Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ministry of Education Blog?

Wah... As the Minister of Education, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein cranks up the publicity machine to promote his 5-year National Education Blueprint, I must say that it's getting a little more interesting. He said that the ministry would “set up an email address and a website or blog for the public to provide feedback” on the blueprint.

In addition, the blueprint which was meant for commencement a year ago in 2006, is not cast in stone and is expected to change based on the feedback received.
"It won’t just stop after it is launched. It is an ongoing plan and can be adjusted and fine-tuned according to the needs. I welcome input from all stakeholders," he said.
Although normally, I would actually expect consultation with the relevant stakeholders first, prior to developing an entire blueprint, but in this case, I'm happy to give the Minister the benefit of the doubt. I will certainly provide the necessary input and feedback both at this website and at the Ministry’s official channels.

What is curious however, is if the expected on-going feedback process is taken seriously, wouldn't the implementation of the blueprint be further hampered and delayed without even taking into consideration the lethargic delivery system? Will it be a 2-year (or even 3-year) delay before the delivery of the blueprint which is meant to take Malaysia to the year 2010?

Let's see, let's see.


Anonymous said...

"Wah" indeed. I wonder if the esteemed minister is rushing into something other entities of power fear treading.
I bet (and hope) that the blog would be moderated, i.e., comments submitted won't be published before preview by someone from the ministry. While that'll be good in filtering out the irrelevant (sabre-rattling, "some other sharp weapon starting with the letter k"-waving, racial-baiting, etc) rants, I wonder if comments which are constructive but critical of the blueprint would also be censored? In which case the blog would serve more as a propaganda tool than a useful feedback mechanism.

Anonymous said...

just another 'crap' proposal

Anonymous said...

why should we trust someone who sent his kids to private schools,
to be our education head!

Anonymous said...

Aiya Tony, just a coming GE stunt. Nothing more, nothing less. Especially his name has taken a beating after the Keris show. Just a stunt, just a show, he wants people to know he has repented and are ready to become a good prime minster. Crap.

Anonymous said...

No, not at all. I believe that he really wants to deliver to the public. We must give him chance, after all he is Tun Hussein Onn's son.

He has gained popularity among the Malays. Now he needs support from non-Malays to make him the future Prime Minister.

Let us attend his vote-fishing ceremony, which i expect to be a grand one.

Anonymous said...

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I had to post this on the comments sector, for I am still on the search for the specific email add to reach to proper authority. I hope this post here will be taken into serious consideration.

Anonymous said...

Well, try put it on TheStar blog?

Anonymous said...

What has the education minister has to say about ministry-sponsored graduate teachers being added to the number of unemployed in the country?

Anonymous said...

it's great that the ministry may consider blogging. but seriously, from my experience reading 'govt-linked' blogs, many refuse to talk about 'serious' issues or to engage in reflection of policy-effectiveness. which way will the ministry blog go?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wah!!! cool indeed!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel that the Education Ministry shouldn't change our Science and Maths back to BM. Since the change the parents have put more emphasis on English language like giving their children English tuition, speak more English at home and outside, and the like. 5 years is not enough for the nation to improve or innovate themselves in English language. But by turning back is like going back to square one and nothing gain to improve our nation in the future marketing of employment and higher learning achievement. One can sit in Old Coffee town or any coffee shops and notice that our young generation rather speak in Chinese, Malay and Indian, in their mother tongue rather than English to improve themselves. What I mean is it is up to the Ministry to be firm and strong in his decision for the future of our nation. It is shameful and embarrassing when a foreigner ask a Malaysian for direction. Believe or not, my daughters' class mate ask her to answer the foreigner instead of herself. Just imagine how difficult to excel in abroad or their future up taking.

I was shocked to learn a few days ago that Malaysian businessmen are actually moving their head office to Philippine because not only Philippinos English are better but their wages are much cheaper than Malaysians. I was shock that this software Marketing partner said that Philipinos English are much better than Malaysians' to write up software. The said businessman was very disappointed in our Malaysian graduates as he kept on terminating applicants and employing new ones to get the ones that are proficiency in English to write up computers softwares. I am so sad to hear him said that because I know that's how USA unemployment rate became 12%. How could our people open their office in Philippine just because our graduate English are poor. Do parents know whats really going on in Malaysia in the world of employment? The parents that gave the Ministry feedback, are they naive or ignorant about the world?