Monday, July 09, 2007

New Segi College Campus in Kota Damansara

Check out the new site of Segi College in Kota Damansara on Kenny Sia's blog! Hopefully, the software (teachers, courses, etc...) is commensurate with the hardware!


Anonymous said...

That's why Universiti Malaya needs to move to Putrajaya. Then the developer Mr Quek can build a nice campus fit for the 21st century. After all, "style" mesti ada. Never mind standards.

Wuz the popular Sia made use off to help "sell" SEGI? From what I know, their admin is sh't. They don't bother to reply if they can't help you.

They also get alot of foreign students from their recruitment agents in Africa who sends them regular supplies by the plane loads.

Never mind if they do not qualify for enrolment. Segi has plenty of remedial and foundation courses to help ensure they qualify. Constant supply is assured. Its business, not standards or quality but volume.

One Aussie Uni closed its master's programme because of lack of students due to stiff competition. But a few more Unis, including from UK, have opened up shop.

Like you said, is the 'software' of good quality? Terengganu MB once said they are going to build a Univ in that state comparable to Harvard 'minus the professors'.

Segi, prove yourself.

Anonymous said...

Darn, it looks like the Palace of the Golden Horses to me. I want to study again!!

Anonymous said...

Am a student at segi. African by the planeloads?? Ya, we have Africans but can count less than 10 of 'em here. Unless they arrive in 7-8 single seater planes.

Ya..met Kenny Sia at their open day. Was there for some journalism programme for kids. Place was happening.

Quality wise, it has improved much.

They dropped the Aussie universities as part of segi's consolidation exercise to improve quality since they offer MBAs from southern queensland, newcastle, james cook and sunshine coast, and sunderland uni.

Anonymous said...

KM..ur a kennysia reader too?

Anyway, it doesn not follow that a focus on hardware would mean that software suffers.

Direction seems to be pointing the right way. They have recently hired some pretty good academics like Dr. Wong Wah Hun, formerly of UM and Dr. Tan Beng Cheok, also NUS and UM (former CEO of KDU).

Anonymous said...

Incredibly lavishing campus and facilities. Although the overall campus screams 'hot' temperature wise. Where's the environmental greens? Malaysia being located in tropical climate zone, you'd think the architects will plant more BIG trees to provide shades, to offset the carbon emissions, to save energy, instead of installing the powerful indoor air conditioning system.

Anonymous said...

trees need time to grow...

Anonymous said...

SEGI has built itself quite a good reputation now after it took a new name, and dropping systematic. prime college was pretty good.

All the best to these guys!

Anonymous said...

Am segi student for past 2 years. Witnessed their standards go up manyfold in the past 1 and half years.

The management are on quality frenzy. Can see lousy lecturers kicked out and replaced with good ones. Service is top-notch.

Try calling their general line and it gets picked up in the first few seconds.

Anonymous said...

segi has a lot of room to grow and they are growing in a hurry. the others better watch out...these guys have the potential to be the best.

ZeiComplex said...

Still not tat convinced... Heard some rumours going on tat lecturers r not attending classes or leaving halfway.