant ministries better step-in ASAP before more students are conned and cheated. Amazing how they used familiar prestigious names like Cambridge and Oxbridge as part of their fraudulent campaign. How do we highlight this to the relevant authorities? Sdr. Lim?

clk said...

Whenever I see a dubious institution, my first source to look out for is:

Looks like IIU is clearly mentioned in this site. Happy reading.

Can't understand why some peoples ego are so large to the extend of embarrasing themselves publicly by accepting/associating with such institutions..

Anonymous said...

Maybe that certain someone who calls poeple Monyet has some interest in the universities.

Anonymous said...

tony, kian ming,

do you have any control on what ads google puts on your sidebar?

Anonymous said...

We have lots of 'si ai bin' (hokkien) people in Malaysia who have easy money to buy their way through everything!

So, can't blame the bogus academic institutions since there are willing buyers around. You pay, I give degree! Excellent business sense. If the buyers are willing to pay and subject themselves to ridicule, other 'kay po chee', shut up!

Anonymous said...

Oh, once your pocket is full, semua pun jadi. That's our ministers (like Datuk Monkey Kayveas), or should i say, misleader? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Tried to resolve the hosts' ip address,

Both and

have the same IP address and were registered by the same person.

My suspicion is, both are different companies but controlled by the same people.

No doubt-lah iiu is accredited under qac-uk.

BLOODY thiefs!

Anonymous said...

You know what, those webservers that host the Oxbridge College of London, the qac-uk and IIU, they are ALL in the United States!

So, those buggers from Ireland or UK can do anything to shut down the website!

Anonymous said...,5&PHPSESSID=00f105d9ec9f1957cdc6d16371aab997

They even have letters from Malaysian High Commissioner and Sabah Govt

Idlan said...

I have some more info on this, especially regarding the people behind the companies and how they relate to US degree mills.

I shall write that up the moment I find some spare time. Is there any way we can bring this up to people who can clamp down on these fraudulent activities?

As a sidenote, the Malaysian agent for IIU is Saiful and Ernest :

clk said...

Anonymous said...

"They even have letters from Malaysian High Commissioner and Sabah Govt"

To be fair, those letters published were mostly a nice way of saying "bugger-off" to their invitations for probably an earlier convo held a few years back and you can't find newer letters when the scam is exposed subsequently... It's interesting to note many people don't look beyond the titles and get carried away.

How come after working so long, I still can't find suckers like some of these students here to give me $$?

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO.......Kayveas some more ar? That nut must be blardy stupid.

Also, an Irish institution moderated by a British body? This is good shit!!!

Anonymous said...

Saiful and Ernest award doctorates from Oxford Association of Management and Cambridge Institute. Both in the UK are organisations not recognised by the MOE but then again they do not stop such organisations from being registered.

Other iffy instituions are CSU who have agents such as a legitimate organisation in the country that opened and closed so as to avoid detection and legal procedings by disgruntled students. IGS, college in Pusat Damansara and Cyberlynx all have similar patrons.

Kian Ming said...

On the same track as bogus universities and degrees, I recently got an email from "Sonia" - with the following message.

Hate studying?

A Genuine University Degree in 4-6 weeks!

Have you ever thought that the only thing stopping you from a great job and better pay was a few let ters behind you name?
Well now you can get them!


Within 4-6 weeks!
No Study Required!
100% Verifiable!

These are real, genuine degrees that include Bachelors, Masters,
MBA and Doctorate Degrees. They are fully verifiable and certified
transcripts are also available.

Just call the number below.
You thank me later

Please call:
1-206-600 -6825
Calls returned promptly

Maybe some of the more established private colleges like Monash / Sunway and Taylors can band together to lobby for the govt to take action against these fly by night operations in Malaysia. Be warned!!!

Anonymous said...

Kian Ming: I can see Tony's point of highlighting the scam IIU tries to pull off by riding on the coattail of the not-so-discerning government (higher ed ministry) and media.

I wouldn't bring "Sonia" into the discussion, though. S/he (it?) (and many others!) had been trying for quite awhile to talk me out of doing my PhD the dumb way (six bloody years, weekly meetings with my advisor, reading & reading & writing & reading & teaching & writing & writing & ...). I am also being asked every day whether I would lend a Nigerian prince a helping hand, and if I want "!!!FREE MALE ENHANCEMENT!!!"

I won't shed a tear for anyone suckered by these patently obvious scams. To bring them up in this discussion suggests their equivalency to---and therefore brings about confusion with---the issue at hand (government and media recognition of degree mills).

I'll be more sympathetic to your appeal (last para of your comment) if "Sonia" signs off as a PhD (AB field) from the University of CD, and directs you to a legit-looking website, and says you can get your degree in a year or two through distance learning or home-ed, AND pony up $6460 per semester for tuition and fees. "A Genuine University Degree in 4-6 weeks!"?? Come on.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tony / Kian Ming,

What are the ethical hazards related to this IIU/EBS issue:

Apparently there is a local artist who is using the title 'Dr' with a DBA from this so-called 'uni', especially when he markets his services using this credential?


Idlan said...

I've updated my findings, at

MS: I checked aforementioned artist and his credentials - it does seem as if he is being publicly lauded, awards and all - for an achievement that is .. well.. substandard to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Irish international university website now dont have quality assuarace commission AS BEFORE,cambridge association of management and oxford assocation of management as its recognsion from uk AS OF TODAY ALSO MISSING.

Anonymous said...

Prof Dr G Sou another con-artist with bogus doctoral degrees from australia and ireland and foolishly claim to be members of many non recognised profesional qualifications in europe.
see for details

Anonymous said...

hi all,
i am pretty much disgusted with a local artist aka DR.F (he wish!) marketing his so called "doctorate" degree for his own benefit and guess what....
Now he owns his own college bearing his initials!! (FIC) what the f..?
Is our gov't really serious about this so-called Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF) or just a typical poser?
I am an MBA holder from a private institution in Australia that is accredited within the Australian Qualifications Framework AQF and CRICOS. I am qualified to practice as a professional accountant in the whole Australia and in the UK but not Malaysia as the institution is not recognized by our DIVINE JPA and LAN. Why the f..? is that?

And this so called "doctor" could even opened up his own college and able to grant diplomas!!

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

what's the fuss all about on the IIU issues? The IIU concept is similar to the Open Univ concept, i think... nothing's wrong with that, right? I guess the only thing that they have done wrong is their marketing and promoting strategies.....their intention is good but their way of doing it is not right. I hope we could give them a chance to improve themselves in the future, if they do it right, we could be proud to have a malaysian institute to be recognized globally!

Anonymous said...

they are advertising in their website as going to have convocation next year in singapore and start collecting money for degree from now on?
remember singapore PM and his father lee kwan yew studied at cambridge.are u sure they approve such convocation knowing fully well that malaysia had enough of bad publicity of iiu?
good luck to them if approved

Anonymous said...

Does IIU gives away their MBA without geting their students to sit for exam or submit assignments? If they don't then it is a serious matter. But if they do then what is the problem? Well, in fact there are students from certain local universities can't even speak and write proper Engligh! If you hav personal conflict with IIU then you should bring this matter to the relevant authorities for acton.

Anonymous said..., now has many of previous , contents.can any one explain how iiu give degrees if one has to go through, and and and for degrees from iiu ? all are part of same group of faculty? recent covocation photo show oxford association of management and iiu people also in the looks like a complex process of getting a degree from iiu.traditionally one apply to university but it looks like money going to lot of organisations like oxim, qacuk and so on explain i may be enlightened?

Anonymous said... from cambodia put a question mark over the contradictory answers of president of iiu follwing his meeting with some of 20 phd students who appear to be concerned of recognision of iiu in ireland? on even commented not fit for a university from europe and it is better to replace with europeans as president to keep reputation of iiu in place.

Anonymous said...

if iiu is regisgered as a higher educaion institution and not a business entity why not put the facts on the internet and shut those who doubt.

Anonymous said...


I saw many people in IUU also in oxim, also in EBS, Cambridge and also in their so-called accreditation bodies. And these accreditation bodies also do awards DBA and degrees and supported their claims by saying that their programmes being accreditated by other accreditation bodies, in turn also do awards degrees. So you end up looking into the very large international bogus university ring. I noticed most of students are Malaysian and blacks. I found that this scam organisations have offices in third world countries esp in Malaysia. Fazley (malaysian singer) graduated from IUU, but i also saw his photos in oxim, and EBS, cambridge. And Fazley also have opened Fazley International College at Semua House. His international college is approved by LAN (Lembaga Akreditasi Negara). I guess the diploma offered by his college will be accredited by the Oxim, QAC-Uk so forth. I supspected his teaching staffs also graduated from bogus university.

I saw Executive President of EBS, cambridge Dr.H. Sandhu appears everywhere in other bogus universities website (wearing the same convocation gown). Same to Dr Luis Bravo Sampedro, and Dr Max Blythe.

This bogus university ring is expanding. Their graduates using Dr title and starts opening College..

Anonymous said...

"what's the fuss all about on the IIU issues? The IIU concept is similar to the Open Univ concept, i think... nothing's wrong with that, right?"

Not the same at all. The OU is a body recognised bythe UK government and, in effect, founded by the BBC.

The IIU makes deliberately false claims as to accrditation and lies about the acceptance of its degrees internationally

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If any evidence for the irish international universities, just seek for legalise advise, I only know if an university is fake, what for BAC, Accredited by any London colleges? why they're have a graduation convocation all over the countries? if this is not authentic, what for to have international convocation included london, and cambridge. so may I know barbican university llB Law major is accredited? because in this website like a detective.

Anonymous said...

successful ...not only rich, clever and powerful.
successful is the person who can achievement of one's aims.

Anonymous said...

Irish international University
European Union The course comprises of Four Modules and Submission of Projects / Dissertation.Once the project / Dissertation is submitted, the candidate will receive the certificate.Qualification together with experience in the area of interest acceptable to the Board of Assessment & Examination (BAE). it's common an global universities. Malaysia didn't have an global universities, why don't agreed? malaysia become most famous countries! izzit? some people like to break this universities, for what? make money? or?

Anonymous said...

hehehe... I would like Education Malaysia blog to highlight all the academic & govn member which has such kind of 'fake' qualification... what a shame...

Anonymous said...

Interesting to note that the accreditation board, Quality Assurance Commission UK ( Oxford Assoc. of Mgmt ( both were registered by the same organization, pointing to the same servers. That explains how the "university" received accreditation.

Also, neither Irish International University nor European Business School Cambridge (not to be confused with a proper university with the same name minus the Cambridge suffix) have proper college servers. They host their sites at some $6.99 hosting service.

For the records, Malaysian singer Fazley who goes by the title Dr., is somehow connected to both Irish Intl University and Oxford Assoc. of Mgmt. as his pictures can be seen in both websites.

Another high-profile person who proudly received his doctorate from the Oxford Assoc. of Mgmt is Irfan Khairi, the "millionaire", who makes a living giving talks about how to make money online.

If you have time, take a look at this interesting presentation on Degree Mills:

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing extensivley about the IIU you are giving us much popularity
thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

useless govt... i too was con by the various letters by jpn and prime ministers department in to doing the iiu master... even met Dr.H. Sandhu... my convo guest speaker was Datuk musa hitam....?
all this and its a con...
this paper that i have has no value at all...
wasted my epf coz epf allow me to withdraw..
is it that easy to withdraw money from epf... shouldn't there be a control about this...
if this was a western country, someone would probably sue the govt. for stupidity in allowing the public to be cheated so...
some ppl must have gotten something out of this...
so much for the anti corruption ppl...

Anonymous said...

hi guys.. have alook on this article published today in The Times UK newspaper..

Again, it's confirmed that 'iiu' is bogus university.. see the link:

Not only Malaysian been duped, the British too being duped. And they admitted the uni as 'bogus'.

Shame for those who have iiu cert.. and reclaimed they are 'Dr' in phd.

steve k.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that this so-called 'university' is entirely bogus -see the recently reported BBC investigation at

Anonymous said...

the same day BBC and The Times revealed the article ( Jan 07-08), Another big person becomes IIU's victim..Guest WHo?

Cambodian Prime Minister Mr. Hun sen accepted the honorary doctorate from IIU. I think his advisorSSS has no access to Google. Just a quick check, they will know it is a bogus university.

Anonymous said...

Toview the BBC investigation on IIU. Please See:

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately IIU is not the only unaccredited institution "pay-and-get-your-degree" basis. Golden State University is one of them. I recently spoke to the GSU rep. He said all I have to do is to pay a sum of money (abt RM24,000) and get the MBA degree.. no class, no thesis and no exam! the convocation ceremony will be held at Crown Princess Hotel in KL.
have a look at:

Other mickey mouse schools operating in Malaysia:
Ansted Uni
Southern Pacific University
American Liberty Uni
American Central Uni
Midwest Missouri Uni
Irish International Uni

Anonymous said...

It looks like another university ,isles intenational university is also on the rise,
see, and same people involved? check and comment

Anonymous said... now show as irish international university ,commonwealth but , to have 8th european convocation from tomorrow in oxford as before.Does that mean it is not bogus after all or another doggy claim? Please let us know the truth.

Anonymous said...

Read this, it means the singer Fazley also using same funny reading a report from BBC investigation..Yo dont enroll to this university, verify with the authorities!...

kot said...

Everyone talks about IIU, but it yet operates as did before. If it has been proven that it was a bogus university, why UK/Malaysia governments can not ban this institute.
If not, why can both governments not make actions to get them in line with the requirements, so that it makes more sense than debating on these issue for years. What we want is to get thing right and not to talk for years what has gone wrong.

kot said...

It looks everyone acts in a very irresponsible manner with debating the issue rather than making any attempts to correct it immediately.

Anonymous said...

aiyaaa...when it is scam, y should u enroll to such Uni, better enrol to the Uni, which offers accredited, recognized not only in Malaysia but elsewhere....dont take easy shortcut by cutting the completion of the programs. Like Fazley the singer claimed to have PHD...wakkkk..what dissertation does he have. He should be punished of claiming such a title...shame on him!

Anonymous said...

Obviously some of you are pretty ignorant and shallow. Education has evolved. It's no longer confined to traditional Universities and conventional study. Preston is world reknown and has never been a degree mill nor does she sell her qualifications. It doesn't have accredition due to political reasons with the education ministry of America but this in no way makes her a degree mill. The graduates of Preston today sit in high positions in the corporate field and politics, not just in Malaysia but around the whole world. Who are you to question people's credentials? Typical shallow minded and unexposed Malaysians!

keenan said...

This scam is alive and kicking and still thrives in africa especially in Kenya where Sandhus sidekick runs a college - DALC EDUCATION. Kenyan bloggers are systematically exposing this fraud at

Anonymous said...

be absolutely cautious, there are three so called professional institutes called Inst. of prof. financial managers (UK ), Inst. prof managers & adm (UK ) & Royal irish institute of technology offers diplomas, adv. diplomas, post grad diplomas to our msian public. based on my findings they are all fake

Get Shock said...

you must be joking, what is the reliability of your so-called findings?

Anonymous said...

Dr Fazley, a Malaysian celebrity who is proud with his doctorate title.

Click here for picture:

Anonymous said...

surprisingly if you search in it seems that alot of head of department, senior manager, manager have a master degree from Irish International University...and are well paid..i hope....demmm

Anonymous said...

Enough comments are read from interested parties to put across their comments.

I just wish to put some thoughts of mine. Probably those who posted their comments are not aware of what had transpired between IIU, JPA and related candidates.

Let me share some insights on this matter. There were many facilitators registered under Irish International University (IIU). These facilitators were required to comply strictly on requirements set by the Ministry. Some may comply and others may not. But I was made to know that there is a letter of confirmation by JPA accepting IIU's Master and Doctorate with condition that candidate obtained the 1st degree from recognized universities by the Ministry of Education.

I was also made to know that many government officials had taken their masters and doctorates from this university and EPF had granted withdrawal for their tuition fees. Even ministerial representatives were present during the convocation. These were proofs that the existence of IIU was accepted.

It is very unfortunate history to those affected by this uncalled incident. Monies and time were spent extensively and the return was not commensurate adequately. The future is in bleak particularly one reputation and career. Something must be done particularly from JPA's stand on this matter. Screening must be done base on case to case basis. The existence of IIU was way back in 1990s'

Dato Fazley's case was very recent in 2006 not in 1994. It is unfair to those who had taken programmes from IIU prior to 2006. Need to re-evaluate the case as to be partial to those affected.

Anonymous said...

i have being following to this blog till the last comments posted on 23/9/2012.

since i was one of the victim and i being tracing them and trying to get back my hard earned earning from this fellow is there any means or ways..if there is...!! can we all get together and get this bogus fella's behind bars.

lets make a point, lets work together and get this piece of shit.